How did he grow up so fast? {Happy Birthday Will}

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How has my firstborn son turned 14 already?  I really cannot believe it.   I have been so sentimental today (which Will does not like).  I have looked through old photo albums and talked about when he was just a baby.  Will and I have always been extremely close.  He is a lot like me but we don't really bump heads.  I remember when he was little, Dave and I would wonder what he would be like when he grew up.  And now I feel like I have a good idea of who that person will be.


Will was a BUSY BUSY baby and toddler.  I was so darned skinny back then (as I look through the photos) and it must have been from chasing him around.  He did not sit still.  He also had a lot of issues early on (full story here).  He was born with a bump in his skull and had major head surgery at 6 months old.  He was always smart though.  At 2 and 3 years old he knew every single type of construction vehicle by proper name and function.  More impressively, he knew all the dinosaurs proper names and their geologic time periods (such as Cretaceous, Pleistocene etc).  Pretty obnoxious, huh?

But all of those struggles are in the past.  Now, Will is a thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent, funny, Christian young man.  He is spending his summer volunteering at the zoo and at our Church VBS program.  He has a HUGE heart for volunteering and does more that any teen I know.


He likes art and reading and swimming.  He loves paint ball and skeet and nerf wars.
And he still like his Legos.


He loves to eat and he loves travel. In fact, he is going on another school trip this Fall. This time they are headed to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

Since he has Judo tonight, we went out to dinner last night for his birthday.  He picked a little Tex Mex place...


Kate was in a drunken stupor from Benadryl.  A bunch of fire ants got her foot and she fell asleep at dinner:)  That stuff REALLY knocks her out!

Will opened some gifts there.  Mimi sent him a FLIP.  Thank you Mimi.  He loves it.



When Will was in Paris last Spring, their group toured the Fragonard parfumeur.  Will really liked a cologne there called Desert and he has mentioned it quite a few times since he came home. So, I ordered some for him. What can I say?  My son has very good taste.  I keep telling him he better have a great job when he grows up!

After dinner we went out for gelato and we had to literally wake Kate up to eat hers!

The celebration continued this morning...


Having his traditional b-day doughnut before volunteering at VBS.



We gave him this bracelet for his birthday.  He really wanted it.

Now he is heading out to Judo where the birthday tradition is that everyone in the dojo gets to throw him tonight:)


I'd say 14 is looking pretty good on Will.

Happy Birthday Will.  We love you SO much!

(I wrote Will a personal letter as I do each year but as he gets older, he does not like me to share everything here).

P.S.  Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for all of the prayers for Harry (and all of us).  I was a WRECK yesterday but today I have an amazing sense of peace and calm about it all.  And I am certain that is a direct result of all the prayers. So, please keep them up!


  1. Gosh - he is gorgeous!!!!!!!
    so handsome!!!

    just wait, college will be here in a blink, I swear. enjoy these days.

    loved your comment - i left those stupid shoes right there when i took the photo! ha!!!!! if i have to look at them, so does everyone else.

    enjoy this little respite from the dry days.

  2. just read the posts about your younger son - i am hoping you have since gotten good news? I will pray for you that all is well. I can only imagine how nervous you must be.


  3. My first born turned 23 this year and has been married for 4 years. I am only 44.....where did the years go? It is very hard, I understand completely where you are at. You are a great family. Will will go far in life.

  4. Prayers for Harry.

    And will, what can I say...he is everything any Mom would want in a son. He is also a very very handsome boy, but his values are what I'm in awe of.

    Happy Birthday Will.


  5. you have been on my heart. i'm so thrilled to know you had a peace in your spirit today.
    LOVE the bracelet! ;)
    & i love the images you took of!!
    happy birthday oh young man with wonderful taste!

  6. Great post! I was thinking of you and Harry and lifting ya'll up in prayer all day! :) xo

  7. Goodness gracious - these pictures are outrageously wonderful. He is so handsome and you have captured him so well :)
    And I just love his bracelet... and even more, what it reflects about his heart.
    Happy Happy Birthday, Will. 14 looks marvelous on you!

  8. Happy birthday Will! You started as an adorable toddler and have grown into such a handsome young man! May all of your birthday wishes come true!
    Still praying for your family!

  9. Okay, I'm not just saying this, it's like he's gone from a boy to a man in a couple of months. All of a sudden he looks SO much older and "distinguished". Sounds like he's growing into a wonderful young man.. good job, Mom!! :)

  10. What a shame my girls are too old for Will!! He looks a really lovely, kind soul. Good luck for tomorrow x

  11. What a great son! Happy birthday to Will!

    Keeping you all in my prayers.


