Like Mother, Like Daughter

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Harry is at soccer camp and Will is volunteering this week.  So it is just me and Katie Ru lolly-gagging around the house.  We have been going to the pool, painting our nails, reading books, curling her hair, etc.  In the last few weeks, I have noticed how much Kate mimics me. For one thing, she adores clothes and fashion like I do and generally we have the same tastes (although she does always want to wear sleeveless things in the winter and heavy things in the summer?  What is that all about???)

I have also noticed that when Kate really likes what she is wearing, she gets an extra little spring in her step. Like the other day when I put this bathing suit on her. She just perked right up and started posing for the camera! Which is unusual because lately she does not like me taking her photo. Now I do not go around posing in my clothes (or swimsuit) but I do get a spring in my step when I have a cute new outfit on too!



(Maybe I would pose too if I had those legs:)

She even modeled for me and my camera at the pool which she is loathe to do when there is swimming to be done.  She is a little fishy.


(the white stuff on her face is sunscreen)

Then, out of nowhere, she decided to do a perfectly beautiful backstroke.





No one has taught her this so I was kinda shocked. 
I guess she just picked it up from watching Will and Harry swim all these years...


This was her first summer home from China. She used to wander around the swim meets making lots of friends.



She certainly does not get that graceful backstroke from me!!

As we were having our snack at the pool a young teen walked by with purple hair (temporary spray, I think--some camps/swim teams here do that for fun).  After some thought, Kate said, "I wish I could have purple hair Mama.  I think I would look good with purple hair."   I acted all calm and said, " think you would look good with purple hair." But inside I was cringing (a perhaps feeling a wee bit of anxiety)... UH~OH!!!!!  I might really have my hands full when she is a teen!

Last Sunday, while we were at Mass, Kate told me we were twins because we both had white on.  Then during the whole Mass, she did everything I did. She read the missalette just as I did. She crossed her legs or arms just as I did. I remembered back to all those Sundays in Church that I prayed for her to come home from China.  My heart used to ache waiting for her. I also chuckled to myself and reminded myself to soak it up now because I am sure there will be a day when she is a teenager and she wants to be nothing like me at all.  But for now, I am really enjoying my daughter who tries to be a mini-me...

{we love our so loved t's from Stef's adoption fundraiser.}

And just a note for my own memories...
Will and Harry are both in a "Dad is awesome. Dad rules!" phase and they want a whole lot less to do with me and a whole lot more to do with Dave:)


  1. How precious and what a huge responsibility we have when they want to be like us! LOVE her bathing suit!

  2. Oh goodness... LOVE this!! That precious Kate is too much! Those pictures of her in her new suit are adorable!! And well, the one of you two in So Loved makes me get all misty :)
    Love how she loves her mama!!

  3. Love that swimsuit!! I believe you have a swimmer on your hand! That is an awesome backstroke! She is a natural!!!!

    PS I think Kate has a wonderful role model to mimic!!

  4. I'm thinking she is going to rock on swim team:) She is just beautiful, her legs are getting so long and grown up!

  5. So cute she mimics you!

    Don't worry about the purple hair. I used to want to live in a pink trailer :)

  6. What a little sweetheart! I know you want to burst when you see her trying to be like mommy! That bathing beauty is something else...and YES, those legs. My, oh my! Enjoy your time with your mini me :) xo

  7. Too Cute! It makes your heart smile when your children want to be like you. You girls enjoy your special time together.

  8. So awesome that you are getting some one-on-one time. I need to remember to do that with all three kids, more often.

    Love her suit!

  9. so so sweet. I LOVE reading your blog-- my sister, Ariana, is adopted from China (she's 7 1/2-- and there's 20 years between us!). When I read "(although she does always want to wear sleeveless things in the winter and heavy things in the summer? What is that all about???)" I couldn't help but think when I was in China with my parents how covered and bundled they wanted all the kids to be no matter WHAT the temperature was-- so maybe that's why? Although that doesn't explain the sleeveless things in winter... so hmm.
    Anyways, God Bless you!!

  10. This is such a sweet post. It touches my heart as I too have a mini-me daughter and it is THE BEST! Thanks for sharing your cute stories. : )

  11. Lol! I thought the purple flower in the last pic was a compromise for purple hair;)

  12. What a beautiful little girl - she is simply precious! You are one lucky mama!

  13. Such a sweet post! And I love that photo of her posing in the pool. It looks like y'all are having a great mother/daugher week at home together!

  14. I love reading your blog!!! Your family is beautiful! I always notice how great your pictures are! What kind of camera do you use???

  15. You both look so cute together.

    I just got my first dose of how great Ba Ba is last night. My little ones are just not that little anymore, and most everything is about Ba Ba now. :(

    Take care.


  16. what a wonderful thing!!
    she has a wonderful mama too


  17. Enjoy every minute of it while you can....although it does come back around. The boys are currently in the "mom and dad are so stupid and we hate them (but can we please have some money?)" phase, but the girls (22 & 24) love us again and actually want to talk to us and spend time with us. It's really hard not to have your feelings hurt during the different stages when they are growing up and figuring out who they are and it makes me sad sometimes that all I am right now is just somebody who gets in the way of what they want to do and drives them up the wall just by breathing.

  18. SO Cute!!!!!!! She is a mini-you! Lucky girl!


  19. I love this copying stage! Oh and I can't wait to get Lilah and my So Loved t-shirts in the mail soon!

    Kate's swimsuit is beautiful, I also get an extra spring in my step when I wear something new! Maybe it's a woman thing! ;)


  20. That is so sweet! It makes my Maddy so happy when we are dressed in the same color or somewhat alike! You two are such cuties! :)


  21. Oh my goodness - that is the cutest bathing suit ever, Kim! Kate looks darling! (And I am with you...if I could have little legs like that I would have my photo taken every day - haha!) Lillie is funny about seasonal clothing too - it was a hot summer day here and she insisted on wearing flannel pajamas!

    I loved seeing all the photos of baby Kate! She was such a doll-baby!

    I am praying for Harry!!!!!!

  22. I wish I had those cute little legs as well! I love this post. I catch Miss Emma imitating me as is quite amusing.

  23. Kim,
    Looks like you and Kate are having a great week together. How special. :) Love the "so loved" shirts! I know you said they're a fundraiser for Stef, but I can't find a spot on her blog where I can order some. Any chance you know how I can do it? Thanks!

  24. Love this! Sounds like things are running smooth at the peanut's house!! She is so much like you...adorable!

  25. What a sweet post! I can totally relate! I have a "mini me" here too!

  26. Sounds like you two have been enjoying a fun mommy/daughter week. She is too cute in her white shades and that adorable suit...and I'm a little envious of those legs, too. She looks like an absolute natural in the water and I love the Baby Kate photos.

    Gin =)

  27. "if I had those legs..."

    she's adorable- you BOTH are!
    love this post- and don't worry, even though they say dad rules- they truly adore you!!


  28. That swimsuit is adorable! I get a spring in my step too (& hold my head a little higher) when I'm wearing something new that I think looks good on me! Lol! Of course, showering does that for me too!! Love you two twin girls! I need to take a picture of Mya and I in our twin shirts too :-) she gets a kick out of that as well!

    And my boys are in the same phase! I am lucky to get hugs, much less pictures :)

  29. As usual, Kate is just precious!

  30. This is so so sweet. Your wonder she wants to be just like you!!!
    p.s. Kate's glasses are super talking even better than purple hair! HAHA!:)


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