End of summer...sigh...PTL!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have tried to embrace summer....really I have.

We had two awesome birthdays (and parties). We've gone to parks, museums, pools, movies. We've had friends over to play and eat and sleep. We've slept in and stayed up late. We even had an ice cream sundae party as a family!

We enjoyed a little trip with Kate while the boys were at camp...


We communed with nature....





We made new friends (this is Kate's BFF, "Blankie"...who does she think she is? Michael Jackson? I refer to her as Blakely.)

Kate became much better at swimming. She is almost there...


The other day, we spontaneously took the peanuts to an Astros game...


It was Kate's 1st pro game and clearly the excitement was too much for her as she fell asleep on the way to the game:)



Kate said the game was too LOUD but she sure did enjoy the food!

Will and I enjoyed the food too;)



Harry loved the game AND the Astros won!


(see Kate holding her ears?)

The next day, went to a really cool indoor play area ...


and out to lunch with friends too...


I guess it was a pretty good summer after-all. But I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I am REALLY embracing back to school and Fall (which cannot come soon enough for me)! The boys start school in 6 days but who is counting?

(P.S.~ I think this summer was hard also because we skipped our family beach trip since we are going to Disney in October. But luckily, next week while the boys start school, Kate and I get to sneak off to the beach with Diana and Jennifer and their girls! I cannot wait!)

P.S. again...We'll miss you Denise!


  1. Gorgeous photos of your precious family!
    And Amen to back to school!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. sounds like you have had a great summer..
    Cute swimsuit on Kate.. you know me and swimsuits..
    And you are SUPER lucky to get to go with those two gals..
    Have fun.. take tons of pictures..

  3. We started on Monday... and it's back to the routine of life. Even though that means I am back to work in my classroom, I'm glad school's in!

  4. Sounds to me like you had a great time. Seems to me like you embrace LIFE all the time. Don't worry about being super mom- you already are one!!!

  5. Funnily enough, I'm NOT looking forward to the beginning of school!!! LOL

    We still have a couple more weeks before ours starts up, and I'm going to love every minute of it!!!!

    Sounds like you're going to have fun at the beach with Kate! Good for you!

    We leave for Disney on Thursday!! Brill is desperate to have lunch with Pooh!!!!

    Snick :)

  6. Looks like you all have enjoyed your summer break. What fun! I'm ready for fall 2.. MOST definitely! I live in the SOUTH & man is is HOT!
    And.. I'm so jealous of your trip with Jennifer & WJ I just love her! I don't know Diana that well.. but I'm sure she is just as sweet as Jenn! Hope You gals have a good time! ;)

  7. It looks like you had a FABULOUS summer!

  8. Great time , great pictures and a lovely family. God bless you and your blessed children.

  9. Hi Kim..first I want to tell you that I feel EXACTLY the way you do about school starting...I love spending time with my 4 kids during the summer, however, I NEE my structured, routine and earlier bedtime back!!!!!!! I feel like I walk around in circles all day long right now! I also wanted to tell you that we have moved our custom hair accessory site to www.3momsclips.etsy.com I would like to send Kate a ladybug set of clips so if you dont mind..can you email me your address or a post office box that I can send them to? my email is milkmommy@aol.com Thanks so much...Mindy :)

  10. What a busy fun time you've had! Great photos!

    Have fun at the beach! We missed going this year, but already have Hilton Head reservations for next summer! Is is bad that I'm already wishing next summer was here? Hope the boys have a great back to school time!


  11. Great family pics Kim...you know I am with you about summer...lol! I am so super sad that I can't meet up with you girls, but I will have to just enjoy the
    pictures...although that will make me more sad I am afraid!

  12. It does sound like you had one full and fun summer.....but I hear you. Bring on the fall! I have had enough of the heat and humidity. I am ready for my jeans, sweaters, and boots......and of course my trip to China to bring home Baby Reagan!!!

    I know you will have so much fun at the beach with the girls....ENJOY and take lots of pics:)



  13. I am pretty excited about my classes starting. I love all the pictures. I am like Kate. I hate anything loud. When the fire engine goes down the street in Chicago I cover my ears. I have never been to a loud concert - Brian doesn't think I would be able to tolerate them.

  14. Looks like fun! I love the photos. Kate, and that swimsuit, are adorable!

    Gin =)

  15. Oh, I'm envious that you're sneaking off to the beach. :)

  16. I am ready for school too....11 days for me....I need more of a routine and truth be known, my children are ready for school too. I think it looks like you had a fabulous summer....hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy your trip to the beach.


  17. You are cracking me up! I know you really tried to enjoy the summer! lol...I am happy mine are back in school to.

    And I definitely can't wait for next week!! This trip is what I've been looking forward to all summer long!!

  18. Sounds like you had a blast this summer. I get the same notion on never having embraced summer enough. I do intend to embrace our beautiful autumn and winter (and for that matter the last few weeks of beautiful summer). My daughter K is starting Kindergarten and I look forward to making it a wonderful experience for her. Love your blog,


  19. We hope you have a wonderful time with the girls. Will be waiting for those pictures. Looks like a very special way to end your summer!

  20. KIm
    Sounds like you had a god summer and I thik Disney will be a blast for the KIDS too-
    the pics are great- and have a great time at the beach too
    its great to have girl fun tim too
    love Cindy


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