Tea for two (3)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Yesterday, Kate and I took my car into the shop thinking the A/C just needed some freon.  Much to our dismay, my mini-van needed a whole new A/C system.  One cannot really drive around TX in July with 3 kids and no AC  (not easily anyway)!!!  So, Kate and I were stuck home without a car yesterday.  We don't usually spend  the whole day around the house.  We are spending lots of time at the library, the pool, museums etc... So, around 3:00 yesterday, Kate asked if we could have "real" afternoon tea.  I put the kettle on and set out some teacups.

2for tea_0021

Kate went to get Mr. Bear (who she won at the hula hoop contest).


Kate asked for ginger tea (but she did not really like it).  She just likes the smell of it.
She even requested a tea sandwich:)


2 for teaDSC_0028

2for tea0034

2 for tea0038

2 for tea_0043

After Kate decided she did not like the ginger tea (with honey), I made her berry tea (with sugar).  She did not like that either.  So, she ended up having organic strawberry lemonade:)


  1. My-My no AC in TEXAS is like having NO WINTER COAT in ALASKA!! SERIOUSLY!!! Glad to see that the repairs are underway!!!

    PS Don't you just love "impromptu" tea parties?!! TOO CUTE!!

  2. Laughing that she didn’t like the actual tea! LOL
    Adorable pictures. We were just in Texas where it was over 110 most days...ug!

  3. Such a sweet mother/daughter afternoon (tea!) ~ Mia doesn't like tea either...just the idea of it, but not the taste :)

  4. Too cute!! And I had the same thing happen to my van last summer. No air + Florida in August = Unhappy Mommy!

  5. Your adorable little Kate reminds me of my own daughter, when she was little.

    Her disdain for ginger is one she never outgrew (she's 23 yrs. old). And the only honey allowed in her PB sandwiches came in honey bear-shaped bottles :)

  6. We have cookies and milk at our "tea time". At least you attempted to serve her tea. Mommy points!! :)

  7. Maybe Kate would like tea with lemon and sugar. That's how I started drinking tea as a child.

    It's funny how some things sound better than they taste. I feel that way about hot chocolate.

  8. I love the smell of tea too! But really, would prefer a nice cup of coffee! Such a disappointment to the Chinese :)

  9. So sweet! I love the way she looks in those headbands! I put one on Madi and she was very quick to take it off! I should have started before she was 6 ! At least she still wears bows :)

  10. Precious!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  11. So sweet Kim!!! I love that you "3" had this fun afternoon together!!


  12. Haha...I am with Kate. I don't like real tea either. The strawberry lemonade on the other hand sounds delicious! She looks so adorable and I love these photos.

  13. How sweeeeeet!!!!! Mr. Bear was the perfect gues!:)


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