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Wednesday, November 16, 2011
is so sweet!!!  Last night, we read a book called Owen about a little mouse who has a blankie.  His parents try to make him give up his blankie.  It is very cute and they come up with a brilliant compromise.

Kate has a blankie.  I had a blankie (which I did have to give away).  After the book, we started talking and Kate was very nervous that I would make her give up her blankie. SHe LOVES her blankie and lovey.  They bring her so much comfort.  She sniffs them, rubs them, cuddles with them and sleeps with them (they are only for bed time or sick time).  I assured her that she could keep her lovey and blankie forever!  Our conversation was so sweet.  I grabbed the flip and this is what happened next....

So, that song is completely extemporaneous!  Never heard that before:)  And Mom, I totally forgive you about my blankie.  It's all good.  I think it is hysterical that she thought you got her lovey at Home Depot!


  1. I hope Daddy makes you a new blankie!

    Too cute Kim.


  2. My son still has his blankie - I wouldn't dream of trying to make him put it away. My own blankie accidentally went down the potty when I was small. For years I smiled thinking of my daddy heroically trying to save my blankie....and then I realized years later that he was really desperately trying to save the potty!

  3. So cute!!! Love her song, every word of it.

    My youngest son Will has a blankie that he adores. He usually gets it out before bedtime.

    Kim, the ornaments you asked about come from Target. The colors are gorgeous. You'll have to post a picture of your vintage tree with them on it. :)

  4. So cute!! My 8 year old still has her blankie, too. She has a corner that she likes to sniff, but I'm not sure if it's "sniffier" than the rest, I'll have to ask.

  5. This is so sweet! I am an "older" person (a grandma) and I have a pillow and blanket I take with me everywhere! Don't sleep very good without them. So she can have her lovey and blankie forever! Love hearing her sweet voice....

  6. what a cute video!! Loved the song she sang at the end (:
    Haha most people way your to old for you blanket when your like 7 years old, werid thing is i'm 17 and i still have my blanket (:
    I have a feeling i'll be keeping it forever haha
    I"m glad Kate gets to keep her blankie and lovie forever ^^
    God Bless~

  7. I just love her sweet little voice. She reminds me of Lottie with her little nose buried and sniffing away! Lottie only uses hers at night now but because we have lots of different people we have to meet all.the.time I keep "fluffy" in my purse. She knows its in there and normally that is enough to calm her:)

    P.S. I love how Kate says, blanklie:) She is too precious...I just wanted to scoop her up!!

  8. What a lovely Kate and now she is also a singer !! God bless you and your so sweet family .

  9. I still have my childhood teddy bear. Brian thinks its weird! I still sleep with it when I go back to visit my folks.

  10. Oh my word! That video is a hoot!

    I can completely relate because I "sniffed" a blanket until I was probably in junior high! True story! Kamree won't be giving her blanket up anytime soon either!

  11. Owen is the first book we bought for Hoot... he loves this book and his lovey.

  12. She is absolutely darling! I loved this little video of your sweet girl. She has such a cute little voice and mannerisms. Kerry still has "robe" for bedtime and naps and has to have the sleeves near her face. I guess that's his "sniffiest" part (she refers to it as a "him"). Wouldn't dream of separating them any time soon.

    Gin =)

  13. I have saved all five our babies old blankies! So sweet!

  14. I love that she loves her blankie, sometimes I think ou girls just need that little extra comforter.

    Lilah's (lovie) blankie has a gender, it's a girl! As apposed to her Piggy (which is also her lovie) who is a boy. She counts both of these items in as part of our family!! :)


  15. Jackson is 10 and still keeps his in his bed. He loves to sniff it too!

  16. I still have my blankie! It is in the attic though (but I didn't put it there until I turned 30 LOL!).

    Too cute video!!!


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