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Thursday, November 3, 2011
Dave grew up golfing and is a really good golfer but as life with 3 kiddos has unfolded, he has not had much golf time for the past several years.  Anyway, as luck would have it, for years we belonged to country clubs and our boys had very little interest in golf.  I signed them up for lessons and camps but they were half hearted about it all.  Now, that we do not belong to a club, all 3 kids want to take it up!

Sunday was a beautiful day here, so we went to a park with a driving range...


Will immediately stepped up to help Kate as it was her first time...



Then Daddy gave her some pointers....



Harry has a great swing.  He is a lefty in baseball and golf.  And he needs bigger clubs:)

Will is a natural too.  He is going to begin lessons and hopes to play golf in high school..


Coach Dad...



And I loved watching Kate watch the boys....


So these 2 little boys were watching Kate golf and they kept asking Dave when it was their turn.  We think their parents were eating at a nearby restaurant.  Anyway, Dave gave both 5 year old boys a mini lesson and some balls to hit.  It was very sweet.  Dave is a patient man and a great teacher.


Speaking of Dave, he had a birthday last week.  Unfortunately, his beloved Godfather passed away and his funeral (out of town) was on Dave's birthday so we did not have a big celebration.  But we did try to celebrate him a bit when he got back. Dave is the most generous and loving Dad.  Last Sunday, our sermon was about being a humble servant and our whole family agreed that Dave is a great example of a humble servant.  He really is the glue that holds our family together.  He is a Dad who makes the lunches everyday, coaches teams, brings bouquets to recitals, tucks children in every night, pampers his wife and works hard all day.  He is a shining example of what a husband and father should be.  We are so lucky to have him.  We love you, Dave!  Happy belated Birthday!!!



  1. I hope to one day find a man with Dave's qualities!
    I feel after almost 33 years, God has someone special for me for sure!

  2. What a great example to your children Dave is! Love these golf outings....Such great family time!

  3. First of all, great pic of Dave, and Happy Birthday! He looks like a pro golfer in these pics... He must have been in Heaven watching his peanuts golf! I can't wait for that day!!!! I love Kate's golf skirt, and golf shoes!! :) What a fun family day! Now it's time for you to break out your clubs!!! You know they make VERY cute shoes now!!!

    Love this post!


  4. Yay for golf! We love to golf as a family! It is such a great gift to give your kids! : )

  5. We love Dave too!! Happy Birthday Crusher.

  6. Love it when kids do sports they can play their whole lives -- such great lessons there!

    Cool photo of Dave and happy belated b-day to him.


  7. wow, the three kids are getting so big. I am not sure why I noticed it so much in this post.

    I guess it is not hard celebrating a lovely, wonderful man like Dave. Hope he enjoyed.


  8. Now that's what I call "CUTE GOLF ATTIRE"! Way to go Kate!! Sending " Belated Birthday wishes to Dave"!! *had to repost..google ate my first response*

  9. Tell my boyfriend he gets my vote for a great husband and father! Happy Belated Birthday, Dave. :) Tessa

  10. Warms my heart in the deepest places to see Dave teaching his kids to play golf. How fun is that!!

    Happy Birthday Dave - I missed the card this year, but the sentiment is there. It has been a blessing to watch you develop from the awkward high school guitar playing kid to the amazing husband and father that God destined you to be.

  11. What a great post! He seems like an outstanding father and husband! :)

  12. I love that picture of Kate hitting the balls. I saw in in our class forum but didn't realize it was Kate until just now. It's my favorite shot!

  13. Sorry to hear about Dave's godafther..and happy belated birthday to the main man in your life!

    Cute golfers you have - looks like a great way to spend an afternoon!

  14. you are sooo blessed my friend..
    what an amazing husband you have..
    Love the photos..

  15. Great guy you have there... in every way! I love seeing him work with the kiddos on their golf swing. Sumter plays twice a week and he LOVES the game!

  16. Loooved your comment on my blog; sweet Kate, I so hope my babies have her joie de vivre! I hope to post about the "first time every I saw" their faces...in the very near future--that I did get on video, I think; I am almost afraid to check because I am not sure if my camera was working properly... It was one of the most beautiful days of my life.

    P.S. Kate's outfit is Fabulous!

  17. Great golf pictures! My boys love to golf too!

    Happy Birthday to your fabulous house boy! You are sooo blessed!

  18. What a precious post. My favorite part was the two little boys who were craving that kind of time with a Dad too:) Your hubby is super sweet!

  19. Your Dave is an incredible man, it's so obvious how much you all love him and how much he puts his all into his family. And that is a smashing shot you took of him. They are all awesome, but that last one is fabulous.

    Love Kate's skirt too!


  20. Kate is most certainly the cutest, stylish golfer ever! :) We love our golf in this family too .. especially my husband who is practically on the tour ;)

  21. This post is so cute! Happy Belated Birthday Dave!! You have some great shots of everyone...except you! I'll bet you have some cute golf clothes hidden away somewhere :)

    Love you!

  22. Such a fun family outing! Great picture of Dave!

  23. Just want to say awe over and over!
    Love these images!


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