A piece of my childhood

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
I am very nostalgic. When we were growing up, we had a small silver aluminum tree in our formal living room at Christmas time.  My Mom put all of our handmade decorations from school or girl scouts on that tree.  I had forgotten all about that little silver tree until the past few years when I started seeing these trees for sale in antique stores or in decorating magazines or blogs.  Apparently, they are back in vogue.

Last year, I was reminiscing about our special silver tree with Dave and I could picture my red construction paper stocking stitched with a hole punch and yarn and decorated with silver glitter in my mind.  We saw this silver tree in an antique store the week after Christmas and Dave bought it for me.





I have decorated this tree with vintage ornaments because we have had another small tree that have all the kids ornaments and handmade goodies.  They put that up every year in the upstairs hall outside their bedrooms.




I LOVE my vintage tree (thank you Dave!) Like me, she shows some signs of age and wear.  But I can sit in my office and look at how her branches and the beautiful old glass balls glisten in the sunlight and it makes me smile.  I wish I could completely capture the way the light dances through the old and imperfect balls.  It is simply beautiful and nothing new could compare.

I also want to tell you about a blessed opportunity. Some of my amazing friends Diana, Lisa and Stef are hosting an incredible month of giveaways to help support the orphans of China.  They have fabulous things to giveaway.  Please visit any of their blogs to read more about it.  The difference this will make is really incredible.

Fill Their Stockings


  1. Oh my, Kim, I LOVE it!!! I am NOT very nostalgic, however, I do have a small collection of glass painted balls from my era that are on my tree :)

    AND, if I could get my hands on one of those white, porcelain(?), tabletop trees (Avon?) I'd snag it in a heart beat. Cause we did have one of those all growing up!

    Christmas is such a special time for these memories!

    And I LOVE the fill their stockings campaign!!!

  2. i love that you are nostalgic!
    you have such a great way of documenting your life & the life of all the peanuts.

    that aluminum tree is fabulous!!!
    savannah puts up one in her room each year, not as glorious as yours but they are soo very fun!

  3. That tree is just perfect. I am pretty nostalgic. I actually think my 27 year old brother is more nostalgic then anyone. He gets very upset if mom ever tries to change up traditions on him! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. LOVE the beautiful tree, and THANK YOU for posting!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Week my friend!


  5. Kim, I can remember this tree from my childhood. I can remember the ornaments my moments had (especially the candle ornaments with the food coloring in the water and how it bubbled when the ornament got warm)!! My mom/dad had bought a "light reflector". They would plug it in and it would reflect onto the tree. This is turn would appear to make the aluminum tree "change colors". It would be RED...then turn to BLUE...then...GREEN and then YELLOW!! I can remember ALL 8 of my siblings and I sitting around that tree and watching it change colors. The "A" tree is making a comeback I have seen. It's good to see some of the "old traditions" come back into the holidays. Nowadays the tree's come pre-lit and some with musical lights! What happen to just caroling around the tree instead of "computerized musical lights'. Some traditions are just better off "left alone".

  6. We had one like that except a little bigger with blue glass balls. I loved it especially the little wheel thta rotated around to change colors. When you are five that's like pure magic!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. What a fabulous tree! It's so pretty!

  8. What a beautiful vintage tree. I remember similar ones from my childhood, in fact one was in my Elementary school. Thanks for triggering a wonderful memory!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. i have one too. I usually put red balls on it and we even have the old turning light that sits in the floor to shine on it. I did not put it up this year, just trying to scale it down this year.

  10. Love your tree! I know you must have been so excited to put it up!! Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving week!!

  11. So beautiful Kim, both the memories and the tree.

    I wrote a very nostalgic post tonight too, we seem to be living parallel blogging lives!

    Although, I'm sure there would be lots of bloggers feeling sentimental at this time of year :) Yve

  12. So beautiful Kim, the memories and the tree

    I wrote a very nostalgic post tonight too, you and I seem to live parallel blogging lives!

    Although, I'm sure there are lots of bloggers feeling sentimental this time of year! :) Yve


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