Christmas Eve Gift

Friday, December 24, 2010
Tonight (really this afternoon) as I sit in church before Christmas Eve Mass, I will give Jesus a special birthday gift.  I will finish the last few verses to complete reading the entire Bible in a year.  I have to read Malachi and a chapter of Job and then I am finished.  I embarked on this journey last January and it feels so fulfilling to be (almost) done.  I have never actually stuck with a New Years resolution before this one. I knew I could not give up on this one (like I did on my project 365) because the person I would be letting down is pretty important. I have a feeling I might get a little teary when I finish the last word.


Reading the Bible every day this year has changed me.  I am not even sure I can put it into words here.  But I encourage you to think about starting in January.  The program I followed is very doable.  I will continue to read the Bible daily.  It is habit now.  I think having read it all once....I will be able to read even deeper as I choose various studies.

Last night we attempted one of our Christmas traditions.  After dinner, we piled in  the car and went to look at Christmas lights.  We began in a very modest neighborhood that really pulls together and does a beautiful job.




This is blurry taken out of the window of our moving car...but look they even wrap the car in lights!




Then we drove to a more affluent neighborhood that also has beautiful lights.  Although, these homes are professionally done.  




In this neighborhood, you will see limos, horse and carriages and all sorts of decorated cars bringing people around to see the lights.  It is amazing.





Santa and a professional photographer were even at this house!



This tree was AMAZING!!!!  The photos do not do it justice.


I wish I could tell you it was a Rockwell family evening but it wasn't.  The kids bickered and fought and insulted.  I got my feelings very hurt and it was not a pretty ending. I only share this because it is real and while I wish all of our family times were pleasant and loving...sometimes we argue and get on each other's nerves.  Most unfortunately, last night was one of those nights.  But today we focus on Jesus' birthday and the miracle of of our Saviour.  I am excited about Mass,  a nice dinner out as a family, our Chrsitmas Eve traditions and tomorrow morning.

Here are a few shots of our tree at night...





I realized that I have not really sat down in the living room at night and enjoyed it yet. Between our car accident (and the fallout) and all of the business of this month, I have not had the opportunity.  I am hoping to slow down, breathe and do that this week:)

Blessings to you all this Christmas.


  1. WOW...
    I will have to say that I might have to take up the reading the whole bible in 365 days..
    I will think about it.. you will have to send me what you used to keep you on track.
    Love the photos..
    and nobody has a perfect life.. Love ya
    Merry Christmas my friend..

  2. I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy that gorgeous Christmas Tree tomorrow!
    Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Dx

  3. Sorry to have cut our conversation short this morning.... but I'm glad you posted about this... hugs my sweet friend... you may be the only person who can wear white and not get dirty, but you and your kids are human and these things happen. I love you all... Merry Christmas & call when you get a chance! xoxoxo

  4. We are going to do lights tonight I think. I love that you read the bible this year. I will consider that too....I also love that you shared the bickering amongst your kids. I am a big believer in sharing the 'real deal.' Helps us all feel better, that things don't always turn out perfect. Pretty neighborhoods..

  5. Merry Christmas, Kim. May you be blessed richly as we enter this new year. May your life be so full that you empty into others. I wish you all the best!


  6. That is great that you read the entire bible. Was thwre a certain plan that you followed? Did you read the Bible from beginning to end? Please share.

  7. I had one of those days at home with all 3 yesterday!!!

    The photos are amazing.

    Merry Christmas to you!

    It is 7:43pm EST, and I still have 9 presents to wrap - much less time to sit down to enjoy it all. Just waiting for these boys to retire to the upstairs so this elf can really get busy.

    Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!

  8. Christmas wishes to you my friend.

    I just love the fact that you got through this huge under taking and better yet that it has changed you. I should take a lesson from you!

    And, I smiled to myself when I heard how your little outing turned out. It has happened to us so many times!


  9. Thanks for sharing. The lights are so breath taking.
    Merry Christmas to your family!

  10. Blessings to you this Christmas. Congratulations on finishing the Bible. Now the joy of being able to go even deeper into His word awaits.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!!

  12. I hope you have a fun and relaxing Christmas! Enjoy your sweet traditions tomorrow!

  13. I am so inspired by you and several of my friends who read the Bible this year, that I too, am going to set out to do the same in 2011. I don't speak often of my faith or relationship with God on my blog, but it is the most dear thing to me. I am constantly feeling the need to understand and reach Him in a closer way. I cannot wait to set out on the journey of reading the greatest book ever!

    As for the fussing and hurt feelings, thank you for being so transparent. We had a little issue a couple of days ago as well and feelings were hurt and some tears shed. I am telling you, I think Christmas sometimes just brings it out in us. You are NOT alone. Hang in there and remember the reason for the season.

    Merry Christmas Kim and Peanuts!

