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Thursday, June 17, 2010

We have a couple of obsessions in our house these days....

The boys are obsessed with Silly Bandz. They love them and trade them. I think they are rather harmless until they bug me to buy them more;) The first ones they got were Believer Bands from vacation Bible school...very cool.

My creation


Harry is completely obsessed with the Volkswagen punchdub game. You've seen the commercials. Used to be punch buggy. But now I am driving along and I hear..."Red one. Blue one. Juicy fruit." shouted out. Then they bicker over who saw what first. Seriously, watch is my LIFE! I am sort of forbidding it in my car right now as it is putting me over the edge.

Kate is obsessed with Jesus dying on the cross. She talks about it constantly. She draws pictures of it. She reads about it in the Bible. She tells everyone she knows about it. See her painting from her party...



It is Jesus' cross. She did not paint him because she was waiting for the cross paint to dry. When we go to restaurants and they bring her crayons, she draws Jesus dying on the cross. She also told us to go to church last Sunday because she felt as though we had not been there is a LOOONNNGG time. (We had missed a week or two). I love her heart for Jesus but I do worry about her obsession with Him dying on the cross.

She is also obsessed with being 4. She tells everyone she is a PM child now. They look at her strangely but what she means is now she is old enough to stay at school for lunch (they are PM children). She also only wants to wear clothes that have a 4 on the tag. The other day she refused to wear a dress because the tag said 3. She even asked if her shoes are a 4T (they are a 9;)




Finally, she is a little obsessed with Indiana Jones and not in a good way. They boys were watching it one day and she slipped into the media room. Dave and I had not noticed as we were doing things around the house. Well, we are BAD parents because she is TERRIFIED! She had bad dreams. She asks about Indiana Jones all the time and she is afraid she'll see him at Disney World when we go this Fall. Seriously, the girl has some serious Indiana Jones anxiety.

I know all you Moms with only one kiddo probably think we are the worst parents in the world. I would have too back in the day. But seriously when you have a 13 year old boy in the same house with a 4 year old girl, this stuff happens. It is life.

And I must admit, I am a little obsessed with that darned diet (remember the one my doctor had me on for 6 weeks for a health condition?). You know I loathed it at first and I complained daily about no wine, no cheese, no sugar, no carbs, no vinegar etc. But then something magical happened....sometime during week three the weight just fell off my thighs and my butt AND I was not hungry anymore. Yes, it is true (please don't hate me). I have always worn a small size but I have always had chubby thighs. No more, people. Clearly, sugar and flour take up residence in the thighs and buttocks. So now my small size clothes are really loose in those areas and I am terrified to eat normally again. I don't hate my thighs for the first time since I was 13 years old. I don't love em but I sure don't hate them.

This week I am allowed to begin adding in regular food and I am extremely hesitant to do so. It is Thursday and I still have barely added anything back! I am afraid that once I eat a little of the foods that were forbidden, I will lose control and those chubby thighs will re-appear. I know, I am a little crazy. And I know, I could exercise. I just hate that too. The thing is...I don't even crave sweet things anymore or carbs. I do however really want a glass of wine:)


  1. such a good post. I love your thoughts! We are very similar in that way about the weight thing. When I lose weight I am always scared I will gain it back! I CANNOT imagine you EVER had chubby thighs.

    The obsession post is great. I have been MIA for a few weeks on blogging trying to design my new blog (it's new very slow going), adjusting to a MAC and moving.


  2. My kids are on the Silly Bandz bandwagon to. I started using them as a reward system. They love it.

    My oldest son went through something similar with Jesus dying on the cross. He would color pictures and tell everyone about it...then one day he finally processed it all and it stopped.

    People think we are awful because Sophia watched ICarly but honestly she curls up on the couch with her brother and it's the cutest thing ever.

  3. I think I would start by adding in wine! Great job on the thighs...I could use a little of that!

    As for the silly bandz...we are very crazed around here. The younger in the house are more crazed. The Dog seems over it already! I sure wish I thought of it first!

    We sure have our fair number of quirks. Our Princess is probably the quirkiest. A few minutes with Indiana Jones does not make you a bad parent. And I wish I could help you with the Jesus on the cross thing...our pastor has young children. I'll have to ask her!

    Great and fun post! I hope you are enjoying your summer!

