Tuesday, November 1, 2011
This year, the peanuts were all dressed as junk food:)  As you can see, Kate was a cupcake. Will was a slice of pizza (same as last year as we were not sure until the last minute whether he would actually go out---you know teens!).  And Harry was a hot dog.  However, Kate called him a wiener!





We are laughing here as our neighbor took our photo and he was wearing a Scottish kilt (his costume).  And we were all hoping he was wearing something under the kilt!

Will and Harry ran off trick or treating with their friends.  Yes, they are too old now to walk the streets of our hood with Mom and Dad.  Oh my.  Kate trick or treated with her good friend "Rapunzel."

Poor little Kate.  She has the worst yucky CRUD.  She walks around with the box of tissues and her eyes and nose are constantly running.  But she rallied to trick or treat. I even offered to let her stay home from school today but they are visiting the fire station on a field trip and she did not want to miss it.



And my favorite lanterns.  I can only use them once a year. This year I discovered the battery candles.  They are the BEST.  They even flicker but they never blow out!


  1. Ohhh they are so adorable!! Glad they had a fun Halloween! Cute pics too! Call me later xo :)

  2. love the costumes. you look like you're feeling better. lets do lunch very soon. Let me bring something in or lets go out! I'll loan you the book when I'm done. It's an easy read.

  3. Looks like a fun Halloween! Love the costumes! The cupcake always makes me smile. We wear it all year around here:) We have had the colds and coughs for a month now! Hoping they end soon. Hope you all feel better soon! Happy Fall!

  4. They look so cute!! Love their costume choices:)

    This was the first year we did not buy Nick a costume. Yup, teenage boys....they are getting too grown up for trick or treat:(

    Hope you are feeling much better Kim~



  5. Love their "junk food" costumes! There was a hotdog at our house too -- the dog! :)

    Hope Kate is feeling better soon!


  6. I LOVE junk food...and YOURS looks the best :) and I personally think you can leave those darling little lanterns out all through November too, they would look great for Thanksgiving :)

  7. Beautiful photos of your lovely family. Love the pictures...they are so cute!

  8. Oh they look fantastic and YOU my friend look radiant:) Love ya!!

  9. Love the costumes..
    Looks like everyone had a lot of fun..
    Have a great week.

  10. Pull those lanterns out in the summer and fill them with some awesome purple flowers! They'd look so cute.

  11. Sorry, you are sick... UGH!! And, sweet Kate too! LOVE the costumes, and you look GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, love your hair! :) It sounds like you made the best of it!!

    We will catch up live soon!!!


  12. They are so so so cute, Kim! And you look so pretty!

  13. Cheers to Will for being a good sport and not letting the fun of the season go out just yet (seriously, I wish I could go trick-or-treating again). Sorry to hear Kate is so sick, it's that lovely time of year. Glad to hear that she's still being a trooper about it and praying she gets well soon. By the way, you get bonus mom points for color-coordinating her pants and shoes with the rest of the cupcake outfit.
    Also, remember that pumpkins are very Thanksgiving-esque too. You could leave those lights out until then and get away with it.

  14. I'm sorry to hear that you and Kate have been under the weather. You look great, though, and it looks like Kate still had a fun
    time. I love that your three all went as junk food, how funny, and they look so cute!

    Gin =)

  15. Awe, this looks so fun!! Your kids are absolutely beautiful!! :)

  16. Cute!! YOu look amazing!
    I love your lanterns!! SO cute!
    I love Kate's leggings!


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