Thursday, May 5, 2011
May is chock full of days when there are events at all 3 schools and yesterday was one of them.  First, I was invited to a Mother-Daughter breakfast at Kate's school.  It was so delightful!!!  Dave and the boys were already gone so we had a tough time getting a photo.....



I wish I had been behind the lens getting Kate to SMILE:)

{someone asked about our dresses~ They are Lily Pulitzer from last year.  We did get a different style to wear for this coming Mother's Day too.}

We worked on a craft, had a light breakfast and participated in circle time.  A few days before the breakfast, the teacher asked the children some questions about us...


Some of this is true (yes I am only 9!).  Some is not.  Kate made me the youngest Mom in the class but in reality I am probably the oldest! I loathe malls and never go to them unless absolutely necessary.  Kate calls salons "malls" by mistake and she explained to me that she meant salon here.  And yes, that IS when I look the best after the stylist does my hair;)  Also, while we cook together a lot, we don't bake cookies.  I am not sure I ever make cookies.  We did get a kick out of the My Mom always says "yes."  Most kids answered..I love you.  Kate tells me that Dave always says no, so by default I am perceived as the one who says yes.  In fact, she told me she wants a certain kind of yo-yo for her birthday but she told me not to tell Dave.  She asked me just to get it, wrap it up and give it to her and DON'T tell Dad!  I asked her why I cannot tell Dad...she said, He'll say no!  It is so funny how little ones perceive us.

They also dictated to us what they enjoy doing with us...


Next, it was off to Harry's school for Student led conferences.  Harry attends a World IB school (International Baccalaureate).   So, twice a year, the students have a conference with their parents to show them their portfolio (which follows them from K-5) and go over their planners, projects and work.  It is really neat.  It is completely student led and teachers do not participate at all in this conference.  They also teach PYP principles (caring, communicating, open minded, balance, risk taking, inquiring, reflective, principled, thinker and knowledgeable).  The children are taught what it means to be the above things and they set goals each year on which principles they want to work being a better communicator or risk taker or more balanced etc...  I cannot say enough GREAT things about this school and the program.  We love it.  In fact, Kate will go there next year!  

Harry would literally DIE if I took photos during his student led conference but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his work and hearing about his personal goals.  He was working on being more caring, open minded and a better communicator this year.  I think he has succeeded!

Finally we were off to Will's school for an athletic awards reception.

Will got a trophy for swimming.


Will's English teacher LOVES Kate!!!


My crew:)  I sure do love them.

Please keep Harry in your prayers.  He has lots of doctor appointments and tests this week and in the coming weeks.


  1. What a busy and exciting day. My little one had her kindergarten round up last night. Her kindy is an IB program as well. I'm very excited for her to start in this school and the language at the IB schools K-12 is Chinese. I'm even more thrilled about that. You have a beautiful family.

  2. I will pray for Harry. I am dealing with my stomach issues and it's really not fun! I know his are probably much worse.

  3. Your mother/daughter dresses are adorable!!! Can you please share where you got them?
    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. How did I miss the Target post... Good grief, I need to check out the line for ME!!!! :)

    You and Kate look so beautiful!!! I an laughing because I went to pre-school on Tuesday for Mother's Day.
    According to Sienna and Ruby I an 7 and 8!!!!! :)

    Praying for Harry!!!!


  5. You girls sure do look good in your LP! I love that you are the one that says "yes"! I think I would be that parent too :)

    Lifting Harry up! Keep us posted!

  6. Praying for Harry, and you and the drs as you figure this all out!

    I am loving the things you did with the kids! At least Kate complimented you. My son's teacher read those things aloud to the WHOLE class and the moms had to guess which was was their own. So for, "My mom weighs..." most of the kids put ten pounds, twelve pounds. Not my son! He put, "A lot!" OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. you two look precious. Got the invite... DARLING. I am hoping we can make it. My dad and stepmom are coming near that weekend. not sure when they will get here, but I sure hope we can come. I sent you an e-mail last week...

  8. Oh my goodness, I do love those preschool assignments where they fill in the blank. Last year at Allison's school one student wrote "My mom is as pretty as a table." That got a big laugh! :) I figured maybe they had a really pretty table at home? :) I LOVE student-led conferences... so much more meaningful in the end when they OWN IT!

  9. My mom is the one who says yes too! Also I'll be praying for Harry and the rest of your family during the doctors appointments & testing.

    Also-- IB is fantastic. It is SUCH hard work but I graduated from high school with my IB diploma and ended up with so many credits that I'm graduating college a year early because of it! It also helped me learn a lot about communication and thinking. Needless to say, IB will forever hold a special place in my heart =P

  10. I will be praying for little Harry and his doctor appointments. Remember our Heavenly Father knows our needs and he is never far away. Your family is beautiful! I love the pictures of you and Kate and the matching Lily dresses:) I really enjoy following your blog.

  11. Will have my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for Harry.
    I love your dresses! Dx

  12. That is so cute! I love her answers...especially the age!! :)

    Praying for Harry that you get the answers you need.

    Love you!
    Happy Mother's Day!!


  13. Dont you just love the "question/answer" fill-in-the-blank! Kids are too funny! I just opened my little one's card y'day and I was a little disappointed that the little crayon picture was clearly done by her teacher/aide. The flower was very "neatly" colored, with all the appropriate colors of a flower/leaf. No orange, pink or purple leaves, or black or brown flower. I guess I'm a little sappy when it comes to cutesy kid art. I like the "scribbling of my toddler" even if its a little messy. That's what its all about! *sighhhhh* Oh well, I guess it's the thought that counts.

    Praying for Harry and hoping that everything goes smoothly for him, also the love the dresses and congrats to Will/Harry on their accomplishments!

  14. Oh Kim, what wonderful memories you are recording for your children. I loved Kate's answers - kid's say the darnest things :-)
    Harry is in my prayers.
    Have a good weekend.

  15. Beautiful family. Don't we wish we could keep them little. Prayers for your son.

  16. What a special day for two pretty girls:)

    Praying for Harry! Happy Mother's Day my friend!!!

  17. Busy times aren't they...ENJOY every moment, with a Senior ready to graduate, I cannot believe how fast time goes...I am a little jealous of you "age" Kate made you, I will share mine in a post :)...LOVE the two of you in matching dresses...I have never done that, Lucy would LOVE it!!

    Happy Mother's Day Kim!

  18. I love those answers and comments Kate gave about you. Look at all you have accomplished in nine years!!!

  19. I love those answers and comments Kate gave about you. Look at all you have accomplished in nine years!!!

  20. Kim, you have such a great crew! :)
    Congrats to your boys on their hard work and so glad Kate warmed up quickly to Kindergarten! You two look so pretty dressed up together! :)
    Happy Mother's Day!!

  21. AWWW! I just LOVE having the kiddies fill out a survey about a loved one! They always come out so cute and it something to cherish forever!
    Congrats on the trophy Will!!
    Saying a little prayer for Harry....


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