Some of my Fall faves

Friday, October 7, 2011
The temps have dropped a bit here in TX and I am getting in the swing of Fall.  Here are a few things I am crushing on right now....

Carry On
A deep romantic burgundy.
I have this on my hands and toes right now.  At first glance it can look black but it has a beautiful plummy, eggplant tone to it.

The other color I like (below) is called Sew Psyched.  It is described as a "cashmere soft sage pewter."  But it is no doubt green. Harry thinks it is "halloween-ish" but I think it is chic and a touch edgy (for me anyway).

Sew Psyched
Image via flickr  (not my nails-I wear mine short)

Okay, the other thing I am loving this Fall is my faux fur vest....

I have not been able to wear it yet (still too hot) but I look at in my closet a lot:) And if I find one for a better price, I might exchange mine.



When Kate saw my vest she LOVED it and asked if I could find one for her.
 I scored a cute one for her just before it sold out.


She actually did wear it one chilly morning to school (it was 87 by the afternoon).  It is SO cute! I'll catch a photo next time she wears it:)

And I did get some boots.  Again it is too hot to put them on yet but I love them.  They are really pretty.


Funny story---I have a high arch and these boots have no zipper so I could NOT get them on.  I was SO sad. I was about to return them when I googled it and found a tip.  Put your foot in a thin plastic grocery bag to slip it into the boot and then pull (and rip the bag to get it off).  The boots are the right size once my foot gets past the shaft and supposedly that part will stretch and I won't need the bag trick after a few wears:)

The other thing I am loving is a fashion blog that I have just found (I must be living under a rock).  I kept pinning these images on Pinterest and finally realized it was all the same girl and the same blog. I love this blog..Atlantic-Pacific!  Blair has the best sense of personal style.  I could not dress like her in my day to day life but I love the looks she puts together.

My creation

Here are some of her other looks I adore...

friday 10

bee 5

fourth 2

bee 1

bee 3

bee 3
{all images via pinterest and Atlantic-Pacific}

I think she is tres preppy chic:)
 I LOVE all of her ensembles--even though I could not pull many of them off myself!

Have a good weekend.  Will returns to the nest:)


  1. I couldn't pull them off either, except maybe the coral pants, blue blouse and scarf. WOW! Love that! Really, I love them ALL!

  2. can you see me in ANY of that?!! Ha. She has great style. I could never pull it off. Jealous!

  3. Me either! I think my daughters ages 29/22 could easily pull this off however. I'm such a "matchy-matchy" type person, but I have seen them pull off some styles that were questionable, but once they put it on, adding the right shoe (usually a cute stilleto) the outfit comes together! I love their style as well! Happy Friday, enjoy the "cool temps" here as well!

  4. LOVE that blog! HOW ADORABLE IS SHE??? I wish I was that skinny!!! Coach saddle bag just may be coming back in style (2nd to last photo).

    Thanks for sharing these!

  5. Oohh, I've been loving Essie "wicked" :

    I love that girl's style and i love finding style tips on pinterest! Like you, I noticed I kept pinning the same outfits over and over (ballet flats, scarves, jeans, cardigans, sweaters, tall boots) I finally noticed they were all from the same site. And I noticed I was a repeat offender! Guess I like gray, black and sweaters and boots! All my "fashion sense" - if I really have any - goes out the window anyways in reality when it hits 30 below here in the Midwest :)

    Thanks for sharing some faves!!

  6. oh Kim...I just got a mani with "Carry On"..and everytime I go to get "sew psyched" it's sold out!! LOVE the latest Essie collection!

    LOVE Atlantic-Pacific...been following her for awhile...if only my days were so glamorous and high fashion...she does inspire!

  7. Oh I can't wait to get home to Texas for the wedding and buy some boots! They are so expensive here in Mexico! I love those boots and the vest. And btw....all of those outfits would look so darling on you!

  8. Love, Love Atlantic-Pacific .. if only I was a 'few' years younger I may be able to carry it off. Love the style so.
    Great fall favs too ( I just posted some of mine also) .. .. I have a faux fur vest from 6 or more years ago .. will have to pull it out again!

  9. I have seen the fur vests everywhere and they do look so fun.... I have been tempted to purchase one for myself.

    Alos lovin' the striped shirt and the dress...OH SO CUTE!!!



  10. Where are the boots in this post from?


Thank you for your kindness.