Spring Crushes {part one}

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
It is dark and stormy weather here this morning but I have Spring fever anyway.  I usually post some of my favorite things each spring so I though this would be a good time to do so. There are SO many cute things out this Spring.  I am going to do two posts chock-ful of things I really like but it only takes a new piece or two to freshen up your wardrobe and put a spring in your step.

I am totally obsessed with gingham (and plaid and stripes and polka dots too).

I have found quite a few gingham shirts in pretty colors. Here are my faves....


I found this at Loft and it is SO cute.  I found it for 30% off too:)


I also got this adorable one from Kayce Hughes.  The fit is perfect. I LOVE it. It is a bit spendy but the quality is excellent.  I am super happy with it. Their website says they are low in stock.

I am also loving bracelets....

Also from Kayce Hughes, I love this cuff bracelet....


Just a little tip--I have a tiny, tiny, tiny wrist and this was too big.  
I took it to an optometry shop and they heated it up and made it smaller.



love this one too....



  And of course, you need cute fingernails and toes for Spring....


Pillow Talk is a perfect Spring shade.

And this one is fun and bright.


And I love a white color in spring and summer too.

For shoes, I am loving these...



I am definitely ordering these preppy little espadrilles ASAP.  I just cannot decide between the pink or the blue...


And aren't these the perfect shoe for Easter and Mother's day?



And look at these cute these Tory Burch shoes!

I'll be back with my second list on a day or two.

I want to thank you all for your thoughtful prayers, comments and e-mails for "S."  I know she and her family will appreciate every single prayer.  It is so hard to post anything after that tough one and while I know today's post is light and frivolous in nature, I hope you continue to pray for her healing.


  1. Now this is MY kinda post!!! Love me some shoes *esp POLKA DOTS* and cute clothes.

    Let's see the PINK or BLUE espadrille...hmmmm I say....BOTH!!

    PS I would never have thought of an OPTOMETRY shop to "reduce" the size of a bracelet!! Neat!!

  2. Great spring items!
    Love all the gingham .. I have a few shirts from JCrew (one being pink, of course!). Essie Marshmallow is my every day color - I've been wearing it for a few years now and do love it.

    My prayers continue for your friend and family .. may God's comfort, strength and peace be with them.

  3. Kim,
    I also have a tiny, tiny wrist. Child sized. I can rarely find a cuff that fits. This just made me happy to hear!!!!

  4. I'm loving the gingham! Looking forward to part 2!

    I truly am praying for S! I believe God is a God of miracles! I do want to encourage her to reach out to "Let There Be Mom" a fantastic organization that helps Moms to leave their legacy in scrapbooks letter etc. it would be nice to have the memories collected even if God brings the miracle of her healing.

    I keep hearing the term "trust your story". I'm praying God will help S do that somehow.

    xo ellie

  5. Love all this spring inspiration! Always loved gingham too..happy to put away all my black and gray:)

  6. I am obsessed with that MK bracelet! And I bought a J.Crew gingham purple and white shirt...at the outlet. I've gotten so many complements!

  7. I agree with MCW - I'm obsessed with the MK bracelet. So cute! I am also loving the idea of using a glossy white fingernail polish.


  8. I love when you do these "favorite things" posts.... That cuff is gorgeous!!! Loving the shoes too! This is such a fun time of year to shop.

    Just saw the post below, and my heart sank. I will pray for "S" and her family and hope that she has a lot of fight in her. Please keep us posted.




Thank you for your kindness.