My lil helper and the things they say....

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


{I took this as Kate was leaving for school today.  We love to try to make her "uniform" a little cuter:) They have a dress code and we are very creative with it sometimes.  I plan to do a post on that someday. Kate's blazer is made by Soft brand clothing. It is comfy and cute and she loves it! I got it here.}

Kate says and does the cutest things sometimes.  And I know that I am going to forget them.  For some reason, I have been recalling all the little "-isms" the boys had when they were little.

Whenever Will was teasing or joking as a toddler, he would say with a jolly grin, "I'm just kiddin and playin."

Harry (when he needed some privacy--usually to go to the bathroom) would say, "Don't bodder (bother) me.  Go bodder (bother) yourself."  We still all say this as a joke in our family to this day.  And we say "bodder" instead of bother!

When Harry was first learning to talk, he would refer to everything by what it did.  A horse was a "neigh, neigh."  He called cars and trucks "go-go's."  Fish were "glub glubs."  Dogs were "ruff ruffs." It was so cute.

Harry also did not know what a senior citizen was and one day he said, "stop wiping your nose on the senior citizens."  We cannot remember the connection there but agin we reference it to this day!

So last week, we were watching Dolphin Tale for family movie night.  There is a very sad point toward the end of the movie when they all think the dolphin "Winter" is going to die.  It was very quiet and Kate said, " Wait! Where's the happy ending?"

She was totally serious wait a minute this is not supposed to be sad.  It made me realize how young our children learn about "happy endings" in movies.  

Another sweet thing Kate did this week was on Sunday morning.  Before Mass (as I was getting dressed), Kate made all the beds, straightened all the bedrooms and cleaned the playroom.  No one asked her to.  She took me around and showed me all the rooms she cleaned.  She had even picked up Harry's dirty clothes off his floor  (he is our messiest peanut) and put them in the washing machine! She is very much a little helper.  She loves being able to do things on her own.

The other day when Kate was making a horse craft at school, she called the mane "a manger"  She makes little vocabulary mistakes like that all the time.  They give me such a chuckle but the boys can be kind of harsh correcting her.  I try to remind them that they did that too.  It is sweet and so very fleeting.  Once again I wish I could freeze time because Kate is just in the sweetest lil phase right now.

I know there are a million other cute little things she says.  I write them down and then lose the papers or forget to blog about them.


  1. absolutely adorable... and so, so sweet to help you out without asking!!


  2. Totally can relate to this post!! I'm loving every minute of it w/Bre!! I have tons of Bre-ism's I could share but by far my most favorite is the Christmas songs she totally re-words the lyrics. She STILL sings the Chrismas song (Last Christmas) ALL the time. Her version is: Last Christmas..I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave it away. HIS YEAR, I'm saving some tears and the SUNLIGHT SPECIAL!! I laughed so hard and had to video it!! She sings to the TOP OF HER LUNGS! I could listen to her sing it over and over and over!!

    She is animated and I love that about her, especially this past Sunday. As the Pastor stood at the podium, he explained to the congregation what "Today's sermon was about" ( Jonah being inside the Whale's belly) she gasped looked up at me with her mouth open and in an VERY audible whisper said "Momma!! Martin Luther "the" King said that Jonah was in the Whale belly...HOW GROSS!!! The Usher standing by our pew had even had to stifle a giggle!!

    * Our Pastor has a striking resemblance to MLK and I've told her time and time again that he is NOT MLK, still she calls him Martin Luther "the" King!!

  3. Here here Kate.
    I think it should be an unwritten rule that all movies should have happy endings.
    Love the cute things they say and do.

    1. Thank you. She loves a happy ending:)

  4. I love her outfit. Navy and white is such an attractive combination. She looks like a real Texan in those boots.

  5. Such a cute photo of her. Sounds like you have a dedicated helper around the house. My niece, Ella, is the same way...she loves to clean, mop and sweep! So precious!

