A masterpiece created by God

Monday, May 16, 2011
Sorry...I know I have been a very lame blogger....I just have so much going on here.  I am kinda sick (sore throat and run down and achy) and we have so many things going on.  This coming weekend is full of surprises and I have been busy making all the preparations.

Anyway, this past Saturday was Kate's Pre K graduation.  Dave and I have always thought PK graduations were silly but this one really touched us.  It was absolutely beautiful  The theme was masterpieces and the children created beautiful art and music.  Here are some photos....


Kate was so excited to wear her "high heel shoes" (mini wedges)!



kategrad sq9486
{I know Kate's eyes are closed but a friend took this and it is the only one with all of us that is in focus--I take what I can get:)}

After the ceremony, we gave Kate flowers.  These photos are out of focus but I love them anyway.


There was a lovely brunch after the graduation.  Here are some shots of Kate and her friends....

Orange indoors with fluorescent lighting is VERY tough to shoot:)




I love all of Kate's lil friends but this little boy and Kate are just so cute together!!!
I think they would make the most beautiful couple--just sayin. Isn't he adorable???


Kate is friends with all kids in her class but she really loves the boys (and they love her).  I am guessing it is because of her brothers.

Kate and her favorite boy--Daddy~o!


Okay this video is hysterical....Kate is all focused but the boy next to her is catching imaginary flies.  Will was recording with my flip but I had to take it from him because he was laughing SO hard!

and this song is I am a masterpiece created by God.  It is just precious.

After the ceremony, the cantor of the synagogue (it is a Jewish pre-school) sought out me and Dave.  He looked especially for us because he wanted to tell us that he thinks Kate has an incredible gift.  Dave and I looked at each other quizzically:)  The cantor proceeded to tell us that she has such grace and stage presence and he wanted us to know in case we did not realize it (and I am not sure we did).  Anyway, it was very sweet to hear as he was extremely complimentary.

Immediately after the graduation Harry had a soccer game where he scored his first goal of the year!!!!  Of course, it is the one game I did not go to because I was doing other things. UGH!  That always happens.  But Dave was there and Harry was happy!

P.S. Debbie, you asked about my mascara in the last post.  Thank you.  I have actually posted about it here.  It is L'oreal telescopic in Blackest Black.  I LOVE it! Lots of readers bought it back when I posted about it and they told me how much they love it too:)


  1. You look gorgeous!! And I like the dress you decided on for Kate!

  2. What a fun day! I love, love, love all of the orange! Kamree's preschool graduation is this Sunday and I can't wait.

  3. How nice it was that the Cantor sought you all out to compliment your daughter. Looks like it was a fun time!

  4. Beautiful day for all of you! And a big fat hooray for Harry's goal!!!

  5. I love your videos--Kate knows exactly what to do! In my experience, at that age, kids rarely can follow a whole song with words AND motions. But she did great!

    I was laughing so hard at the little boy in the first video that my husband came in from the next room wondering what I was watching. Then he started laughing.

  6. The dresses are amazing! I LOVE orange and it looks great on both of you. I love Kate's flower too. Where on earth did you find that?

  7. Your matching outfits are ADORABLE! The videos are too precious, it reminds me of the old videos my parents took at my church programs

  8. What a special day! I love seeing Kate hugging you and all the boys hugging Kate. I can tell by the video that Kate has poise and stage presence. I think it is such a blessing when we can recognize our children's natural talents, then help guide and develop them.

  9. Fab colour! Thanks for the mascara info, going to give it a go! Dx

  10. What gorgeous photos and priceless videos!
    Love the orange dresses!
    Blessings from Hong Kong,

  11. Congratulations Kate for this great day!

    Fred from Belgium ;o)

  12. She is hugging you so hard - such a beautiful, sweet moment!

  13. Beautiful photos! beautiful family!!

  14. Oh my -- how very sweet! Love your orange dresses! Kate does very cute with that little boy -- are arranged marriages not done any more?? ;) Too bad, eh!

    Feel better!


  15. What a sweet show! And Kate looks gorgeous in orange!
    But, the Cantor's compliment just warmed my heart - what a lovely thing to hear about your daughter.

  16. I would love to play dress up in your closet, you have great taste:) Oh, and my daughter would love to play in K's, I am sure of it!

  17. I just love Kate in her little fashionista dress and her unbreakable focus during the performance...could not stop laughing at the little guy next to her! It is actually amazing to me that he didn't derail the entire performance by distracting all of the kids around him, but maybe they were used to his shenanigans from practicing? Either way, it was adorable and hilarious, the whole thing. I bet the little guy's parents would love a copy of the video if they didn't have their camera handy during the performance. Thanks for sharing!

  18. A masterpeice indeed! I love the Mother daughter pictures! You guys are rockin that orange! Love it!

  19. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. I love all the matching dresses you and Kate wear.

  20. Oh, how very sweet. Congrats to Kate on her big day. Everyone looks so great. I have to admit I am eyeing your purse. I've returned three hand bags this past month and can't figure out what to get. Who makes yours? It's adorable!

  21. Yea Kate!
    I must say, Kate seems to have a quiet confidence that draws you in.
    Love all the bright colors, especially orange on your beautiful family!

  22. I don't remember if I've ever commented but I've been loving your blog for quite a bit;) The orange dresses are gorgeous, on both of you! and the little boy with Kate... couldn't hurt to check on an arranged marriage, could it?! They're adorable together!
    I love how your blog posts paint your love for your family perfectly!

  23. That little boy is hilarious and I am sure is going to be a character growing up.
    The last song brought a tear to my eye. It was such a pretty song.

    This weekend we have a wedding to go to and I got a call from the Lilly store and they were holding a dress for me that the girls thought would be perfect for me...
    TRUST ME, if you get a chance to get to Lilly, this dress is the prettiest one I have ever gotten (but I think I say that every year)


    It has a pretty toile underneath too!

    I figured you would appreciate it!

  24. WoW! Votre fille est magnifique avec ses petits trous dans les joues! Vs avez une belle famille.
    Vous sembler former une famille heureuse!

  25. I adore Kate's outfit and I have been wanting a headband just like the one she is wearing! lol
    So can you please tell me where you bought it from??

  26. The video was both darling and hilarious! I just loved it! Loved your dressesas well! Very pretty! Thank you for sharing.

  27. That video is SO funny. You have a precious family.....and that is the BEST mascara!

  28. SO adorable. I have a feeling you and Kate were the "best dressed" of the day!! LOVE both of your dresses...and LOVE, LOVE your shoes!!! The pics of her hugging you are so super sweet. Looks like an amazing day!!

  29. I love your orange dresses (it's one of my favorite colors). The videos are so sweet. She is beautiful on stage.

    Gin =)

  30. I just LOVE the songs! How wonderful! I may just have to teach my kiddies those!!

  31. Love seeing Kate dressed in her graduation dress. She looks wonderful. I am so glad the dress worked out.

  32. What wonderful photos! A day to remember with all the family. Isn't it wonderful when someone compliments your child - gives a whole new perspective!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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