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Monday, April 26, 2010

A blog I really enjoy hosts bits of my weekend. And since I was too late to pull together a Sunday Snapshot, I thought I'd do bits of my weekend today:)

This is one of those weekends where I would have liked a clone of myself. We had ballet, baseball and a swim meet all at the same time on Saturday. My photos are not good...but as you will read...I was literally racing from activity to activity and just snapped when I could...



I raced from Kate's ballet to catch Will's last event. He did well and got 1st in his heat in backstroke:)

Kate and Harry cheering on Will as he swam.

Harry had two baseball games this weekend (and one practice). They won both games. Harry played great and got the game ball yesterday. His team had an amazing triple play on Friday night for the winning play. It was very exciting....not many 9 yr. old teams make triple plays!

He is not thrilled that I came in the dugout for this shot:)


Harry bats lefty but does everything else right?! Thanks to a Nikon Dad with a zoom lens for the batting shots:)

Kate had a princess party to attend during Harry's second game. So, I took her to the party, stayed a bit, raced back to Harry's game and watched the second half, then raced back to the party for another hour with Kate.

She changed princess costumes at least 5 times during the party.

And....Kate helped Daddy hang the linen sheers in her room this weekend!

I am off to meet with my nutritionist (at a grocery store) to find out all the things I can (not) eat for the next two months. Wish me luck!!!


  1. Whew sounds like a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!! Glad to see you are feeling a little up to par! Hope everything goes great at the doctor! *checking w/my doctor about the adrenal exhaustion* I wanted to send you a personal email about my experience, but couldn't locate your email address. Thanks again for the informative post!

  2. i love all the sneak peeks ,so much fun:)

  3. What a lovely weekend!
    And I do think that is the cutest ballerina I've ever seen:-)

  4. Looks like a pretty great and very active weekend. I want to go to a Princess party! How fun.

  5. Meeting with the nutritionist sounds great! Wish I could join you!

    Your children are so cute. It looks like you have a very full, happy life. :-)

  6. What a busy weekend!! Love all your pictures! Am VERY interested in what foods they tell you to eat!

  7. I can't wait to hear about the visit to the grocery store, I had my thyroid removed last year and my family doctor seems to think that I may have adrenal fatigue, we are testing in May. Best of luck!!!

  8. Good luck with the whole shopping and eating experience... I know you will be rewarded in the end for sticking with it!

    Love all the photos... so cute. Princess Kate is as lovely as always. But my favorite is the photo of her with her brother...just so precious!


  9. can't wait to hear about the trip to the grocery store! you are one busy mom, i know how you feel now;)

  10. What a crazy busy weekend you all had ~ love the multiple costume changing.

    I'd be interested in hearing what you learned from the nutritionist if you're willing to share.

    Hope you're feeling better each day ~

  11. I love to hate weekends like that...however I remind myself one day I will wish I have all these activities to go to! When my kids have all flown the coop! I think you pictures are lovely as usual!

  12. oh my word that is beyond busy!

    I don't know how you did it all!
    I tihynk the pics are wonderful perfect scrapbook photos!

    I used to love watching swim meets when Ryan swam. Its a great sport. I love the conditioning they do. ITs so healthy. It keeps them hungry though.:)

  13. Busy, busy weekend! I can relate ... well at least when I had all 3 boys at home.
    So sorry to hear you have been feeling so poorly, Kim and for so long. Hope that you will get it all resolved and feeling like yourself again soon.
    I also had many of the same symptoms with my chronic fatigue and know just how hard it is to function.

  14. Y'all kept busy this weekend! Hope you are feeling better soon. That is always so tough. And I've never seen that blog before - what a great one!

  15. Busy, busy weekend!! I hope you had a little bit of downtime! And I look forward to the big reveal!

  16. Fun photos! I think they're great! (and you captured the moments which really is the important thing - at least that is what I keep telling myself all the time :)

    My 13 year old bats left and does everything else right! It is a great thing in baseball!

    Those kinds of weekends are so exhausting!

    I am looking forward to seeing Kate's room when it is finished, I need ideas!

  17. Sounds like a great weekend..
    busy but good..
    Love the photos..

  18. Looks like you had a busy and fun weekend ... love all the pictures! You are a great mom!

  19. Great photos...and FUN!

    No wonder you're exhausted! I was feeling exhausted just from reading your post!

    Take it easy!

  20. Wow, you are one busy mama! Looks like loads of fun, though. I love all the pics and the fact that they are candids are the BEST! I miss taking candid shots. Hope your visit with the nutritionist went well! :)

  21. Wow - your weekends are packed full of activities!

  22. I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

  23. I just love your blog. And I noticed that Kate's hair is finally growing back.....;o)....she's sooo adorable!!!

  24. As always, i love the pictures of your beautiful!

    I thought of you today. I remember several posts back you talked about getting rid of all plastic dishes in your home and using glass. I have been contemplating doing that too for the past 6 months or so. Today I was reading a magazine a saw an article on some tempered glass dishes called Kidishes. They are pretty much unbreakable. I did not know if you had found anything like this so I wanted to pass it along. You can purchase them at

  25. Looks like a great week-end, busy & fun. Does your oldest enjoy swimming? Mine has enjoyed his school swim team.

    Kim, could you email me, we are researching some hypo allergenic dogs (Sage is allergic) and have noticed your Schnoodle (so cute!). We have narrowed it down to a few different breeds and I would love to talk to someone who has owned one.

    Thanks, love your blog.

  26. How on Earth do we do it all? I have been away from Blogland since last Thursday... feel so disconnected!

    I hope you didn't wear yourself out. I know how exhausting it all is. Please tell my you rested a bit on Sunday!

  27. I just adore Kate's dimples!! I could eat her up!! I don't know how you fit all of that in a weekend!!

  28. Boy, you did have a full weekend! Loved seeing all of the pictures of your kids. Looks like everyone is having a good spring.

    My Will does all sports left-handed but writes and eats right-handed. Not sure how that happens.

    Let's catch up soon!

  29. Looks fun and busy...but we need a little more on Kate's bedroom! That last shot is a teaser!

    Hope you are feeling better. It's so hard to slow down when you are a mom!

  30. I'm exhausted just reading about it!! But, it looks like a lot of fun too! Enjoy this time!

  31. Thanks for sharing about your weekend! I look forward to seeing Kate's room.

    Best wishes,

    LID April 20, 2006

  32. KIM
    SOUNDS like very very busy week end! Yes I think you oght to be cloned too! (LOL)
    Great times great pics and beautiful children!
    I am anxious as well to hear what the nutrionist says about what NOT to eat!

    I have thyroid disease no thyroid AT all!
    Not even a para thy-roid cell, so I await the POSt you may do for us that suffer with the same things!

    Much hugs! Love Cindy


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