It's that time of year again...

Saturday, March 6, 2010



Baseball is serious business in our little town. I have been told that our Little League is the largest in the US and and I know that last year our seniors won the US Little League World series!!!

So, from February until late April or early May, our life revolves around baseball. Truth be told, I did not think I was going to like that. Years ago when Will was little, I remember dreading baseball. I even asked Dave if it would be okay for me to bring a book to read at the games. I grew up with all sisters and was not really into sports. But I have grown to LOVE it!!! I think I like baseball season as much or more than Harry!

Harry has baseball four times a week (2 games and 2 practices). Additionally, we have to work the concession stand (which is like a mini restaurant here--the best I've ever seen) and volunteer at the carnival, auction etc. It is quite a commitment. But these other team families become our social network for the next few months and it is tons of fun! So, if you don't see me around in blog-land as much, you will know I am cheering Harry on at the fields.

Miss Katie Ru is also busy getting ready for her Spring Ballet and Tap recital. I cannot wait:)







  1. Yippee! Baseball season. Go team Harry. Katie Ru looks adorable in her ballet attire. Happy weekend!

  2. We are going to try baseball out this year... hope it's mote fun than football season was ;)
    wonderful to hear Harry and his mama love it so much!
    Your pics are great, Kim! And that last one of
    Kate is awesome!!

  3. Sounds like fun! Harry looks positively gleeful!!! Seeing him reminds me of that photo you took last year of the boys on the bench with their bills turned inside out...that may be my all time favorite of yours...perfection all the way!

    And you have your pink ballerina cute as a button. You are so blessed!

    Hope all is well...


  4. Oh gosh.... I LOVE the expression on her face in the last pic. What a precious little ballerina you have there!


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  5. Hooray for baseball! It's the only sport I truly understand so I hope Carson continues to play when he is older!

    Cute pictures of Kate! She looks adorable all decked out in her dance clothes!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Baseball is my favorite! It's probably the only sport I actually understand. I kept score and stats for our team in high school. Love it! I hope Hudson will want to play.

    Kate is such a cutie! We have a recital coming up soon too!

  7. Kim I really loved my years of baseball with my four boys. In CA we played 7 days a week...and with four of them I spent 7 days at the field and LOVED IT!!! I even became a director for the league (never thought in a million years that would happen). It's so true that the people become a social network. I am still friends with many that my boys played ball with.
    Addison is getting ready for her recital too...well it's in June but they are starting their little dance cute : )
    Enjoy your time on the field...some days I really miss it.

  8. Now that my kids are long grown I actually miss the days of games and recitals. Enjoy! Great memories are being made.

  9. Ohhhh they are so darling!
    Hello SPRING!
    Love you

  10. We are also BUSY with baseball, junior varsity!

    The pictures of Kate are so sweet!


  11. We are big baseball fans up here in MN, too. We start a bit later than most...for obvious reasons!! Dawson has evaluations next week, and is excited to get the ball rolling! ;)

    LOVE little Miss Kate in her tutu. What a hunny!! Can I come to her recital?! Be sure to post some clips of her dancing...oh how sweet it will be! :)


  12. Love it!! We are in the middle of our first tournament of the season. I love every minute of it!! Enjoy!

  13. You will be very busy! Have fun!
    Love the ballerina!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  14. Before we venture OFF for the day too church and to wherever else
    YES it is that time of the year again:))
    YAY for spring time!!!!
    Enjoy al the moments! For they grow UP so Fast!!!
    Have a beautiful day
    Hary is growing, Kate RU is beautiful!
    Hugs to ALL!

  15. Harry looks like such the athlete!! He's a natural for sure. I can't wait for my boys to play baseball- next year Preston will start. Kate looks like the perfect little ballerina. I danced for 12 years growing up and LOVED it. Some of my best memories are the recitals. If I ever have a daughter I would love it if she danced.

  16. It is that time of year, isn't it!!! Looks like you are going to be running from the field to the studio:)

    Miss Kate looks absolutely adorable!!

    Enjoy your Sunday:)


  17. Hi Kim,

    Oh, I am so with you!!!! I could 'copy and paste' your post to my! I'm thankful Nathan doesn't have tryout this year, as this will be his second year in majors. Would have been difficult, as tryouts were this weekend, and as you know, our mind and efforts were else where.

    Last season, Nathan played post season all stars in the 9-10 division and made it to the state championships. Very exciting stuff...they all play their hearts out, don't they? Owen doesn't make the Apr 30 LL age cut off, so I have one more year with just ONE kid with the crazy serious practice and game schedule;-). O will be playing lacrosse which is must less demanding time wise.

    Anyhow....your Kate is adorable in her tutu. Must be a nice balance to the baseball.

    Enjoy all the activity:-)


  18. Ahhh...yes...I remember running around the entire countryside with my two big kids playing sports. I miss watching them play but I don't miss all of the "extra" stuff that it entails:)

    Kate is just so precious in her ballet clothes......I need to check into dance for Emma Jane when we get to Mexico...she would love it!

  19. We have a recital coming up too. Kate is darling in her tutu!

  20. Yeah Harry!!I hope he has a great team!
    Ballerina Kate is beautiful!

  21. Sounds like fun!! Lots of photo opportunities! x

  22. Baseball practices just started up last week here in SC... With two boys like you, my life revolves around the sport until May! Take me out to the ballgame!!!

  23. Fun times ahead for the whole family! Enjoy!!


  24. THe new season seems like it is off to a great start! The kids look super happy! You should be so proud!


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