Sitting on the dock of the Bay

Monday, November 28, 2011
Dave's brother and his sister both have bay houses on Galveston Island so that is where we spent Thanksgiving this year. I was about to say this was a first but I just recalled one there when Will was a baby too.  It was very casual and lots of fun.  The kids pretty much fished for two days.  I read, took photos, ate and hung out with family.



Kate whistled while she fished:)




We spent a little time on the beach (clearly I had the wrong kind of shoes for this!)

We even brought Scout with us and she had a BLAST (she doesn't get out much;)



Kate had so much fun digging in the sand. I love that you could see the sun rays on her head.




Kate is such a happy little girl.  Seriously that girl is full of JOY!

I was COLD!


Did you notice that Will is as tall as me now?

So while I am all budled up in a sweater....


CRAZY Harry skim boards.  It was COLD!





Harry is truly crazy...he got soaked!

After a little beach time, it was turkey dinner time.  Kate helped Aunt W mash the potatoes...


Then some more fishing....


I think Harry caught this one even though Will is holding it.  There are sunken lights in the waterway so night fishing was big.  Then the kids started fishing in their pajamas when they woke up too.....



As you can see even Kate caught some little fish:)

One of Harry's friends was down there too so he came over to fish and hang out as well....


The house in the background  (across the waterway) was really gutted from hurricane Ike (which happened right when we moved here).  Looks like the owners have not repaired it at all yet.


It was a good Thanksgiving!  I have so much more to post about but I am trying desperately to get all my Christmas "stuff" done this week (cards addressed and ready to mail, finish shopping, decorating etc).  My goal is to have all the Christmas "work" done by December 4th so that I can spend the rest of the season being merry with the family.  I just might meet my goal:)


  1. just last night one of my girls asked where texans go to the beach. she didn't realize much of texas is on the gulf. we talked about galveston!
    love your thanksgiving photos & harry skim boarding & will growing up tall & kate all happy. sweetness

  2. i would LOVE to have all my christmas work done by sunday too but i don't think for a second that's a possibility. sigh.
    good luck! xoxo

  3. UM, he is taller! sorry Mom!

    Looks like a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to see more.


  4. I'm so behind! I haven't even ordered my cards yet, but as you may have noticed, I don't send them out until the last min anyway. I love getting cards, but it's so hard for me to sit down and get them ready to mail!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone looks like they had a blast.

  6. I was going to say those shoes are much to nice to be near the sand/water, and then I read your comment a second later! So funny....looks like a gorgeous spot and a lovely time. It was shorts and tees weather in VA today.

  7. So fun to see you all with warm weather at Thanksgiving. Might be just a wee bit jealous! Am also trying to get things done so I can enjoy more too!


  8. Your thanksgiving sounds fabulous, and I love your sweater! I like in sweaters like those. :) They're so comfy and warm. Kids look like they had a ball, they always look happy, all of them! Especially fishing!

  9. Coming to your blog makes me happy and makes me SMILE! I feel the love of your beautiful family and its a beautiful thing.
    So many fabulous pictures, those beach shots are should use one for Christmas cards, I love more candid shots way more than a perfectly posted shot. Thanks for sharing...

  10. What a fun Thanksgiving! Love your beach shoes too! We stayed in our PJs It was sooo relaxing! Hooray for the holidays!

  11. Looks like a wonderful day. I love that pic of your shoes in the water :). Good luck with your goal!

  12. Looks like a fun Thanksgiving! Our family has met several times in Corpus at the beach for Thanksgiving. Makes for a much more relaxed time! We are thinking the next time we go, we may change it to Galveston. :)

  13. Awesome way to spend Thanksgiving!!!! Well... I am sure it will be December 24th and I won't be done..
    The cards are in the mail which is a big one for this house.. but other than that I can't quite get it together. I need snow to make it feel like Christmas.. And, right now that is no where in site!!!

    I wish I had your motivation!!! Perhaps it will kick in soon!!!!!! You are going to have an amazing December!!!


  14. What a blessing Thanksgiving , what a family !! God bless you ever !!

  15. I'm glad to see that you all had a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving. I love these photos, your beautiful kiddo's look like they're having the best time.

    Gin =)


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