Go Big or Go home!

Thursday, November 17, 2011
According to the Urban Dictionary this is

an expression the speaker says to the listener to encourage the listener to be extravagant, to go all the way, and do whatever you are doing to its fullest - and not flake out. 
Well, let me tell you that my little girl goes BIG!  I love seeing her dance into her school each morning and say hello to everyone on her way.  She is full of confidence and joy! She loves life!  Last week, the kindergartners went to the fire station and Kate had a ball.

She was not afraid of this guy at all!


She hopped right in the seat and buckled up...


Then, she jumped right into this firefighter's arms for help getting down:)  And BTW, he was quite the handsome firefighter...just sayin!


But the funniest part was when she got to hold the hose.  For most kids, the firefighter held it with them and they calmly stood there.  Not my girl....


She grabbed that hose and shot it way up in the air!




She even got me and some of the other "paparazzi Moms"a bit wet!



Look at  her face.  You can tell she loved every second of that!!!!


Also yesterday, their school had a Storybook Parade.  Kate and Harry's school has a special literature program that is an intense reading and writing specialty.  Yesterday, the whole school (teachers and students) dressed up as favorite storybook characters.

We opted to use our Halloween costumes and be a cupcake from both Pinkaliscious and If you give a Cat a Cupcake.  Harry was a hot dog from The Pigeon finds a Hot Dog. The principal even dressed up and led the parade...


Kate strutted in the parade smiling and waving like she was the grand marshall....




Harry loved it too.  Only about 1/2 the 5th graders dressed up but Harry had fun with it all.  I love his attitude. He goes BIG too!!!

Last year the theme at the boys summer camp was Live out Loud.  I am so proud of all 3 of my children because they truly Live Out Loud!  


  1. Fun! I can't wait to see a pic!

  2. LOVE this post!!!

    Don't you just laugh everytime you read one of those pigeon books?? We have them all and I just love them as much as Hayden does. Pigeon wants a puppy and Pigeon wants to drive a bus our the two we love the most:)

  3. Kate's classmates laughing and loving her work on the fire hose is so adorable. How fun!

  4. Love this post and the sheer joy that shows on Kates face! The kids in the background faces are priceless. This has got to be one of you most precious post ever!!

    PS Harry is one HANDSOME hotdog!!

  5. ok...little missy's complete ensemble is totally something i must do. all the way to the mary janes

  6. That's awesome Kim, love her confidence!! Let 'er rip Kate! lol
    And Harry too! I love to see when kids choose to do (or not do) things because they want instead of what everyone else is doing, especially boys!!
    All your peanuts are destined for great things!
    ps Kate looks so darling in her vest. :)

  7. Kate is so adorable and stylish!

  8. LOVE these pics, Kim!
    What FUN :)

  9. What a fun field trip! I love Kate's expressions in these pictures!

    How, oh how, do you get her to wear jeans? Kamree absolutely refuses and it is making me crazy!

  10. too precious! I love their confidence. I think that goes back to wonderful parenting.

    Seeing that she went to the firestation made me catch my breath however.... I did not have such a good experience. Lets just say we saw photos that no child should see and I didn't eat for a week. What were they thinking back in the old'n days?!!


  11. Oh my gosh . . . Kate shooting that fire hose and Harry dressed as a hot dog. Those pictures just made my day!!! :)

  12. I love everything about this post... and your kids!


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