Boo to you!

Sunday, October 31, 2010
I still have lots more to post/record of our Disney trip so that will be next.  But Halloween is such a fun holiday, I had to post it right away.  I will admit, we were pretty unprepared this year.  I had a costume for Will but Harry and Kate's costumes were last minute decisions from what we had around the house.  We are exhausted and catching up from lots of lost sleep and fun last week.  I did not decorate as much as I usually do and we did not even have real pumpkins.  Heck, I even forgot to buy candy!  Luckily, Dave thought of it this afternoon while he was at the grocery store:)


Kate was a princess (surprised?)  We decided she was sleeping beauty.  Ever since our Disney trip, she has been doing all of the "poses."  I am not a fan.

I even let her wear make-up (which I usually loathe on little girls). 
 But I was tired and worn down after our long vacation.



Will was a slice of pepperoni pizza.

And Harry (who almost went as Sleeping Beauty's Prince Phillip) let Will dress him as a "Special Agent Nerf Swat Team Guy"  Like I said, I am tired.


Kate only trick or treated a little. Then she came home to check out her loot....




She was very happy to hand out candy after that.


  1. Those costumes turned out great!! We had year after year after year of princess looks, but have finally moved on! Disney is fun, but exhausting. I always think I need a week on the beach after a trip there! Take it easy this week!


  2. So glad to see you guys enjoyed your Disney vacation! Also liked the kids costumes! I'm really glad Bree is not into Disney princess, or any "licensed characters" right now!I really like selecting something a little "different" online or putting something together! We managed for the last 3yrs *not see her costume*! and we are practically all over town at different events this time of the year! Get some rest and I can't wait to see the rest of your vacation pics!

  3. I think you did a great job getting everyone together! Can't wait for more Disney photos!

  4. Kates dress is gorgeous!!! I would be tired too and think you did a very 'untired' job!! Love seeing how your families night went!! And very glad you had such a blast at Disneyworld!

  5. They look great! It's funny what you give into when you are tired!

  6. You are really getting good at that Princess Hair...
    I had two little Princesses here too!!! I wish we could have gone out together!!!!

    When you have finished catching up at home, let's chat!!!!

    Miss you,

  7. Kate looks beautiful as a princess! Katie was Batgirl and she didn't stay out for long either. "Batgirl is tired of this." she said. She loved handing out the candy to all who came by. Happy Halloween!

  8. GORGEOUS! Wow, the light on your porch is phenomenal!
    Wonderful job with the last minute costumes :)

  9. Looks like lot of fun!

    Get lots of rest, you do seem tired.


  10. Looks like you all had the best time ..
    Happy Halloween..
    Love the Disney photos..
    I am doing some catch up tonight..
    Miss ya..
    Love ya..

  11. we had such a great halloween, but bradley didn't last too long either. he had a lot of fun at home handing out the candy!!

  12. Oh I love all of the costumes...I just absolutely love all of her expressions...her face tells it all!!!!

  13. I have been stopping by often....just not leaving my comment....I know...shame on me....looks like everyone had funny at glad Kate came around and decided that she liked it....cracked up at Will being a slice of can be so you and Dave need to go on one! ;) lol


  14. They all look fabulous! And well rested from your fabulous Disney vacation! (I've read your last post and am patiently waiting for the rest!) Kate totally is a princess, through and through! And as Di said, you are fabulous at the princess hair! :)


  15. Well...they are the cutest bunch of trick or treaters I've seen! I am with you on the makeup..Lucy did wear some with her costume too, and it was my idea, but it was Halloween, right??...xoxo

  16. Adorable costumes! And so creative. At least Kate is smiling for the camera...Babes only gives me her "snot" face now.


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