  6. So precious. I love the fact that she helps you. So caring.

  7. My daughter is six and adopted from Guatemala. The day I was matched with her, I started keeping a journal. Back then (before we were actually together), I'd write about how blessed I felt to get to be her mom. Once were home in Minnesota, I used the journal to record the many sweet things she did - as well as all the hilarious things she said. I used to think I had a super memory, but reading those old entries now, I realize I would've forgotten many of them completely if I hadn't written them down. I'm now on my fifth or sixth journal, and Mayah often asks me to read her "funny stories" from them. I hope she'll enjoy having them/reading them herself one day.

    And speaking of funny things kids say, just over the weekend, we were driving in the car. My daughter was telling me how someone had done a very good job at something. The next thing I knew, she was clapping her hands and telling me we need to give them "a round of the claws." So funny and so cute. :)

    1. Carrie, You are so smart to keep a journal. There have been some really really funny and cute things i have forgotten. You made me laugh at the round of the claws:) Thank you for all your kind comments over the years:)


  8. i know you'll kill me for saying this...but it will just show my age...i can see a glimpse of little missy when she hits the teen years...GORGEOUS & ever so fashionable...happy & confident.
    i LOVELOVELOVE her long hair.xo

  9. Love love love!!!!! Lottie still says "Mudder" for Mother. I never correct her because it is too cute! Oh and "crash can" for trash can. Love our little ones:)

  10. LOL.....they say the funniest little things! This is such a cute post.....and I LOVE Kate's Boots and Blazer. Just caught up on your last few posts..... Oh my she looked so adorable on Texan Day.

    Totally impressed with all that you have done so far with your organizing and purging. You are definitely on a mission:)



  11. Cute! :) I totally get the whole 'it sticks' thing. When my sister was born I was only 2 and couldn't say her name ( Laura Rose). I walked around calling her Dura Toes. While the Toes part is still there on Bday cards etc...Dura has just always stuck :)
    P.S I wish they made that blazer in my size!!

  12. Love her in her cute blazer, and her hair is looking so long and pretty! She does say the cutest and sweetest things. I don't have the heart to correct some of the things Kerry says either, because they do out grow these cute "isms" so quickly.

    Gin =)

  13. Love this post "the cute things they say" and all the also-adorable posts shared by your followers!
    My girls are 8 (twins), and recently I realized that I have forgotten so many of the cute things they have said and done! I wish I could press rewind. I have started the Project Life system for documenting your life so I won't forget anymore precious moments!
    Your blog is such a treasure! You have done such a great job documenting your families' life.
    There is so much warmth, humor, and honesty in all that you write. Often people will "hold back" in their blog and it ends up dull and sterile. Your family will be able to look back and remember with their hearts, because you write from yours.

    1. Thank you so much!!! Your comment warmed my heart today, I do this for us and am honored that others read along. I need to find out more about Project Life:)

      Have a great day,

  14. This is sooooo sweet and makes me miss when my little (now big and looming) peanuts were young. I love that you are writing down and keeping a record of all the cute things they much fun to look back on later. My mom and I try to do that too(shes better than I am at it) wow I wish I had a blog when they were young...its so much more fun and easier now to journal everything they do! Keep em coming.....I enjoyed reading them. All so sweet and that little Kate is too precious!

  15. SO cute Kim!

    Didn't realise how many of these stuck until my daughters boyfriend was watching tv with us and asked why we all said 'morote' instead of remote!

    Our other family 'ism' is bourlings, Oli once told Nicki off for 'hurting his bourlings' and since then we all talk about our 'bourlings'

    X Yve

    Ps your plastic bag trick with boots was an absolute saviour this morning, brand new boots and I nearly threw my back out trying to get them on, until I remembered your tip!

  16. So sweet -- love the little sayings kids come up with! She looks adorable in that jacket and boots. That would never fly at our uniform school. And wow -- her hair has gotten so long!

    Hope you have a great day!


  17. i love reading your posts! you have the most beautiful children...and i love miss kate's style!
    my daughter is 1 and i hope i can remember all the adorable things she will say! right now she yells, "DAAAAAAAD!" my husband's name is brad and i'm pretty sure she get it from me yelling, "BRAAAAAAAD!" whoops! :)



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