  14. Christmas Blessings to you!
    I am so proud of you for pressing through and reading the Bible this year. I use the One Year Bible and love it. Each day has a portion of Old and New Testament all in order and laid out for you in a daily reading format. It's paperback and inexpensive at any big bookstore. I also love YouVersion for iphone, my Bible is at my fingertips at all times. It's free!
    And thank you for keeping it real. I started a fire in the microwave and then had my daughter in tear over some discipline. It's real life, even on Christmas eve.

  15. Beautiful post, especially the 'real' part. Merry Merry Christmas!

  16. How wonder, to read the entire Bible... What a gift you gave yourself.

    I hope today was a wondeful reminder of what that book is all about. Merry Christmas...

  17. Kim,
    What a blessing you are! And, what a blessing it has been to watch you persevere as you have absorbed God's greatest treasure, His Word! I know days it has not been easy to stick to your reading plan.. but, you have done it!!!! Well done!!!!

    You are an amazing gift Kim! And, I pray that God blesses you beyond what you can hope and imagine in the New Year!

    Merry Christmas,
    Di (who is also NOT a Rockwell :) )

  18. P.S:

    Those neighborhood lights are amazing! Great pics!!!
    And, your tree at night is GORGEOUS!!!!


  19. Everything seems so perfect and beautiful at your home most all of the time ... thanks for sharing that your a normal family too ... I enjoy your blog so much ... wishing you a happy new year ... and thanks for all the work making your posts so interesting and informative.

  20. Loved hearing about your bickering children. As much as I love following blogs sometimes I think they get a little too Norman Rockwellish and it is nice to know that behind closed doors life for all of us is not always picture perfect. We had a great evening also but when a movie for all could not be decided on things turned a little sour....SO, we turned off the tv and played a game.
    It is amazing to me how teens can argue with a 5 year old but such is life..:)

    WAY TO GO on reading thru the bible. I actually printed out your guide a few months ago but have not stuck to have inspirted me to put it at the top of my 2011 resolutions. I have watched you grow spiritually since you began your blog and LOVE how the Lord is working in you!! Merry Christmas my friend!!!

  21. I hope the bickering and insulting was out of everyone's system so that yesterday was picture perfect! Thank you SO much for your email. I will respond to you in the next day or so!

    XOXO Jessica

  22. I'm so proud of you for sticking to your reading!!! That is amazing!!

    That neighborhood is unbelievable!! I would have loved to have taken pictures with that Santa ;) and your pictures are great!

    Sorry the night wasn't "all that". Things often seem to fall short of our expectations...for all of us. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Love you!!

  23. I'm so proud of you for sticking to your reading!!! That is amazing!!

    That neighborhood is unbelievable!! I would have loved to have taken pictures with that Santa ;) and your pictures are great!

    Sorry the night wasn't "all that". Things often seem to fall short of our expectations...for all of us. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Love you!!

  24. K- you are an inspiration. Reading the whole bible! You should be very proud of yourself. I hope you had a blessed Christmas. And may 2011 be a healthy and wonderful new year for you and your family.

  25. I love that you read the entire Bible last year. Very inspiring. Looks like you had a Wonderful Christmas!

  26. Kim,

    I just realized that you accept anonymous comments!

    I so appreciated this post . . . thank you for sharing about your Bible reading - I am encouraged to try that this coming year. And thank you, too, for sharing about the bickering. We, too, have had a few "low" moments this holiday season . . . including hurt feelings on my part . . . and it always helps to know that it happens to us all.

    Wishing you all the best this holiday season,


  27. Kim, Would you mind sharing your reading plan. I'd really like to do that, too. Did it include the Catholic books, too? I had a huge fight with my 23 year old daughter on the 23rd that lasted well into Christmas eve and I'm not proud of myself. She's just moved home after graduating college, I think we're adjusting and with the economy we have even more adjusting! God bless you and your family this coming year.

  28. Came across your blog and just had to say, I plan to read the Bible in a year. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  29. The lights on all of the houses are simply amazing. I adore the trees that are covered in lights...they are so neat!
    You are an inspiration! I would love to accomplish a New Years Resolution...maybe this year!

  30. Do you have a link to the reading list you used that you can share? I'm planning on reading the Bible in 365 days for 2011 and I see so many different reading plans that I'm a little overwhelmed. I like the idea of having a schedule, I think it will keep me on track.

    Congratulations on your achievement, I think it's wonderful!

  31. Congratulations, Kim! What a wonderful accomplishment! I have tried (started) this in the past but am sorry to say have failed. This year I am determined to do it! Thanks so much for the inspiration and bible reading plan .. I started yesterday, 1-1-11 ... and plan on carrying though!!
    Blessings to you and your family!! xo

  32. Nobody's life is perfect, but it can still be pretty sweet :)

    Your tree looks beautiful. Did you get to enjoy it?


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