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Friday, April 16, 2010

I love a bargain and I have found a few this week. So, today's Friday Finds are my frugal finds:) Normally, I do not find clothes for myself at Old Navy but I do like their dresses, skirts and swimsuits for Kate. And I will sometimes buy the boys a few things there. Well, today was my lucky day! I knew they were having a "stuff your bag sale" for 20% off but I did not know that if you were one of the first 50 customers today you got 50% off everything!!!! I was luckily #47!

I got Miss Kate these two dresses...



I also got her THE CUTEST Maxi dress. It is not pictured on-line but it is darling. She wore it tonight to Harry's baseball game. She fell on the bleachers and hit her head pretty hard. There is literally a golf ball sized lump on the back of her head. OUCH!

Plus, I got some pj's for Kate and some shorts, shirts and flip flops for the boys. And I even found a nice pair of white pants for myself. It was such a great deal. Thank you Old Navy for the surprise!

My other frugal finds this week were at Ikea. Again, I am normally not a big Ikea fan but I was looking for some inexpensive white linen sheers for Kate's room. I did not find them there. But I did find these great little juice glasses.

They are perfect for little hands and morning orange juice and they were only $1.99 for six! I LOVE that price point.

I also picked up four of these (at 89 cents each!). They are very, very similar to our Williams Sonoma Picardie tumblers at one-fifth the price. Since we got rid of all our plastic, I have noticed that we go through our glasses much quicker.

Finally, I bought this little lamp for Kate's room. I am not 100% sure I am going to keep it because it takes a special bulb that I might be against. But it is awfully cute for $19.99.
They also had enormous, beautiful orchids that I bought but am too lazy to take a photo. These live orchid plants would easily be $50-$75 dollars at my local florist. Ikea had them for $19.99.

Kate's room is almost done. The paint looks great thanks to my husband. I have ordered white linen sheers from Restoration hardware and I have a few other finishing touches to do. I will hopefully post photos next week. Have a great weekend!


  1. ooooooo...can't wait for the reveal of Sweet Kate's room:)

  2. I can't wait to see Kate's room! I love that lamp from Ikea, it's so fun to go there. I hadn't been until I went to the one in Dallas at Christmas, it's not really my style, but it's just neat to go and I found a lot more there than I thought I would.

  3. So how did it feel to go shopping?
    tee hee
    Snick :)

  4. You can't argue with deals like those! I love those little dresses. I can't wait to see what you've been up to in Kate's room.

    Gin =)

  5. You go girly.. great finds..
    Love it..
    Have a great evening..

  6. How cool to be lucky 47!! Very cute dresses. So sorry about kate's lump, hope she feels better soon and I'd love to see a shot of that maxi!! Also Kim, Thanks so much for your last comment. You always have wise words to share.

  7. i'm looking forward to kate's room reveal!! btw, i too hav a love hate relationship with old navy but in the past few weeks i've purchased a few dresses and skirts there that i LOVE!! i always seem to find tons for my nieces and nephews only to remind myself that it's not my job to dress them ... just spoil them with a new outfit each season! (and maybe a few cute things for our baby box!!). hope you are well ... xoxo

  8. I love a bargin! Can't wait to see Kate's room next week.


  9. Hi Kim,
    Love, LOVE, LOVE the dresses you found for Miss Kate! I, too, am not a fan of ON for myself but do love them for the girls.
    I have followed your blog for a couple of years now, and comment occasionally. I have a question for you. I am hosting a "thank you" breakfast for Marin's Pre-school staff the week of Teacher Appreciation. I have search the internet for sites that could give me "tablescape" ideas. I am wanting to use the hot pink/green theme. I was wondering if you have any sites that would work for me??? I know you love those colors as well as Lily Pultizer. Also,any great recipe ideas? I am needing things that I can prepare the day before due to the fact that the breakfast will begin at 8AM!!!!! You can email me at

    Thank you SOOO much for any help and ideas!

  10. great finds indeed! i can't wait to see the pictures of Kate's room@@

  11. Very nice finds. That lamp is really sweet.

    Can't wait to see Kate's room.


