The little things that I never ever want to forget...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Kate has said/done some adorable things lately that I want to document so I will remember them (and she will too).  So this very long post is comprised of a few stories that I want to remember:)

 Story #1~
It is HOT here.  Like 106, 107 everyday HOT. So, I wear my hair in a pony everyday.  But yesterday I blow dried it nice and straight.  When Kate saw me, she immediately noticed.  She said, "Mama, your hair looks so beautiful today.  It looks just like it did the day you borned me from China."  I got the biggest smile on my face and asked, "The day I borned you from China?"  She laugh and said, "I said borned but I mean born."  Then I said, "Do you mean when we met in the airport?"  And she said yes.

Homecoming 036-1

The reason I love that comment is that our words really do express our perceptions.  I always talk about the day we met and became a family but Kate perceives that as a day of birth or being born into our family.  She knows that another Mommy gave birth to her in China.  But she obviously feels as though she was born into our family too.  And really that is exactly how I would want her to feel.

Story #2~
Kate is a sniffer.  Dave teases that she is part Basset hound.  But seriously, she sniffs everything and she remembers peoples personal scents.  A few months ago we were cuddling and she said, Mama, today your sweater smells like Miss Di.  We had not seen Miss Di in 9 months but she was right.  My sweater did smell like Miss Di.  Whenever my friend from Virginia sends Kate something, she exclaims, "Yeah, it smells like Bagel." She has not smelled my friend Bagel in years.

Anyway, Kate has a lovey and a blankie. Lovey is a green taggie thing and blankie is a pink crocheted blanket.  She sleeps with them every night.  But she sniffs lovey.  She LOVES to sniff lovey. It soothes her. Last Friday was show and tell and Kate wanted to bring lovey.  Dave did NOT want lovey to go to school because we are not sure Kate could sleep if lovey was ever lost.  So, we asked her why lovey?  What would she "show and tell" about lovey.  She seriously said, "I will pass lovey around and let everyone in the class sniff him."  She was DEAD serious.  And yes, she brought lovey to school,  And yes, she passed it around at show and tell so people could sniff lovey. P.S.  I wash lovey every Wednesday and she does smell like deliciously fresh laundry.


Lovey and blankie on Kate's unmade bed:)

Story #3
Kate has been asking to learn the violin for years.  She has been enamored with her big brother Will's violin for a long time.  Well,  it is finally her turn.  She was accepted into the strings program at school and will begin weekly lessons tomorrow.

We rented her this tiny violin.  When we were in the shop the boys and I got huge grins when they measured her.  The violin looked so small.  Kate is beyond excited to learn to play.





Will was showing her how to rosin the bow.  It needed LOTS of rosin.

(I love the way she is looking at it here)

She knows nothing about violin yet but she can twinkle the ivories a tiny bit so hopefully she will pick this up if she is interested.

Story #4
Kate's new school is named after a famous author.  She asked me if we had any of his books at home.  And we did but they are WAY above Kate's reading level.  Nonetheless, she has been walking around home and school with her nose in this book acting as though she is reading it.  It is hysterical.  Will said, "Mom that book it not appropriate for Kate."  I laughed.  She is just getting the Bob books now so she is definitely NOT reading this novel.  But she sure acts like she is....



Story #5
Another special thing I want to remember is our times with Miss Spider's sunny patch


I have always loved the Miss Spider book because Miss Betty adopts little Miss Spider.  Then, one day we stumbled onto the show.  It is on Nick Jr. on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  And since Kate wakes up the earliest, she and I watch it together on those mornings.  Miss Spider and her husband, Holley have nine little bugs that are all different species. Most of them are adopted buggies. Sounds like anyone we know? This is the BEST children's show on TV y'all.   Kate and I snuggle on the couch and watch it every single week together.  I am going to be sad when she outgrows it. Here is how the Nick Jr website describes Miss Spider...

Miss Spider

Miss Spider is the quintessential mom: warm-hearted, open, and extremely generous. Instead of eating other insects like most Spiders, she chooses to carefully prepare vegetarian meals for her family. For Miss Spider, motherhood is serious business. She diligently tries to administer the right balance of discipline and care to her kids. Knowing firsthand how powerful and transforming the gift of kindness can be, she shares this gift with both her natural and adopted children as well as all those around her.

And just so the boys know...Will and I watched George Shrinks (still miss this one) together every Sunday morning when he was little.  And Harry and I loved Little Bear and Franklin.

And if this post isn't long enough... some people asked about Kate' red shoes...I got them from Zappos on  sale this summer but they are Primigi brand.  They are expensive BUT they last an entire year and still look brand new.  You can find them on sale sometimes at Zappos, Nordstrom or Zulily. In fact, I usually buy these in black or brown each year and then pass them onto friends looking brand new.  They are worth every cent.  They have never scuffed.

