A day at the Farm

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Last week our good friends invited us out to their newly renovated farm. Like us, they live in the city. However, (unlike us) they ride horses and recently bought a small farmhouse out in the country near their horses. My friend did a gorgeous job renovating the little farmhouse. It is so pretty. Next time, I will take photos of the inside too.

Our kids LOVED the farm! And so did Dave and I.



We relaxed on the beautiful porches while the kids wandered around and enjoyed being out in nature.



The kids got sweaty and dirty....


We all took a walk....


and saw some creepy things....



But most of all, we really enjoyed a relaxing day in the country with good friends!


I think we need to get out of the city more often.


  1. wow!! it looks beautiful kim!! i just want to relax on that front porch!

  2. wow what a beautiful place..love your little girls hairbow by the way:)

  3. I love getting out to the farm once in a while too. Your kids sure did have fun. And you got LOTS of super lovely shots Kim.


  4. Looks like a great place to unwind. My parents live in a setting similar to that and I love taking Kerry over and just letting her run around and explore. I see Kate is still into her hula hoops =).

  5. Great pics! Awesome sunflare too~

  6. Ahhh! I felt relaxed just by looking at those pictures! I too, thing I need to get out of the city more often. Simply gorgeous!

  7. Oh, what a dream! I'm sure you had a wonderful time. We need to see pics of the house please...

  8. the charm of countryside ! really good pics but please this snake ! I love to live in a part of world where snakes don't take a walk with me !

  9. Love farm living... so realaxing. I hope you're feeling better soon and we must get together. I would really love to meet Miss Kate! Have a great week. SAL

  10. I love the sunin the last shot...beautiful!

  11. Fabulous pictures Kim! Love the sunflare, you really captured your time there so well. What wonderful porches. :)

  12. You officially lost me at THE SNAKE!!! OMG I almost fell outta my chair!!! Goo-goo-good pic-pic-pictures!! Okay gotta go find something for my nerves!!

  13. Looks so relaxing...I could SOOO go for that right now!!! :)

    LOVE Kate's headband!!! Is it from an etsy shop?? Would love to know! Thanks!

  14. A change of scenery and pace is always enjoyable ~ I'm not too sure about that snake though!


  15. What great photos! I think I like the ones of your family more than the one of then snake.... Ugh!

  16. Although I am a city slicker too, I love spending time in the country. It's so relaxing! Great pictures too!

  17. Wow It looks so beautiful there!
    I love Kate's outfit, not the snake though! =)

  18. Kim- LOVE the sunflare, and Kate in the hula hoop....and the bokeh from Dave on the porch! (can you tell I'm deep within a photography obsession?)

    Mostly though, love the time you spent with the fam. Aren't farms wonderful?

  19. Isn't it amazing... only somewhat recently have I truly understood why my dad always had to "get away" to our lake house (pretty much in the country). Now my husband says those exact same words so we go and we honestly feel "centered."

    Don't know how I'd feel if I saw those "critters" though! Yikes!

  20. That picture of Kate in the hula-hoop is perfect.
    When I was younger we rented an old farmhouse on a working farm for a week in VA. We had such an amazing time...there were farm animals, apples to pick and a creek to play in. I felt like Laura Ingalls! My sister and I were talking the other day saying how we would love to go again...

  21. Love that pic of Kate's ruffle pants and her muddy boot!! So cute. Looks like a perfect day!! (Love Kate's headband!!!)

  22. Looks like they have their own little piece of heaven! BEAUTIFUL!

    Love the picture of Kate on the porch with her hula hoop~

    Hope you are having a good week Kim. We missed you last weekend:(



  23. Beautiful pictures. The snake would have made me run back to the city though....Looks like you had a wonderful time!


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