Saturday, October 9, 2010
I have posted here before about my sweet friend Daleea.  They have adopted a darling boy, Nicholas, from Russia...

This is Will, Nicholas and Harry

A sweet and beautiful girl  Hannah, from China who is Kate's buddy...


Kate Hannah LB


And they are in the process (and working like heck to raise funds) to adopt this beauty, Isabella Faith.  We hope she will be home in a few months.  Daleea has prayed for and dreamt of Isabella since I met her 3 years ago!


Well, yesterday, Daleea's husband Jeremy (who I have met and I really think is wonderful) was critically injured in an accident at work.  He works in a sugar factory in GA.  They REALLY need prayers.  12% of Jeremey's body is badly burned and there is some serious damage to his lungs.  The next 48 hours are critical. From what I have read, he is on life support.  He will be in the burn unit for  months. PLEASE PRAY!!!

"Have faith in God," Jesus answered. "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it, and it will be yours."
~ Mark 11:22, 24 

Thank you.


  1. Oh, Kim - that's just awful. I am so sorry - I feel like "we" all know Daleea - of course. it's HER story (the story of the Lord THROUGH her) that I tell people wanting to see Christ in adoptions - The way that God has chosen to show Himself to her family - I don't doubt that He will show up in a big way through this.

    Storming the gates of Heaven on behalf of Daleea's family. My heart is crushed tonight.

  2. Praying for them in every way!!!

  3. Oh Kim,

    Thank you so much for letting us know about this. I love Daleea and she has been such a constant true friend during our process to adopt Jon Jon.

    Getting down on my knee's now and praying. Do you live near by her? Is there anything we can do for them? Of course I am in WA so not very close at all to her.


  4. I am on it. Kim, what sweet pictures and awesome memories. Keep the faith.


  5. I will say a prayer for your friends.


  6. Oh my goodness! I love her sweet spirit and how much she loves the Lord. Praying! Please keep us posted, Kim.

  7. Oh, this really breaks my heart, Kim. Life is so fragile! I will be praying for your friends tonight... please keep us posted on his progress!

  8. Kim,
    I have bought a few outfits from Daleea and just love how hard she works to bring her sweet baby home from China. I am praying for her husband and would like to contribute some money monthly towards the expenses this will cause. I have emailed her but am unsure if she will be able to check her mail or not. If there is a need to set up an account for them or you hear of someone doing that will you please let me know. Thank you so much!! Paige Wright

  9. That sounds absolutly horrific. I will pray. If there are other ways to help please let us know.

  10. Kim, thank you for letting us know...I will join you in prayer.
    Please keep us posted.
    We have seen many times thru the blogs how this prayer chain works...thank you Lord for faithful women of prayer!

  11. oh goodness!! I have bought stuff from her shop and she is so incredibly sweet!! I am just sick to hear this news!!!
    Please know we will be praying the sending their family our thoughts and prayers!!

    So hard to understand tragedies like this.....

  12. Lifting you friend and her family tonight. Please keep us updated as you are able.

  13. done!
    off to give some blog love over at her place too

  14. I will be lifting them up in prayer! I had to quick flip to my orphanage yahoo group to make sure it was the same family. Their little girl is in our sons orphanage! Praying in South Dakota!

  15. Oh my goodness...I will pray. I have ordered some beautiful pieces from her, she is so talented. Thank you for letting us know.

  16. I will pray for your friend and hr family. I hope her husband pulls through.

  17. Lifting him up in prayers from Hong Kong!

  18. Oh Kim...I am praying for this sweet family....xoxo

  19. Praying!!
    Lots of love and many Blessings,

  20. I am in tears over all of the people who want to help them aren't you my friend? There is a button on her blog on the right to donate money, I think Robin said it can go towards the adoption or meals or whatever!

    I absolutely love these pictures of her babies with your babies. I didn't know you had met them in person. I tried to get together with her after missionary training when we were driving through Georgia but Nicholas and Hannah had strep:( One day....I will hug this daughter of the King in person!!! You friend!!!! I never cease to be amazed at how the Lord brings his children together in the most extraordinary ways.....we are truly a family:)

  21. have sent them a message. thank you for sharing so our thoughts can be with them.

  22. Kim, praying for this precious family.

  23. oh no!!! Prayers being sent from the Mooney household...This is awful... adore Daleea this so so sad : (
    The family will be in my thoughts and prayers {{{{{hug}}}}

  24. That is awful!! I will be praying. Wow...

  25. Kim,

    Will you give us updates if you have them? Is there anything else we can do?

  26. I'm absolutely devastated to hear this news.


  27. Oh no, praying. Please keep us posted.

  28. Oh no...I've been following her and have one of her bracelets which I adore. Praying hard, please keep us posted!

  29. I am only online for a minute... but I wanted to thank you my friend. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers, encouragement and kind words. What a blessing you are.
    Thank you to each one here who has lifted up our family before Jesus in prayer! The Lord has been answering our prayers and has been healing Jeremy faster than the doctors thought possible! Yesterday they let him come home and we only need to go back to the Burn Center once a week now for the rest of his healing along with keeping up with his lungs with a doctor here in Savannah. Please keep praying for my honey. He has a long road ahead of him but I know our God is faithful... He is going to heal my husband and bring our Isabella Faith home to her family.
    God bless you and love you friend...

    (the pics of our babies always make my my heart smile... how we miss you all.)


Thank you for your kindness.