And Kate's boo boo is from falling off the kitchen chair into our table.  She has a nice gash on her forehead.  And someone else asked about her skin.  She has eczema.  In the summer, the dry eczema spots look white while the rest of her face tans (even with 100 SPF sunscreen).


  1. what a sweet sweet entry with precious priceless little memories!
    i love her face of determination and wonder with her violin.
    emi played for a few years & i miss it terribly :(

  2. Awesome post!!! I love the little things my kids say too!!


  3. Oh my, Kate is a hoot! I love that she feels like she was borned into your family, because truly, she was! I really need to be remembering some of the funny things my little sniffer says too :)

    My oldest has eczema and it has gotten SO much better with age! I am sure that Kate will outgrow it some too :)

  4. Ohh don't you love Kate-ism's!! I have a four year old and I love ALL her Bree-ism's.

    I think the firt picture of you and Kate is absolutely beautiful!!!

    Thank you for the "link" to the site. I definitely will log on in few minutes!!

  5. Katie is DYING to play the violin. She has asked to play one ever since she was 2! We are looking for a small one now so she can start lessons :)

    Loving all your posts lately - hope all of you are feeling better now - especially Harry!

  6. I just love the lovey story. How absolutely sweet!


  7. What a great post. Love the blankie one...I have a sniffer too. Her green blankie comforts her and she sniffs it to fall asleep. ; )

    Nice way to document all those special memories so they are preserved.


  8. LOVE this post, she is precious. By the way I bought the shoes from Zappos so fast it scared me:)

  9. Love the stories! Sweet girl you have. I love those shoes. Princess wore them when she was younger too! They are the best.

  10. Love the stories! Sweet girl you have. I love those shoes. Princess wore them when she was younger too! They are the best.

  11. I love this post too. Kate is a little sniffer. I remember on one of our visits she asked me if I wantedt o sniff her lovey.. Too sweet. call you tomorrow!

  12. Great post. Kate is so sweet! Hannah and Emma both play the violin. This is Emma's third year and she is doing really well and loves it. Hannah is joining a youth orchestra in Boston and a side benefit is that over 1/3 of the kids in it happen to be Chinese.

  13. Kate is such a sweetie! Eva and I LOVE Miss Spider's sunny patch, it's such a great show! My son Ben had those same white spots on his face from eczema. Have you ever tried Vany Cream? It's wonderful for eczema and the white spots were gone the next summer when he tanned. There are some Vany Cream lotions on the shelves, but the cream our pediatrician recommended is behind the pharmacy counter. You don't need a prescription for it, but they keep it back there so you just have to ask for it. It really is fabulous, we all use it now!

  14. Darci LOVES Miss Spider!!! Great little and big minds think alike!! =)

  15. You've had many sweet posts, but I think this one may be the sweetest. I predict Kate will be amazing on the violin!

  16. I was just on the Minted website and noticed that this design used your daughter's picture. I'm not sure if you made the design or gave them permission to use your photos but I thought I'd let you know either way. Here is a link:

    If that isn't your Kate, then disregard this all together. :)

  17. Wonderful post, I just love Kate's little heart. Lottie is a smeller too, we have teased her that she is part dog:) She switches my pillow case with hers so she can smell me when she goes to sleep....Mommy smell = comfort:) Love that!

    You know, Lottie has eczema also and so we quit using the creams that the doctor would prescribe for it because they were bleaching her skin, or so it appeared they were. I would always fade out and the white would go away after summer was over but I found something better and I didn't know if you knew. It is in the baby department at Walmart and Target (I think) but it is a Disney product. And it is just called "Baby Eczema Cream" and it is made by Gentle Nature. Awesome stuff. Anytime her hot spots start acting up, I just rub her down in it. Sorry that was so long but I went through a gazillion products looking for the right one and there it was...for like $7.00! I have 10 tubes of it here with me:)

    Oh and P.S. I like Miss Spider for those same reasons...she is a great Mom just like you!

  18. I loved reading all of these stories, Kim! Kate is such a doll. I wish you still lived in VA so I could meet her! Such a great idea to write them down too - I need to start doing that with Lillie. Have been thinking about Harry a lot lately - going to try to e-mail you tonight.

  19. I loved reading all of these stories, Kim! Kate is such a doll. I wish you still lived in VA so I could meet her! Such a great idea to write them down too - I need to start doing that with Lillie. Have been thinking about Harry a lot lately - going to try to e-mail you tonight.


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