Harry's Honors

Monday, May 24, 2010


Harry and his teacher.

Harry had the MOST incredible teacher this year. You might recall that another Mom told me that Harry was in the "ESL" (English as a Second Language) class at his school. She recommended that I have him moved. I asked y'all for opinions (lots of teachers read). I observed for a while and decided to keep him in his class and I am so glad I did. His teacher definitely challenged all of the kids (a large majority of them are GT (gifted and talented). The children in his class respect their teacher so much that they wanted to do well and wanted to behave. It was truly one of those great classes. She motivated them to be their best. I truly hope Kate has her in a few years too:)

Friday was the awards ceremony for Harry's grade. He did so well.

He got the Principal's Award for straight A's all year and all E's in conduct.

(it was free dress day~usually they wear uniforms)

He also received a Mathematics Multiplication Achievement Award. He earned an award for the 2nd highest GPA. He received awards for outstanding academic achievements in Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. He won a Spelling Bee award. He also received a citizenship award. And he won a special award and medal for a writing piece he submitted. It is their school's take on the Newberry Award. They call it the "Nameofhisschoolberry" award. Needless to say, I am proud of him.

After the awards ceremony, we packed up a lot of his stuff to leave school. The kids "camped" in tents in their classroom this week for "read and write camp." We had bought in two tents. So on our way out, Harry and I were completely loaded down with school and tent gear. My arms were killing me. However, I watched my sweet son hold the door open for several Moms with strollers and young kids. Another Mom commented to me that she thought it was awesome how many awards Harry won (she was at the ceremony) but that the thing that impressed her the most is how he held the door for everyone even though he was struggling. I beamed with pride as that too was the proudest moment for me. It is great that he does well in school but it is even greater that he is a compassionate person. Harry, someday when you read this I want you to know that I am so proud of the Christian, thoughtful, giving young man you are!

"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love."

Galatians 5:6


Kate's dance recital post is coming up next!


  1. I KNOW you are proud. WOW! Congrats to Harry AND to you, his mom. You are guiding him in the right direction. What a blessing he is!

  2. Wow - way to go Harry!! Congrats to Harry and you and your Hub too as I'm sure you inspired and kept him motiviated! I know a fun summer is ahead for all of you!


  3. Hooray for Harry, he (and you!) should be so proud of himself!

  4. Congratulations on such a proud day. ...and YES! to the compassionate kudos. I, too, am the most proud when I hear that Lia has been kind...and I marvel at those "good kids" at the middle school I work in too. I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts about how to instill that by the way...I'm just a first time parent playing it by ear...it would be nice to hear from an expert! :-)

  5. Harry,
    WOW WOW WOW!!!! Way to go!!!! And, you are a gentleman too!!! What a fun night filled with great news!

    I hope you have a wonderful summer!!!!
    You deserve it!!

    ~Miss Diana

  6. Oh, and I do hope that ballerina pics are coming soon!!

  7. Way to go Harry! I know how proud you are Kim...that both of your boys are so kind and considerate...after all, that is what really matters! Hugs~

  8. Congratulations to Harry!! What an awesome year he has had. Kim, you know what they say....actions speak louder than words. Harry's act of kindness, without being prompted, most likely has been something he has learned from observing time and time again from his DAD!!!! ( and from you). You can teach your children with words but life long lessons are learned from witnessing actions and reactions. You should be extremely proud of your husband and Harry!!!

  9. Wow, Harry, it was an awesome day for you, on so many levels. Mom and Dad must be so proud of you!

    Congratulations, Harry.

    Snick :)

  10. I hope Harry was wearing sneakers for all those trips to the stage! Well done to Harry and to you too!

    I remember so well your post at the beginning of the year wondering about Harry's class placement. It's so great to hear now what a successful year he had!

  11. What a great little boy. You are a good mom to recognize that awards for god-given talents are great and to be applauded - but not every child is capable of that. Having good character is of eternal value and something we can and should all strive for.

    Congrats to Harry :)

  12. I am so glad the year went well -- I know how stressed you were at the beginning! :)

  13. Way to go Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know your parents are so proud of you and Jesus is smiling my friend not just because of your awards and all of your hard work but because of your servant heart:)

  14. Way to go Harry..
    Love the photos..
    Have a great week..

  15. Congrats, Harry, on a fabulous year at school!

    Kim -- You must be one proud mama! Harry is quite the handsome little guy!

    Hope you have a fun summer and I can't wait to see Kate's recital pictures!

  16. Harry way to go what inspiration you have and are to thers how kind to open those car doors what little man you have become

    mom and dad are proud I KNOW'

    Like Kim byrd says Jesus is smiling too because of your willingingness to HIM!

    so so proud of you fun summer now ahead!

  17. Wow; he sounds like such an amazing guy! Enjoy the proud moments!

  18. I remember that post from the beginning of the school year. Thanks for letting us know how wonderfully it turned out. Great job, Harry!

  19. He is a lovely young boy. You should be proud.


  20. "Honor to the ones who honor."This is a simple phrase but it has a lot os meanings behind. Congratulations Harry!! you deserve it.Keep on going , briliant, wiser and talented and remember that God made you to shine ever .

  21. Yay, Harry!! Way to go. You are right to be a proud Mama!!

  22. WOW! All those awards are impressive, and he sounds like a total sweetheart. Glad he had such a great year!

  23. I am so proud of him just reading this! Go Harry... and keep it up!

  24. I'm doing a lot of catch up. You must be so proud of Harry and Will...both outstanding young men. And, Kate's room is absolutely adorable (classic). I'm glad you're getting some of your energy back on the diet you're following. First week didn't sound fun at all but glad you're feeling better now.

  25. HOORAY HARRY!!! That is so awesome....I know you are so proud of him:)



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