Kindergarten Round-up

Friday, May 6, 2011
Yesterday was kindergarten round-up for Kate.  Even though Kate comes with me every single day to pick up Harry at this school and many of the teachers and administrators (and Moms) know her, she was a little nervous.

{All the photos are really poor quality because I only had my point and shoot (which I am not happy with)}


She calmed down a bit when she spotted some of her buddies in the crowd (and got a doughnut).


 Luckily, they asked me to escort one of the groups (Kate's) to the classroom and stay for that portion of the morning. So, I go to see her interact with the current kindergartners and take some photos too.


It was so cute. A few kids came up to Kate and offered to show her around.  They held her sweet...


At first, Kate did not look happy at all.  I asked her if she was sad or scared and she said, "No. It is just all SO much Mama."  She was overwhelmed.  But within a few minutes, she was doing great!


These girls were showing her baby praying mantis'.  They came running over to me and said, "we made her smile!"  Even they could tell that Kate was overwhelmed at first.

Look at the kindergarten girls hugging and giggling while the little girls sat at the table:)


Kate even got to use the Smartboard.  They are something else.  Kindergarten has sure changed since I was kid.

Kindergarten ended up being a BIG hit. A few of the kinder girls made Kate letters, books and pictures.  And on the way home, Kate said, "Can I go to kindergarten every day, Mama?"  


  1. What a big day for Kate....she is going to LOVE Kindergarten, I am sure!!

  2. Starting kindergarten is always a tough transition, but within a couple of weeks she will be smiling all the time (well most of the time). As cute and bubbly as Kate is I bet she becomes quite social in no time.
    I think when our youngest start kindergarten, it's harder on us than it is on them.
    Does she go to all day or half day kindie?
    I remember going all day just like the older kids.

  3. That's a really nice classroom (I am a kinder teacher too!) Glad she had a good time. She looks adorable!

  4. very sweet! she looked beautiful

  5. Omigosh! Can Kate be 5 already?!

  6. I know my baby is ready, and Kate will be ready too, I am not sure how I am going to do! I think my transition may be harder than my daughters! Good Luck!

  7. Kim,
    Not sure if you will get this in time, but am in a mini crisis mode- our dinner guests just called to inform me that one of them is celiac!!

    Do you have any good recipes or tips? My menu for tonight has completely gone out the window!

    Sorry to hijack your post with this, so glad Kate had a good first kindergarten experience!

  8. I think that is so sweet that they had older kids there to help... It looks like a fabulous school!!! I have no doubt Kate will love it!!!

    Next August is going to be BIG for both of us!!!


  9. I'm so glad she had a great time! She looks adorable (as always). I just can't get enough of that dimple!!!

  10. I love the hugging Kindergarten girls! It reminds me that (yes!) everything is going to be okay! Is she going to Kindergarten or Bridge? We don't have round up until the fall - but Mya goes to preschool in the same building as she will go to Kindergarten (with the same principal!:) yeah, she already knows him!

    Anyways, the kids' last day is coming up and they will get to visit the Kindergarten room too - I know its going to be an adjustment for all of us, but such a sweet milestone for them!

  11. Bless her little heart! I know she will do just fine! Cute pictures!

    Kamree's Kindergarten round up is this Thursday morning. I can't wait to see what she thinks! She, too, has been in the school many times so I hope it goes okay.

  12. Im thrilled she is adjusting so well and likes Kinder. I must have missed your post where you made a decision to put her in but she seems so ready and Im sure she will do awesome!! Glad it was a great day!!!


  13. So glad she seems to love it! I know this is going to be just as much of an adjustment for you!!!

    Love my Smartboard!!!

  14. My oldest is starting K in the fall and he's so excited! I am thrilled for him, but a bit nostalgic... where has time gone???

  15. Oh gosh, can you believe she is going in just a few months? I am glad that she had such a good visit, it will definitely make that first day a lot easier on both of you.

    Hope you are doing well looks as though you have been busy. Just trying to catch up on all of your posts!!

    Have a Happy Mother's Day...enjoy every minute of it.



  16. Kindergarten? Time flies. What a big girl and I'm sure she is going to have a great year in Kindergarten. My youngest is finishing up Kindergarten and I can't imagine that in the fall all my little guys will be gone from 8:25 until 4pm. Where's the kleenex? Have a wonderful mother's day today!

  17. It really is overwhelming, but I know she will do great!!! And what will you do next year with that extra time to yourself??? :)

  18. So cute and sweet! She will love kindergarten, I'm sure!!


  19. This is such a fun time! Enjoy every second of it :)

  20. I love how Kate adjusted so quickly in the classroom. It really is a big step into the world for them. The classroom looks simply amazing! I also think it is awesome that they have a smartboard in kindergarten. We only have smartboards in our upper grade classrooms. I think that Kate is so very lucky and that she is going to be so very successful in school.
    You are so wonderful and supportive!!
    Can't wait for her kindergarten adventures!

  21. Such cute pictures of sweet Kate! Looks like a fun day and a good way to transition into Kindergarten. We have one more year until we start Kindergarten as we just miss the cut off here. I look forward to one more year with the girls before they are gone all day! Hope all's well!


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