Uh-Oh's {HELP?}

Monday, March 8, 2010

First, thank you for praying for Sienna. She is improving and there is an update on the travel site. They are requesting an expedited visa so they can come home earlier and get Sienna to a doctor here. That is what we are praying for now.

Okay, now to the uh-ohs. Yesterday, Dave was painting Kate's room (another uh-oh) so she was taking a "nap" in our room. Or so we thought....She decided to go into our bathroom and 'brush her teeth" with Dave's RAZOR!

There was blood all over her hands and mouth and she would not tell us how she got that way or what happened. There were some VERY scary moments. She was afraid to tell us what happened but we thought maybe she got into some medicine. She has a few cuts on her tongue but is fine otherwise.

I also had to cancel my little Oscar get together because Kate had the pukes. I thought she had a stomach bug but now I think it was just a bad cupcake. I knew it was bad when she told me she does not want cupcakes at her birthday party! Cupcakes are (were) her favorite food!

Now onto a BIG uh-oh (sorry this will be long). When we moved into this house, I did nothing to Kate's room, She had old guest bed linens for her big girl bed. We kept the walls gray. I knew eventually I wanted to do this stencil like I did in her room in Virginia.

Align Center1-13-07 puppy 002-1
(in VA)

So, I had looked at a lot of bedding options and was going to have some made using the gorgeous fun and vibrant Sis Boom fabrics. But then I came across this image (ignore the numbers) and I loved it.


I decided to order this Pine Cone Hill bedding. I was planning on mixing it up with a pink striped dust ruffle and some linen shams. It is really nice, well priced and feminine.

I ordered it before Lent and a few pieces arrived last week. I was so excited that I washed them immediately and put them on Kate's bed. Let's just say it does NOT look good with the pretty gray paint AT ALL!

DSC_9181Align Center

There is nothing over her bed because it is my hope to have one of these "bed crowns" with white panels....



Keep in mind the dust ruffle and shams still are not in. Since I washed them, I could not return the duvet and shams. So, I had two options...I could paint the room (pale pink was Kate's suggestion) OR I could try to sell or donate this and order the pink duvet....


So, we tried painting the room pink this weekend and I DESPISE it.
It is dark and rainy today (so the photos are dark and gloomy too)


Please ignore my ironing in the hallway...you should see the pile of laundry right next to it!!!
I know this pink does not look it...but it is SUPER pale on the card and in the can. I used it in Kate's bathroom in VA and loved it there (after trying 17 shades of pink).

SO now...we are back to square one. Do we continue with the pink paint (hoping the white stencil will tone it down)? We can go back to the gray and order the pink bedding. Luckily, it is not expensive. I am SO confused. I must admit. I am usually very confident and happy with my decorating choices but I cannot seem to get this right. Advice, please? Does anyone know of the palest pretty pink paint out there?

As an aside, I LOVED the Oscars last night!!! The hosts were great. I usually miss so much when I am hosting my party. My neighbor and good friend Lisa came over at the last minute and we ate popcorn, sno-caps and watched the show. I think Demi Moore looked gorgeous and so did Sandra Bullock!


  1. Can you go a shade lighter on the pink? I loathe picking out paint colors.....

    i DO love her bedding though. Once you get the wall color right, it will look great!

  2. The pink is lovely I think once the stencil is done you will love it too...keep it!

  3. I agree that in the end you should stick with the pink. What if you added a chair rail in white??? just a thought, that is what we did in our girls' room and I LOVE it, it alsom makes the room look bigger.

    As for the Oscars, I LOVED Demi Moore, she was stunning.


  4. The pink looks great in the pictures, just not sure about the color with the fabric. I'm sure the stenciling will make a difference too. Perhaps adding a soft pink blanket to the bed would help as well. I know you will work it out. You are a terrific domestic designer.

  5. I think it looks pretty, and I think to go from gray to any color would seem bright at first. Maybe leave it for a week if you can stand it and see how you feel. When I first painted hayden's room pink(pale) it looked like pepto pink to me. I didn't have the time or energy to repaint it at the time and now I am glad I didn't. I really love the color of her walls now. I think once you get it stenciled and the crown and panels up I think you might really like it.
    I am sure Kate loves her room being pink!!

    I have that same pile of laundry to iron. Doing my sheets and pillowcases today!! Love the end result, but don't enjoy the task!!