  4. Okay, I need your diet. Because I too have big thighs and butt. But everywhere else I'm tiny. I'm a very British pear shape...I think! :)

    And I HATE excercise too. You and I, we have a fair bit in common! Heh!

    And I don't think you're crazy, I would be just like you...about the diet I mean. AND I think you're a brill Mum so stop the bad Mum talk right now.

    Love the bracelets, I haven't seen them before.


  5. Oh the Silly Bandz didn't arrive here until school was almost out, so we missed the craziness, though, of course, have a few. Maddy tends to draw the same things over and over, not not Jesus dying on the cross.

    The 4 thing is sweet and funny -- she's gotta keep you in stitches! Hubby once watched Indiana Jones with Maddy and scared her too.

    Am so jealous of your diet. I've lost about 10 pounds, but still crave chocolate ALL THE TIME! Hope you all have a good weekend!

  6. I am laughing out loud at this!! My boys were into the silly bands for a few months, but that's about over here. Car games drive me CRAZY! I can't stand them!! And you're right...they always end up arguing about it!!

    I understand about the food too. I am smaller now than I have been since I got married and I'm scared to eat anything!!

    I'm going to call you tomorrow and try to catch up!!

  7. Okay the obsession with Jesus dying on the cross??? I don't like saying it is cute or funny(probably not appropriate) but it is sort of both:) The Indiana Jones thing not cute or funny. I saw the movie Huck Finn when I was like 6-7 and remember Indian Joe?? Well that guy scared me to death, and I was certain he was living in my closet!! Gosh that was terrible fear. Hope she gets past that soon. You can only keep them from so many things....sometimes things are going to happen that you don't necessarily want to have happen.

    The diet....that is AWESOME news I guess. Great that you lost the weight where you wanted, and great that you are not craving, but not so great I guess that it is hard to add food back into your diet. Is it okay to stay on this plan? Because of my celiac carbs are mostly out of my life, but I would guess sugar is more of an issue....because my thighs still look the same:(

    Cheers if you have that glass of won't hurt right??

    Silly bandz and Japanese erasers are big up here.

  8. You are so far from bad parents. It happens. When I was like 5 I went over to my neighbors house and there was a scary movie on the TV. I had nightmares for a bit...but I am not scared :)
    You just made me want to give up flour and sugar. If only...

  9. OK - Cracking up here!!!

    First of all, I am jealous about the thighs!!!!
    Secondly, that little girl obsessed with Jesus on the cross is going to be one very special Evangilist one day! I love it... Kate is already boldly sharing the Gospel. I would not be one bit worried about it. I think it is amazing that God is using her in this way already!!! I wish I could be so bold!

    Tell Kate her buddy Sienna can't stop smiling this morning. She has new teeth and her Daddy is home!

    Love ya,

  10. I bought Aladdin for Maggie and we put it in as soon as it came in the mail. I totally wasn't paying attention to her and then I noticed that she was silently crying about halfway through the movie. When I asked her what the matter was, she said, "This movie is SCARING ME!" Oops.

  11. Oy, current obsession among 5 year old boys here are Go.go Cr.azy Bones - ugh! And my 9 month old watches Star Wars regularly - the perils of living with an older brother. Oh well, my mother of the year award should be on its way :-)
    Cheers if you have that glass of wine!

  12. What a super cute post ... you guys are amazing parents! I use to have a crush on Indiana Jones :) but I can see how it would be a little scary w/all the bugs & jumping on stuff.

    I think the only thing I would add to the diet is wine ... that is if you had to remove it :)


  13. Funny post.

    We've got the silly bandz too, even with a 2yr old and an almost 4 yr old. We were introduced to them by my 11yr old niece. But so far they don't seem to be an obsession, except that we suddenly see them everywhere on every kid we know. Love the Believer ones!

    The VW video, hilarious.

  14. Silly bands are the current rage here in CT as well. I was given some in my teacher gift bag the last day of school so I could be "cool". I foresee them being banned from school next year. The trading has already been a problem ~ arguments, tears and all!

    I think I need to become a little more obsessed with my thighs and join you on the diet.

