Outstanding Boy

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We were cordially invited to the 6th grade Award Ceremony at Will's school tonight. We did not know what award he was going to win but we were very excited. Will is a great student and the kind of child every parent would love to have. He is respectful, creative, intelligent, honest, funny and confident. But he has kind of flown under the radar in school and he has never been singled out for an award until tonight. So, this was a big deal for him and for us.




Just before we left for the ceremony.

Had to get on with my Harry too. It is not too often I get in front of the camera:)

Will was awarded Outstanding Boy in World Cultures! This is him and his World Cultures Teacher. (Sorry about the awful white balance-it was in a fluorescent auditorium and I cannot color correct it.)

We took the boys out for gelato after the ceremony (none for me though:(
This place even has dairy free gelato for Harry!


Where was Kate you ask? Well, she had dress rehearsal for her recital.....


Since I could not be in two places at once, our fabulous baby sitter, Laura took Kate to her dress rehearsal. Boy was that hard to miss! But it was GREAT to really focus on Will on his special night too. Thank you, Laura!



  1. Congrats to Will! Great photos as always! How do you deal with photos for blonde hair indoors, especially bad indoor lighting? Just switched to Nikon DSLR from Canon DSLR and blondes look like they have yellow hair on AWB or flash WB, and when I switch for florescent WB, it's too blue. Thanks, Wendy

  2. Congrats to Will!! I love the VERY cool and trendy haircut he has:) I know you must be so proud.

    Kate looks adorable, can't wait to see pics from her recital.

    How is your new "diet" going? How are you feeling?? Hope you are seeing some improvement, otherwise it is so hard to stick with food plans.

  3. So proud of Will! Tell him congratulations! Darling pictures of him, Harry and Kate (love the recital outfit). I love your dress too!

  4. YEA... great job WILL..
    Looks like an amazing night..
    Love Kate's outfit.. tooo cute.. .
    have a great week..

  5. Kim,
    What a fabulous honor for Will!!!! Congratulations Will!!! I know you have worked hard!!! You are going to do great things for this world one day!!! You already are making a difference!!!!

    And, seriously, could Kate be any cuter. That is such a pretty costume! And, her babysitter looks like a sweetheart! Can't wait to hear about the big event!!!

    What a great year the 3Peanuts have had!!!!

  6. Way to go, Will! You must be one proud mama!

    Kate looks soooo adorable in her tutu!

  7. Congratulations to Will! Kate looks ADORABLE.

    And I LOVE your dress!

    You have such a lovely family.

  8. Great job Will! Kate is adorable as always...miss you~

  9. What a magical day! Hooray for Will!

    Kate looks darling in her tutu and Mommy's dress is divine!!!!!!

  10. Congrats to Will, great work and much deserved I'm sure!

  11. Congratulations Will! What a fabulous young man you are and just love your hair! Wishing you a wonderful summer!

    Kim- you look great and I love your dress!

    Kate-your tutu is just precious! Wishing you the best on your recital!

    PS Kim, your babysitter, Laura is just beautiful, I somehow envisioned an older lady (Ms Doubtfire) sort of! When I scrolled down and saw the pic of the babysitter, I was like...WHOA, WAS I WRONG!! :)

  12. Congratulations to Will! What a fantastic award. You can tell he is so proud in the beautiful photos.

    Kate looks darling and I am sure she had such fun with her sitter. I always feel badly if I can't take my children somewhere and they find it such an adventure to go with a sitter. Looks like it was a win win...can't wait to hear about the recital!

  13. Oh my word, he is getting so grown up! Look at him!
    I love Kate's costume..darling! I didn't really like Sophia's Jasmine one for this year.

    Remember how you told me that you thought that Sophia and Kate looked alike when she first came home? I just really think that they do.
    Especially as this year has passed.

  14. Congrats Will!! And to you and your Hub for your good work with him and Harry and Kate! You have the cutest family!

    That recital is going to be fuN!


  15. Oh you must be OH so proud!!!!!! What an awesome young man:)

    P.S. Kate is SO precious:)

  16. Congratulations Will! You should be one proud mom....funny we were checking in quickly before heading off to Meg's dress rehearsal. Our recital is Saturday. How about you? Best wishes:)
    Michelle and Meaghan Grace

  17. Congratulatios to Will, the pictures are very nice and you and your children are very nice and sympa.

  18. Kim, I posted about you on my blog today. I so appreciate your kind words of encouragement. you truly blessed me. I received our dossier instructions this afternoon so I'm ready to get to work! Love SAL

  19. Yeah Will!!! Let him know how cool he is and that hair... :)

  20. You are so blessed with such wonderful children. Congrats to Will and good luck to Kate at her recital. And you know we all love Harry, too! My M has her chorale/viola concert tomorrow night and her big acting/voice/dance performance on Sunday. Kudos all around this spring!

  21. Congratulations to Will! And Kate looks adorable in her dance costume. You always look great, but you're looking particularly radiant in these photos. Maybe it's the new diet. I hope it's helping you feel great, as well.

    Gin =)

  22. Congrats to Will, he is a clever boy. And very handsome too!


  23. Kim,

    Will sounds like such a lovely boy. So glad he was recognized and so glad you did it up right.

    You little Miss looks adorable in her ballerina outfit.

    Love, love, love, your dress.


  24. Congrats to Will...he is an outstanding boy for sure!! Kate looks so cute in her tutu too!!

  25. Will IS an outstanding boy! In more ways than one... and he looks exactly like you! (your hair looks amazing, btw!) And my Harry & Miss Kate are darling as always...

    I tried to call you this morning. Sophie has birthday party #1 tomorrow. Be glad you aren't here- we are having the BEST cupcakes in the world. (sorry, sweet friend)... Call me over the weekend if you can. And hugs/congrats to Will for me!

    xo Shana :)

  26. Congrats to Will! I have lots of students who "fly under the radar" and try to find that special something in which they stand out. Which reminds me... I need to start working on those awards! Only 8 days left of school!!!

  27. That is so great!! Congrats to Will....what a wonderful accomplishment.....I am sure you are so very proud of him:)

    Their Gelato looked so good...gummy worms and all!!

    Kate looks so darn cute in her costume.....I hope you get lots of pictures today...have fun:)


  28. Way to Go, Will!! Bryce flies under the radar too, so I know how exciting that is!!

    Kate looks adorable! I can't wait to see the recital pics!!

  29. Kim

    you must be a proud mama
    Will is growing so quickly loking h andsome as ever too

    Love Kates recital dress the rain bow colors are so pretty
    glad you are feeling better too!


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