And then there was one...{Sunday Snapshoot}

Sunday, August 1, 2010

In the dark of the early morn, we woke Harry for his week of sleep-away camp. When I went in to wake him this morning he said, "I have the best Mom and Dad in the whole world!" I never want to forget that!! Whereas Will and Kate express their feelings freely, Harry does not. He just doesn't say things like it MADE my day!

This week the camp drop-off site was a LOT less crowded and hectic. Harry's good friend from school and our neighborhood decided to go to camp this year too. It is his first time and he and Harry should be in the same cabin.



When we got there, Harry jumped on his friend's skateboard and took a spin. I was not ready with my camera settings and this is totally out of focus but I still love it.

So, Harry is the opposite camper of Will. Will wanted to pack weeks ahead of time. Harry just told me to pack for him (yesterday). He had no strong preferences of what to bring. He did NOT want any clothes for the nightly themes. Whereas Will wanted something for each night.



Look at that sly, cute little smirk:)


When he gets to camp...Harry is all about the sports, the tribal competitions, the spiritual enrichment and hanging with his buddies. Will is all about the skeet range, the riflery range, the ropes course. Harry would not go on the ropes course for all the money in the world.

Will likes to wander away from his cabin mates and do things independently. Harry wants to be with his friends all the time. It is interesting. I love how wonderfully different they are. Their personalities complement one another. I love that they are both so confident in their likes and dislikes and they both get the best out of their time at camp! And they both feel so accepted and comfortable there too.


Saying goodbye to Dad.

Harry is calling Dave "his first man." Those two are cut from the same cloth and they are very close. I cannot even tell you how alike Dave and Harry are. (BTW~in case you were wondering..Will is a lot like me).

Cute story~ Last night, Harry asked Dave for a special tuck-in. We used to tuck all the sheets around Harry and call it a bird's nest every night when he was little. We have not done that in a long time. But last night he requested it. So, Dave was tucking him and Harry said, "Dad, you forgot the song." Dave and I both froze for a minute and I thought....was there a song? (there wasn't). Harry was just being funny. This might not sound funny to read but it was hysterical when it happened. Harry's timing and delivery were perfect.


Harry and Kate are SO close. They really have a special bond that is different than anyone else in our family. He is an awesome big brother. He invents all sorts of silly games to play with her. He teaches her things and helps her out. I know she will really miss her Habu (that is what she calls him).



We'll miss you Habu and we cannot wait to come to Camp next weekend and see where all the magic happens.

P.S. Will is at camp for 2 weeks this he is at the halfway point. We got a postcard and he is having the time of his life. Finally, I am seeing photos of him on the daily updates too:) That makes this Mama very happy.

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. BEAUTIFUL post..
    Love the photos..
    Love that smile.
    Happy Sunday..
    Love ya girly..

  2. wow, I remember camp. I hope the boys have a blast! Looks like your little girl is gonna miss her bros though!!

  3. That Harry is such a special boy :) He is going to have a great time, I wonder if he and Will will see each other much. Ok, how cute is Harry's friend ?!?! He looks so excited to be going to camp. I hope and Kate a lovly girlie week. Enjoy!

  4. Ok, so why am I weepy since it is YOUR son that is going away??? :)
    I hope Habu has a fantastic camp, filled with all sorts of new and exciting experiences.
    As for the tuck in story and song request, I think that IS hilarious! Harry keeps his mama and dad on their toes, that smart one!

  5. Awwwww, love all these shots, Harry is a cute one, that's for sure. Hope he has a great time at camp! I'm sure Miss Kate is going to miss having her brothers around, but I bet she'll enjoy the extra attention from Mom and Dad. Have a fun week!

  6. I love, love, love these going to camp pictures. Carson leaves Wednesday and we can't wait for his magical week!

  7. I am sure he will have a great time!

    I am sure you, Dave and Kate will miss him very much.

    Enjoy your "girl" week with Kate. Any fun plans?


  8. In the "smirk" picture, Harry looks SO much like Dave (ok, a much younger Dave...!)- wow! Hope everyone has an awesome week - knowing you will miss the boys, but relish the time with just your girl!


  9. Harry is just the sweetest looking little boy I have seen in a long time.

    enjoy your week Kim.


  10. Sounds nice only having 1-- sign me up:)

    Hay, what Disney are you going to? Land or World? If it is Land, I have a ton of suggestions and if it is land, I would love to finally meet you in person as we only live about 35 min away.

    Christy :)

  11. I love the way you describe and know your boys. Knowing our children so well makes parenting a little (sometimes) easier! Hope your boys have a blast this summer!...and your princess enjoys her time alone with Mom and Dad!

  12. How awesome for your son! I love the skateboard picture too. It show's how super excited he was!
    Love the hug pictures too!

  13. So glad that Will is enjoying himself at camp! I hope Harry has a great time too. I bet Kate enjoys Camp Mom this week.

    Hugs all around.

  14. Can't wait to hear about the boys camp experiences.
    Enjoy Miss Kate this will be a girlie week at the 3 peanuts casa!!

  15. Oh, this post brings back memories of my oldest going to camp. Now she's in college and the "littles" are to little to go to camp. The excitement seen in the photos is palpable! How fun :)

  16. What a sweet post!! That Harry is such a cutie! Your boys sounds so much like mine when they were growing up! Hope Kate is not too lost without Habu around! Have a great week!


  17. You know your boys are really getting grown up when they're both away at camp.

    I love how they are different yet complementary. Will sounds like a typical first-born child and Harry sounds just like a typical middle child.

    What are you going to do with just one little around your house?

  18. How fun!! I loved going to summer camp & it was always super exciting to see who was in my cabin. Can't wait to see more pictures & hear more about his adventures at camp!


  19. Camp is such fun - I look forward to seeing more pictures!

  20. Now... what are you and Miss Priss doing for your girls' week? Fun, fun, fun!

  21. I know he's already back, but this post is so sweet. I love seeing how different siblings can be... amazing! Love the story about tucking him cute!!


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