Quick Update on Jeremy

Sunday, October 10, 2010
Thank you for all of your prayers for Jeremy and Daleea and their family (see previous post).  They are being answered as Jeremy had a GREAT day!  They think his breathing might be improving enough to take him off the life support soon.  Daleea was told that if he continues to improve at this rate, he might not be in the burn unit for months.

They still have a long road ahead physically, mentally and financially.  So, please continue to pray for Jeremy's healing and for their children as they adjust. Please also pray for Daleea's strength.  She has a lot going on right now. Daleea homeschools her children but tomorrow Hannah needs to go to daycare without her Mom for the first time ever.  Please also pray that this tragedy does not delay their adoption of Isabella in any way.

Daleea has spent the last few years working tirelessly sewing clothes, making stationary and making bracelets to raise money to adopt Isabella. I honestly have never seen someone work so hard for something...for her child.  Daleea has had incredible faith. 

Many of you asked what else you can do for the family.
If you would like to help them financially (which they really need) you can contribute on their site.

There is a paypal donation button.  Thank you.  This blog community is incredible.  


  1. I've been thinking of them all day and am so happy to hear some good news about Jeremy's condition. Thanks, Kim, for posting an update.

  2. so glad that things are improving. Keep the faith.


  3. I will be lifting this beautiful family in prayer.

  4. Been praying for him. I put him on the FBC CHarlottesville prayer schedule this past Sunday. There will be a lot of people praying for him. xo, T

  5. How's he doing today? Any news?

  6. Thanks so much for the update. I've known Daleea as an online friend since they were waiting for Hannah and we were waiting for our Mary Joyce. We missed being in the same travel group by one referral batch. She, Jeremy, and the kids are all in our prayers.


Thank you for your kindness.