    Have a great weekend~

  15. Congrats on the weight loss. I knew it was bound to come off. With what you are eating, it doesn't seem possible to keep weight on.
    As fort he movie, I am

  16. Your post made me laugh sooooo hard! LiLi and I have been playing the punch buggy game for over a year now and she is GOOD at it!! We kind of have different rules that we invented...I think. You get one punch for a regular punch buggy. Two hits for a convertible punch buggies. Old ones also get two punches. If it is old AND a convertible...THREE PUNCHES! Then we pushed the limits to the famous PURPLE punch buggy. That gets 20 punches! I never thought we would see a purple one until about 6 months ago. LiLi found an old purple one! My arm still hurts just thinking about it! Then she also plays some silly Nanner game. It drives me crazy!!!

    Great job with your diet! Any pictures coming soon?

  17. I took my kids to get some Silly Bandz and Sophie took more than 30 minutes to decide on some. Like it was the biggest decision she will ever make! Crazy!

    Sam is obsessed with police, jail, and convertibles. Kinda funny!

    I don't even want to think about how jealous I am about your thighs. Not craving carbs - I can't imagine. I think I would starve if not for carbs.

    Good luck with the wine! That's a tough one!

  18. So funny! I was on a total gluten and dairy free and sugar free restricted medical diet that started last June the 20th of June I had gone from a size 6 to a size 2! I went out and bought my first bikini since I was 15 just b/c I knew it wouldn't last. When I was allowed to start the bad stuff back in my life, I started small...a bit of bread, a bit of chocolate, and it just went downhill...I am now back to big thighs, buddha belly, and, oh, that bikini I wore with pride? Stuffed in the back of a drawer never to be seen again! Try to restrain...I learned the hard way and am trying to get rid of buddy now!

  19. I read this post yesterday morning and just laughed to myself and didn't say anything to anyone then we were driving through the city in St Thomas and we saw a red bug and my husband of all people punced my arm! I laughed to myself and thought about you and your post!
    Have a great weekend.

  20. You make me smile:) I need to give up sugar and flour then:)

    As for Kate being obsessed with Jesus dying on the cross.....Lottie did this same thing. Every single time she drew a picture that is what she would draw. It seemed so sad to me so one day I asked her why don't you draw other stories in the bible like Noah or Jonah? She said, because Jesus died for was a present to me and I like to draw a picture of it.

    Emma is obsessed with Barbie...not a big Barbie fan myself but she goes around the house singing Barbie songs all day and says things like "Oh my heavens" lol

  21. You? Chubby thighs? nawww...... wouldn't believe it if you SHOWED me ;)

    We have the silly bandz too - that's what they are- silly!!

    All right - off to figure out HOW I can get rid of MY chubby thighs?!?!!?! Sugar and flour? really?


  22. This post kind of made me kids have their obsessions too....but we don't seem to be in the band phase. And the punching thing.....luckily they are too little for that and Emmie is waaay to cool for that! lol Sophia talks about God all the time was a huge year for at the Christian Schools. David and I have loved watching her bloom in thsi area of her life.

    And as for movies....I can totally relate to having a teenager in the house and trying to make sure that the kids don't walk in on Emmie watching a movie that perhaps they shouldn't. For that matter....the Disney 101 Dalmations gave Daniel nightmares for a while....about the men coming to still the puppies....oh....and Captain Hook out of Peter Pan there anything good anymore?

    As far as your sounds like something I am starting this week as well.....I'm not sure what your calorie intake was a day....but mine will be quite low. And again....I can totally relate to liking your "new" thighs and butt.....I am hoping for the same results! ;)

    Hope you enjoying your summer so far....take care....


  23. Wow!! I can only imagine how fabulous you look now since you were already fab! I'll have to quit eating refined sugars just to see if it works for me!

  24. I can totally feel your pain with the Punch Buggy game. My boys (especially Sumter) does it all. the. time. It drives me crazy! And yes, mine argue as well as who saw it first. OMW! Who cares?!?!?!

    Jackson also had an obsession with Jesus dying on the cross. It passed... don't worry!


  25. the bands are a big thing here too! all the kiddo love those and you would think they were worth a million!:)

    Kate is a sweetie pie with her stories and remember MOM she is 4!!! NOW

    You pretty thing you had to loose that weight I think we love you as much as ever but I need to give up sugar and flour for certain!

    love you glad you are feeling better;) hugs! Cindy


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