Prayer for Vivian

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Please continue to pray for my friend Eloise's 16 year old daughter, Vivian. The doctors are not sure if Vivian has suffered a brain injury due to the complications of her illness and fever. Eloise and her husband Robert are wonderful, warm, gracious, compassionate and God loving people. They covet your prayers right now. I encourage you to read more on Eloise's blog.


Miss Eloise and Kate when we visited them last year:)


  1. KIm - I have been following Eloise's blog and praying for her sweet daughter ... and will continue to do so.

  2. Oh shift.... I was hoping she was well on the mend by now. Thanks for posting this and heading over there to send some well wishes and prayers. XOXO

  3. Sending prayers!

  4. My heart is breaking for Eloise and her family. The news of a potential brain injury is devastating. We are praying here and I am so thankful that you posted this to widen the circle of prayer.

  5. Vivian has been on my mind constantly for the past few days. I was heartbroken to recieve Eloise's most recent email, but I believe in the power of prayer and am continuing to pray for this wonderful family!

  6. Praying for this sweet girl and wonderful family.

  7. Hi Kim~

    It has been a super long time since I've had the opportunity to visit. I have just read backwards to about May. I have to go clean and get ready for the weekend, though, so I'm cut off for now.

    I pray your young friend, Vivian, will make a complete recovery. I am sorry for the terrible trial she is going through and I am sure you and Dave are a source of love and encouragement during this difficult time.

    I look forward to reading more about what has been happening with your family. I've been so busy and blogging just has been challenging.

    Much love to you~

  8. We have been in the mountains for the past week and as I only brought my Droid and no laptop, I really couldn't read or comment on blogs. (I did pre-post one for the sixth though - and it mentioned Eloise) However, I did read hers every morning to keep up with Vivian. Oh, how I have prayed...


Thank you for your kindness.