  6. I like the pink, and keeping it pink will save the new linens as well (adorable by the way). I ALWAYS pull a TON of paint samples (the hardware stores probably loathe me b/c I steal so many sample cards) and take them home. Lighting is so different in every space. Check the samples different times a day too, b/c rooms really change. The grey green in the store looked hunter green in my kitchen, etc. And once you find your true color, you can use those paint sample cards as gift tags...add a ton of different coordinating ribbons, punch a hole in the corner and presto! :) Good luck. You have such beautiful taste!

  7. My vote is to keep the pink as it is and the stencils will tone it down quite a bit. You may end up loving it and worst case scenario you go to plan b then (change bedding and back to grey). Keep us posted on what you decide.

  8. Looks like I'm the only one, but I like the gray with the pink bedding and stencil. They both look lovely though.

  9. I gasped when I read about the razor...oh how I don't miss those days!

    I love the pink but am sure I am not getting the full impact in the photo. It looks soft enough in the photo.

    In my living room I found a green I love from a friend. Turns out it was a half formula. I wonder if the paint store can turn your current paint into a half formula or you can soften it to a color you love by adding white. I would check back in with the paint store before returning the bedding and going back to gray. It will look lovely with the white stencil as well!

    Is your husband rolling his eyes yet?

  10. Its hard to tell what color something is in a photograph, but if it holds true, ILOVEIT! I hope to do Bailey's room but pink is so hard, I am dreading it. Sososo sorry about her little tongue!

  11. *I am so thankful Sienna is doing better... will keep praying!
    *I can not imagine how terrifying it must have been to find Kate like that!
    *I love the bedding set... it is beautiful! My suggestion would be to get pink paint one to two hues lighter on the paint sample strip... then you cut up an old t-shirt into a couple of large pieces, get it wet and wring it out. Paint a large X (about 2'x2') and using your wet, wrung out wadded up t-shirt you start playing with the lighter pink X... stamping it around... (so hard to explain) then repeat until you have done this on all of your walls. The result will be much lighter! And will look like this soft, wispy, cloud look only in pink.
    When the t-shirt starts to dry just dampen it again with a spray bottle.
    I couldn't find an example but this will give you an idea.... only a little softer look.

  12. uh-oh indeed!! My two year old used my husband to "shave her legs"!! Needless to say the "aftermath" look like she hired EDWARD SCISSORHANDS to help her!!! Those toddlers I tell you!!! Hope Sweet Kate's little boo-boo's are on the mend!

    I actually LIKE the pink!!! Like many commentors stated...just give it a few days and it will "tone down"!

    PS Also had to add...thanks for the shot of the ironing board and the mention of "laundry" piling up! I was started to hyperventilate on how CLEAN Kate's room was! My two year old can demolish a room in seconds flat! :/

  13. Kim,

    You always make such lovely choices for your home, whatever you decide will be goregous. Since you asked though, here is what I think. :) I would leave the walls pink. I think it would be beautiful if you could add white wainscoting around the bottom of her walls. I think it would be beautiful with the look you are going for and it will add value to your home. Just my opinion. As far as the bedding goes, I like both the blue and pink. Hugs - hope you get it like you want it soon!!

  14. Kim,

    You always make such lovely choices for your home, whatever you decide will be goregous. Since you asked though, here is what I think. :) I would leave the walls pink. I think it would be beautiful if you could add white wainscoting around the bottom of her walls. I think it would be beautiful with the look you are going for and it will add value to your home. Just my opinion. As far as the bedding goes, I like both the blue and pink. Hugs - hope you get it like you want it soon!!

  15. What about painting the walls white? The colors might pop more.

  16. Kim I would find the pink that you like and take it to Benjamin Moore or where ever you buy pain and have it mixed the way you want...: ) that's what we do. I pull a color that I like and have it mixed up.

  17. From the photo, the pink doesn't look to pink & I think once you get the stenciling done, that to will also tone it down. If it doesn't do it enough for you, you could always add some moldings with a different paint in between.

    I love the current bedding better than the other one and I'm not thinking the other bedding would look all that great with the gray walls either.

    I **adore** that crown! We ended up building ours over Eme's bed because I couldn't find one I liked and they were all so stinking pricey. Love it!

  18. I know I can't see it in person but my vote is to leave it pink. I think the pink is lovely. Give it a few days and see if it grows on you. Inexpensive or not, the bedding you have now is beautiful. I would hate to see it wasted when it may grow in you. To go from a gray to a pale pink is a BIG change. I've been working on my daughter's room as well. Paint colors are hard but with the stencil, all of the furniture put back into place, the white pseudo-canopy over the bed and all of her accessories I think it will be precious. Hope that is helpful! Please keep us updated!