  12. Happy Birthday Will! It looks like his day was super special!

    Yes, he has certainly matured over the last year..... He is so handsome Kim!

    Thinking of you all this week~



  13. Wishing Will a grest year , guided by God . Lots of joys and blessing from our Everlasting Father.

  14. Will is so handsome! He has such an awesome heart for people because he has such a great example through y'all! Happy Birthday Will!

  15. Happy Birthday Will!! Kim- all of your babies are so beautiful and you are such a magnificent role model. I always look forward to reading your blog and receiving encouragement, inspiration, and guidance. Very thankful to have "met" you! :) Happy Wednesday!

  16. Will is such a good looking guy - I think he has a bit of a shorter haircut and it looks great - VERY handsome!!!
    He sounds like such a great young man with a really good head on his shoulders and he has 2 great parents to thank for that - you obviously have a wonderful relationship and are great role models!!

    Happy Birthday Will!!

    p.s. glad to hear you were feeling a bit beter today - still praying for you and your family ((hugs))

  17. I read this post with my 5 year old snuggled against me and my heart hurt thinking about how quickly they grow up... Will is a handsome, sensitive, Godly young man - clearly a testament to your parenting. Hope he had a blessed day!

  18. 14 is usually so awkward for boys...Will is adorable. Happy Birthday to your first son!

  19. By Gosh - he looks more like his Dad every day.

  20. I know a good boy when I see one, and you have a good one there Kim! I can't wait to see him grow! My family and I are in Paris, and I just read about Harry. I am so sorry for the struggles, and I will pray for him. I know that prayer can solve many problems. We have had medical problems solved, even recently, through prayer. We have been lead to doctors who offered new solutions to a terrible condition of one of our sons, and it worked! A cyst on his spine that had been removed many times, was finally healed through a new doctor's treatment. We found the doctor in a miraculous way, and I am sure that it was through prayer that we were lead to him. My best to you.

  21. What a handsome young man he is! I hope he had a wonderful Birthday! I also wanted to let you know that I stopped by briefly the other day to read your post about Harry... didn't have time to post but you have been on my mind ever since. Prayers are with you... Hugs and Kisses!

  22. Happy Birthday Will! So glad you were able to celebrate HIS day... I know your worries about Harry have been overwhelming. I'm still praying. And I thank you for yours too. :)

  23. What a special young man you have there! Happy, Happy Bday Will ~ still keeping Harry in my prayers!

  24. They grow so fast I just want to bottle them up sometimes -I'm sure you know what I mean! LOVING the purple on Kate :)

    Keeping Harry & your family in our prayers!

  25. Happy Birthday, Will! You are becoming a fine young man:)

  26. Happy birthday wishes to the very handsome Will! You have such a beautiful family.


  27. Happy birthday to Will! You have raised a wonderful son and he truly emboides the values you have instilled in your family. I cannot believe he will be a freshman in high school soon! I feel like he was still in elementary school when I first started reading your blog!

  28. What a handsome young man. Happy Birthday Will. Love the bracelet, can' you let us know where you got it. He does have good taste in the cologne.

  29. Happy belated birthday Will. I can remember when I first started following your blog and how youngs the boys were. Time flies by!! He has grown up into a hansome young man. I know you are very proud of who he is becoming. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures.

  30. He is so handsome. I'm glad you were able to celebrate him!

    Happy Birthday Will!!

  31. Seriously, do they make eyes more incredible than his?! Happy birthday to your Will. Love his bracelet. Very cool or well, whatever word means awesome in this day and age.

    I am so grateful that you are feeling peace. I have been praying and will continue until you tell me not to! Deal!!!!!

    Hugs to you Kim.

  32. Seriously digging that pic of him as a toddler! He is one sweet looking teen! You must be one amazing mama to raise such a sweet teen. I read back about his surgery and that sounds super scary but amazing that he made it through and how smart he is now! Wow! Just wow!

  33. what a fun celebration (poor Kate!) Willis such a good looking boy - I am so glad that he still likes to play legos and that he has a compassionate heart & like to volunteer his time for others! That's rare in a 14 year old!!! Happy Birthday, Will!!

  34. Happy birthday! He is so handsome, Kim! And he sounds so amazing. You must be so proud of him. And I never realized he had had health issues too! You guys have had to go through so much! =(

  35. Will is just the cutest 14 year old ever! What a handsome young man! I know you and your husband are just over-the-moon proud of him!

  36. Happy Happy Birthday Will! You are one amazing kid!!!:)

  37. Happy Birthday to Will!!
    These shots are just beautiful, love the one against the grass, those eyes.....!!


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