  12. awesome finds! I love good deals you know that! Can't wait for the big reveal!!!!

  13. Wow - great Old Navy finds!

    I also bought the Ikea glasses and love them. I got rid of all our plastic and invested $3.98 on 12 of the glasses. They are terrific! I also picked up the same lamp for a friends room. Love the lamp but not totally crazy for the shade. We haven't had much luck finding another shade but are working on it.

    I am really looking forward to the reveal on Kate's room. I am sure you will be excited to have it done!

  14. Cannot wait to see Kate's room, I love when you decorate...I love to see what things you put together, always turns out lovely!

    And the Old Navy finds - I have discovered it is always hit or miss there, you either find a bunch or leave empty handed...sounds like you found a bunch :)

    Now, I am in the mood to shop...not good, I better go clean something instead!

    Have a great weekend.


  15. KIM

    great FINDS!
    Number 47 you! (LOL)
    Sounds like some good deals!
    Love it all lovethe lamp if only for decor
    Hope you have a great week end too!
    Big hugs!

  16. have just found your blog... sooo precious..xx

  17. I love the dresses! I forgot they were having that sale...dang it! Oh well, I need to save my money anyway!

    Can't wait to see Miss Kate's new room!!

  18. I am a bargain hunter too! Great finds. Love Jules

  19. Awesome finds and stewardship, Kim!! Can't wait to see Miss Kate's room. I know it will be fabulous!

  20. I am always hearing of the great deals at Old Navy but I never stumble upon them ~ lucky you!

    Great deal on the glasses. I may need to stop by ~ I want to try etching our monogram on drinking glasses.


  21. Kate scored big time! I look forward to seeing her in her knew beautiful dresses :)
    I'll wait patiently until next week to see her room. She is a lucky girl!


  22. whoo hoo to Friday's finds!!!!!! Gap had 30% off this past weekend and I found lot's of deals!!!!
    Poor Kate...I hope her head is ok?

  23. Such great bargains!! I know what you mean about Ikea lamps- they are so cute and affordable but the bulbs are frustrating.

    I was commenting on Joni's site and saw that you may have gone to the sale she posted about. Did you go? Any fab finds there??? The pictures were amazing- those chests!!! Beautiful.

  24. Wow! Those are some great finds! Love Old Navy for my girl too and that lamp is so adorable. Wishing there was an Ikea in my neck of the woods! Hope you have a great week!



  26. Love your Friday Finds!!! I as well found a cute maxi dress for Bree! However, I found her dress @ Target and it is so adorable on her!! Gotta love little girls in Maxi dresses!!!

  27. You got some great deals! I love the Old Navy story--it is nice to be surprised with extra savings!!

  28. Hey Kim,

    My friend, Kim, is trying to bring her two 12 yr old boys home from China...she has two younger cuties from China and is doing a fundraiser with tons of her daughter's clothes...SO CUTE..lots of Mathilda dresses....go check out her fundraiser blog at:
    I think you will find some awesome finds...I thought of you when I looked through it...if I knew I was for sure going back to China for a darling daughter I would be buying up!!!!

  29. Hmmm.....her main blog is

    try going there and scroll down a few posts and she links her other blog....If the above doesn't work she is listed on my blog list....Celebrating every day can see I didn't know about Matilda Jane dresses when my girls were little..I noticed I spelled it wrong..LOL!

  30. What fabulous finds and deals! I have the same WS glasses and might need to invest in the Ikea ones too!

  31. They also carry the picardie tumblers at World Market in all sizes if you ever need to add to your collection.

  32. I LOVED the maxi dresses at Old Navy this year! I got the straw cowboy looking hat (Hannah Montana if you are Mya) & it is darling with the maxi & some flip flops!

    I, too, can't wait to see Kate's room. I have slowly (ever so) been working on getting Mya's done too. We are coming up on one year of living here! Woops!

    Love your Ikea finds too!

  33. I LOVE all of your little finds! I think Old Navy has become one of our favorites....such cute stuff and unbelievable deals!!


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