  19. Poor Kate!! That razor story is scary. I would leave the pink, but add white to it to make it a lighter pink. The bedding is beautiful!!

  20. I actually do not think it looks made. It does appear to be a little peachy, but it is pretty! I would maybe go back to the store and pick a paller pink and even then have them tone it down if it looks too bright.

    PS- I ALMOST ordered the Cooper Gifts cookie cutter! So cute! I would have used those as favors, but was too tight on time to get baking. Next year they are a must for both of us though!

  21. I love the bedding and I think it will work. I have used a colorist 3 times and it was always money well spent. Here is an online person whose blog I enjoy:

    The accident sounded so frightful!

  22. Love the pink. I did not want my daughters room, totally pink so it's pink and white vertical stripes. I picked a paint sample that was white, with a pink hue. It looks really nice with her black furniture and pink and white twall bedding. Good Luck.
    Hope Miss Kate feels better.

  23. Oh, I have so been there. We just moved into a new home in Sept. I agonized for months over paint and carpet. Finally, I had it all picked out and was content until I walked in my bedroom! I instantly felt sick at my stomach and started crying while the painters were still in there. I knew I could not sleep one minute in that room. So, I was waiting at the door the next morning when the paint store opened to pick another color. I picked it and when I returned to see the new color that evening... I felt sick all over again, although it was toned down tremendously. Anyway, I still haven't found the right color. SO SO frustrating. It is all about lighting, where the window/light source is located, the kind of light bulbs you use, tone of carpeting, etc. I have no advice, but I know exactly what you are going through.

  24. In our former house we used a Benjamin Moore color called "King's Arm Rose"--it was a very pale pink--and EVERYONE who saw it LOVED it--I know Benjamin Moore no longer uses names--but #'s for their colors--I do not know the #--but most BM stores can look it up in their archives! good Luck!!!

  25. Oy vey, poor everyone with the razor incident!I hope her mouth and lips are ok now. Preschoolers aren't for the faint of heart!

    I love the gray but if you like pink, there is a very light pink called ALMOST PINK 70YR 62/154 and it was an ICI Duluxe now Glidden paint. It can be hard to find though. We have used it b/c it is so subtle.

    When my guest room was all RL Allison, it pulled out the lightest pink in the pattern but never looked peachy pink, reminded me of my ballet tights rather than ballet slippers, depending on the direction of your windows, it can be just a hint of pink and in dusk it was more defined. It is a hint of pink.

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    Good luck!

  26. I think the pink with a stencil will be pretty. Anything you do will come out perfect!!!

    I got a quesy tummy thinking of Kate eating razor blades, thank goodness it wasn't that bad.

  27. Thank goodness Kate is ok after the "toothbrush" incident! Poor thing! It is so scary that kids would do something like that by accident! So so glad she is ok!
    I love the pink in the room (plus Kate likes it, which makes it even better) Trying adding some more white details to lighten it up. I also like the linens...adorable. THen again, maybe it is the blue that you dont like.
    Keep us updated...cant wait to see!

  28. You know I love the pink, but if you can't stand it, now's the time to change it. Dave would kill you if you said it was ok and then wanted him to paint it again in a few months. You also don't want to do the stencils more than once!!

    I'm dying about the razor!! I can't even believe it!!

  29. It's hard to tell on my monitor but the pink, from here, looks beautiful...and very pale. I love it with all the white woodwork, but if it feels off to you, go with your gut. You are the only one that it will really matter to....and if you have a certain look in mind, you want to get it right (if you are anything like me...I obsess over colors).

    Did you happen to get my email today about Sienna? I hope they can fly safely.

  30. Poor Kate...tough life lesson. I love the bedding. I know Pottery Barn has a line of shabby chic paint colors or find a color you like and have it custom mixed. I bet Melanie at Pretties and Posies could point you in the right direction. Have you thought about a pale green that would coordinate with the foliage in the bedding?

  31. OH, I cannot believe Kate brushed her teeth with a razor! Bless her heart! I know you must have been so scared. Much later on, you will look back and laugh at that story! I'm glad she's ok!

    Pink is a hard color to use I think. Although it really doesn't look bad in the pictures. Her room will be so pretty when you finish. I know it's hectic in the meantime though!! My house is a disaster too, b/c I'm painting the bathroom. I can sympathize!

