Once Upon a Princess {part one}

Sunday, October 31, 2010
We had two princess-y kind of days at Disney.  One was planned and one was not. I had made an appointment for Kate at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for a princess make-over and then lunch reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table but they were for late in our vacation.  Kate decided on the second day of our vacation that she did NOT like Disney.  She was afraid of the characters. I sprung into action to try to convince her that Disney was magical and called to get last minute reservations at Akershus in Epcot for the Princess Storybook Breakfast. The boys and Dave were GREAT sports to help turn Kate's opinion around. The princesses saved the day!  Kate was in her glory and we were all enjoying the magic of Disney.

Belle was the first princess we met and she was very sweet to Kate.  Kate brought her those little purple flowers in her hand and Belle was very gracious.  Kate was a bit overwhelmed.  After we walked away, she said, "Mama, she is SO beautiful!"




After meeting a few princesses, Kate was bursting with JOY!

Ariel is Kate's favorite and she did not disappoint....




Ariel invited Will and Harry into a photo but as you can see, Kate was not thrilled about sharing Ariel with her brothers:)


Blowing Ariel a kiss goodbye.

Kate also LOVES Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)


There was a little princess parade around the restaurant at the end of the breakfast.

After the breakfast, we made our way around the World Showcase to meet Mulan and Jasmine....


I got a little sentimental seeing Kate with Mulan.  

Jasmine has always been Dave's favorite princess so I made him jump in the photo:)



We were lucky enough to run into Aurora again too:)


This last photo is from a surprise meeting with the Fairy Godmother.  She was SO sweet.  She even ran into Kate later in the day and remembered her.

Things I learned:
1. Epcot (on a weekday) is the best place to meet princesses without a line. Get a times guide and walk around to the various countries to meet them all.
2. If you cannot get reservations for a specific restaurant or event, try again once you are at Disney.  I could not get into this Storybook Princess Breakfast when I tried from home but got a last minute reservation the morning of the breakfast.


  1. Awwww....they are all so precious. I can't wait to show these to Emma Jane...she just loves the princesses. Aurora is her absolute favorite:) Glad she became unafraid....Lottie would be totally afraid the entire time...I just know it!!!

  2. You are so right... Epcot is the best place to meet the princesses. And Mulan spent so much time with our little gal.

  3. Oh, these are so sweet! My fave is the one of Kate & Dave with Jasmine! lol... Anyway, so glad you had a great time, but more glad you are home (and at my beck and call again)...lol! ♥ you!

  4. Oh my -- so sweet! We loved that breakfast with princesses when we were there!

    And wow --s o nice of you to get Dave in that photo with his fave princess!! :)

    Can't wait to hear more about your trip!


  5. Yeah, pictures!
    What a fun time and great save by the big brothers!

  6. Oh Kim, just darling...can't wait to see more...
    I am so glad you all got to see the Fairy Godmother..she was not there for our Princess dinner. Which was way more disappointing for me than Ruby, I am after all Ruby's Fairy Godmother!
    Welcome home and can't wait to catch up with you.

  7. These are great! Thanks for sharing. And as we're going to Disney this summer, I'm hoping you update us on whether the walking sandals you picked held up and kept your feet happy! :) I've been on the hunt for the perfect Disney shoe.

  8. what a sweet post. And, I love the fact that Dave loves Jasmine!


  9. Can I just tell you that I got a little teary looking at the picture of Mulan and Kate. How precious. I can't wait to see more pictures!!!

    I remember my first trip to Disney. I didn't like it at first either. My parents have a video of me and my mom is in the background saying 'I can't believe we've traveled all this way...' HA!! Needless to say, I ended up LOVING it :)

  10. I'm glad Kate came around and saw that magical Disney light!!:-) Looks like you had a fabulous time...and really, how could you not???

    ...and ummm...Jasmine...also a big hit with the dads in our group last year as well...go figure???

  11. What a great trip ya'll had, Kim! Love the photos and so glad Kate warmed up to the trip and Disney!

  12. Jasmine is always such a hit with the dads!!

    So glad Kate came around. We love Ariel at our house too! Those princesses are so wonderful and attentive! They really make the kids feel so special!!

  13. Oh KIm.... That last photo of her with the Fairy Godmother is so precious....I love her dress!!! And, she looks so intent talking to the FGM!!! And, of course, I understand why you teared up when she was with Mulan.. It sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!!


  14. There is no better place than Epcot for princess seeing! It's a great Disney secret.

    I'm glad Kate decided Disney was OK after all! :)

  15. Sooo magical!!! These pictures are priceless! I love them all, but ADORE the one of Kate looking at Mulan. It's as if they share a little secret. Can't wait for the rest of the pics :)

  16. Oh how sweet are these pictures! I'm glad to see how much she ended up enjoying herself. Thanks for sharing.

    Gin =)

  17. Kate will never forget the joy and those magical moments you gave to her, to be living in this sweet and magical world of Disney. God bless you and your lovely family!!

  18. So sweet! My favorite has to be Dave with Jasmine!! LOL...love all of them!!

  19. I love Kate's beaming face!! And she is right, aren't those princesses beautiful? It is such an important job making all those dreams come true :)

  20. Such a girly experience :-) Glad her brothers were good sports about it!

    My favorite is the last pic with the fairy godmother - they look so engrossed in their conversation!

    Can't wait to experience Disney with our own little princess!

  21. love these pics and the tips...can't wait to read more!

  22. Great pics Kim...what a fun trip. Lucy is NOT into princesses at all...she has NEVER watched a princess movie..she doesn't really watch movies at all...I hope to take her to Disneyland some day, and maybe she will at least know the names of them for goodness sake...I know them all!! :)

  23. I'm so happy things turned around for Kate! It looks like Harry and Will were real troopers on that day (following princesses around!). I'll be sure to share your tips with my sister - her daughter LOVES the Disney princesses too.

  24. Looks like you had a great time! Love that Kate got to meet all of the princesses.


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