  32. I love Kate's new bedding! I was thinking that a pale green would be a beautiful color on the walls and would make the bedding pop. Just a suggestion. I do love pink, though, and know it will be beautiful when you are finished. Can't wait to see the finished product!
    Sorry about Kate's incident! Ouch!!! Poor baby :(

  33. That is VERY scary about the razor. Poor thing and poor you. I think either would be beautiful. Both of the bedding colors are fabulous. I think the pink is great for a little girl's room. I had light blue bedding (when I was little) and I really liked it.

  34. I think the pink looks great..... I know it is hard to tell in a picture, but I think it will look beautiful with the white stencils. Can't wait to see what it looks like when it all comes together:)

    Have a wonderful week!


  35. Kim,
    Continuing to pray from Sienna Grace. Praying that she can come home earlier.
    I love the pink with the bedding...I think once you get the crown up and the stenceling completed it won't feel so bright!
    By the way, my Goddaughter has a crown in her room above her bed too, but we took sheer fabric from the bottom of the crown down the sides of the bed. Ruby loves it and its very cozy...that could also help with toning down the color if you still feel its too bold. I love the bedding in either color...but the pink wall are just pretty with the bed...or what about a soft yellow?

  36. Kim,

    I LOVE the new bedding. It looks so similar to the Rachel Ashwell crib set I used in Lia's nursery...so feminine!

    It's hard to really see the pink through the computer...it looks pretty from here! I went through several pink samples until I found a soft muted one. It is called Venus...from Sherwin Williams. I loved it so much in the nursery that we painted her room in our new house the same color (with big girl bedding).

    I know whatever you decide it will be lovely. I can't wait to see it!!

  37. i have complete confidence that you will make the perfect choices as you design the bedroom. I know already that the finished product will be beyond beautiful. I LOVE the bedding!
    Oh I can imagine how scary about the razor. Oh how busy Kate is... just like a Caitlyn I know;) Busy busy...

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  38. Hi Kim,

    I have the same paint dilema! Do I paint Grace's room a pale lilac, blush pink, or a soft grayish blue? I hate committing to one color because I like to buy several very different beddings sets to mix it up. I will do one set and then switch to a very different set/look when I feel like it. But the wall color limits how much I can change the space! I hate to paint, especially when the walls are a color and need extra coats to cover. If it were me, I would keep the bedding and work the walls like bama belle said with gorgeous wainscoating and possibly stenciling and thicker crown moldings. Whatever you do will be incredibly elegant. It's in your blood. Speaking of blood, how scary for Kate. Those are the moments we wonder why the Lord trusted us to handle so much! I know you will find the perfect color to make her room a sanctuary. Much love to you and yours. :)

  39. I had chills when I read about the razor. I am so sorry. No parent wants to see their baby in pain.

    About your color problem. Have you thought about a pale pink with a pale yellow. Add a chair rail with pink on the top and pale yellow and white or beige stripes on the bottom. I love the pattern, you just need to pull out some of the colors. Then you can still do the white stencil on top.

    Whatever you do, it will look wonderful! You have great taste and I love all that you do. I can't wait to see what you do decide to do.


  40. I love it but then again - the photos might not be telling. YOU are a VERY talented interior designer....hmmm.

    As for Kate - I am still cringing thinking about that. Ouch! So glad it's not worse!

  41. The razor incident... that sounds so Jackson! Hate that experience for ALL three of you. Praise God it wasn't very bad.

    The pink paint incident... I say stick with the pink. I'm sure Kate loves it and it seems to look lovely with the bed linens (LOVE Pine Cone Hill... we sell that line!) If you really don't like it, you have some lovely options from everyone. Love blogland!!!

  42. I vote to keep the pink! It looks really pretty in the photo and once you get the bed crown up and stencil it will be lovely! Hope Kate is better!

  43. Hi Kim! I am a regular reader/blog stalker, but I have never commented before. I had a pink bedroom in my last house and it was a great color- very faint. check out Sherwin Williams- Intimate White. It was soft enought for my "grown up" room- not at all pepto bismol:)! Love your blog!

  44. Kim,

    I'd paint the walls pale yellow. I think it's the greatest neutral. The girls' nursery and big girl room both have pal yellow walls. I tried pink in their nursery too and LOATHED it.

    If you loathe it now, I don't think you're going to change your mind. You could always hang some large pieces of art on the walls to break up the color or you could just ask for new paint and have them cut the color with white by 50%.


  45. I like the pink. I too panicked when I first got my daughters room painted the color she requested. But after we got it all decorated, I am really glad I didn't change it. I love it and most importantly she LOVES it!

  46. Oh you are cracking me up!!! We are so much alike! That is actually the same exact bedding that I had for Myah, and Mel had for Annabelle. I have the yellow duvet though and used the blue shams with it. I had really pale pink walls. Mel had the same blue as you do and did the walls pink and salmon ish stripe with. I actually have seen in in a really pale yellow walled room too. I think a pale pink would be nice and the stencil would look great.
    I am so glad for Diana that she is getting better. Get them home!!!
    Oh my, Kate, what a scary moment! I am sure it has to hurt to eat doesn't it? Poor little girl!

  47. Eye roll for the 5 Bickies.
    The Husband

  48. Hi Kim... I've been away from computers for a while... but I think I can say I am back now. I love her room, but I have about 20 paint colors in my house, and I know that if I don't like it the first day, it doesn't "grow on me". And like my painter says "If you want to make an omelet, you've got to break a few eggs". If I don't like something I have chosen, I just chalk my mistakes up to, well, mistakes, and choose something else (though sometimes I must wait for a time to afford something else--- hate that). I love the paint in Libby's room. It is a creamy ivory, and looks great with both pink and blue. It is "timid white" from Benjamin Moore. I love pink too though. The blue bedding is one of my favorites. I love pine cone hill. So "English Manor House"--- my favorite look! And yikes that razor story. Gives me a chill up my spine.

  49. Kim,
    I went through tons of pink paint for my 2nd daughter's nursery. I think it cost me more in quart samples than the actual 2 gallons of paint! I just loved Benjamin Moore's "Pink Cloud". It's very light on the card but goes on the walls so subtle. It may not be in the regular paint deck they have, I had to ask for some other sample cards and have found other colors that way too. Good Luck!


  50. I like the idea of the gray with buying the pink bed linen -you do well - i am sure that you will choose well. I painted my daughters room pink, but it was too much, so repainted it a paler green and added pink in the accessories, and it was way better. Just my thoughts...

  51. Hi, I usually lurk, but wanted to give a suggestion on the pink...Benjamin Moore Ballet Slipper is nice. It was recommended by the editors of Cottage Living once upon a time....I really liked it.

    Good Luck!

  52. I'm probably odd man out on this one but, if it were me, I'd order the pink bedding and repaint the walls.

    I've learned that if I don't love some sort of change right away, no amount of doctoring it up will help. Just my thoughts.

    Have a great day ~

  53. Hi...just thought of two more that I've seen used in Blogland...

    Ben Moore Wild Aster...this is really pretty and pale. You could almost use it as a neutral.

    Ben Moore Gentle Butterfly.

    Good luck once again. I know how hard it is to find just the "right" color. I went through a couple colrs doing my baby boy's room recently...when it came down to it, I just went with neutral on the wall and let the art and furniture and bedding stand out in the room.

    I'm really not a "color" person...but I love thinking I am...lol.


  54. not sure what you should do about the pink! we are thinking about painting ellie's room pink in the new house, but I think I am going to add a lot of trim details, and maybe go with a cream and pink mixture. i can't tell from the pictures, but if you don't like it now, it may not grow on you!! i do love the bedding though! the oscars were awesome, we stayed up late watching them over here too!

  55. Hi Kim,
    I used Ballet Slipper pink by Benjamin Moore in Mallory's nursery and actually loved it! This was after going through several shades of pink. For some reason, pink is hard to get just right.
    Have you thought of painting the walls the same color blue as the bedding. I am sure you know this but you can take a pillow sham to your paint store and they can match it exactly. We own a hardware store and we do this for our customers when they bring in fabric samples to have their paint match exactly. Hope this helps.
    I don't remember if I answered you about adding me to your side bar but yes, you certainly can! I am going to add you as well! Love your blog!

  56. oh no about the razor! how scarry for all.

    i really like the pink. i just commented about the stripes but now coming back to this picture i really love the pink. i wonder if the stripes will be too much with the bedding? what about taking the same color pink and having it lightened by 50% then painting a large sample next to the window and see if that helps? the beauty of solid walls is that the bedding is the statement. i'd be careful with stripes, too, if you do plan to add the bed crown.

    just my thoughts!

  57. First of happy for Di and family, and that Sienna is better! Prayer does change things!
    you will have time to think and know what colors to choose and have those mixed to your very own choice
    AND to I hate that katie Ru got sick on you on the cup cakes
    Then glad she was no more injured than she was by the razor!!

    Gracious you have had an eventful WEEK!

    Maybe peace time is just ahead!
    Hope so for you!
    Have a great week

  58. Try Middleton Pink by Farrow & Ball.

    Her room is divine!

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