Stretched and Blessed

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wishes of Joy

This has been one of those weeks. You know the kind when every single minute has some commitment tied to it. Then, a child (Will) gets sick (croup) and cannot breathe (so you get little sleep). I felt worried for my friend, Nickie and her family. I felt like I was running on a treadmill. We are going on week three of illnesses here (strep, stomach bug, croup). I am tired. I feel stretched in many directions.

But I have felt so blessed too. I was able to accompany Harry on an awesome field trip yesterday to The George Observatory and Challenger Center. I have not been able to chaperone a field trip since Kate has been home from China (almost 3 years) because I did not have child care for her. So this was such a treat to have special time with just Harry and his friends.

I have been blessed too by the numerous prayers and e-mails for my friend who is sick. Truly, it amazes me what an encouraging community I have come to know through this blog. Nickie is making small improvements. She is still in ICU and expected to remain there for a while. Please continue to pray.

I feel guilty too. I have not been able to reciprocate blog visits and comments lately. Life has just been so hectic that I barely have time to answer e-mails. I am sorry.

I also feel blessed by an upcoming opportunity. We have been waiting for a year to see a renowned pediatric gastroenterologist for Harry. Harry has had severe stomach problems since the day he was born. His symptoms have certainly improved being on a diet that is free of gluten, dairy and soy. But he still has problems. So for a year, we have kept food diaries, had x-rays, blood draws and more tests than you can imagine. I have filled out volumes of paperwork. And finally, Monday we will travel to another city to see this doctor. I feel blessed that we have gotten in to see him. I am both excited and nervous to hear what he has to say. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Finally, I am excited for this weekend. It is the annual Valentine's dinner that my hubby organizes. He is sending me for a much needed relaxing massage during the day and I am not sure what the dinner will be. Then on Sunday, we will celebrate Chinese New Year. Harry and Kate both got new Chinese outfits. Will has his from China. Luckily, is still fits.

Dave bought our family a wok for Christmas and he has been seasoning it and practicing so it will be fun to see what we cook up.

Here are a few photos from my day with Harry...

Mission Control

My little astronaut


They did an actual simulated flight mission which is supposedly just like actual astronaut training. Harry really took on a leadership role on the Probe team. He is a natural leader and it was fun to hang back and watch him in action with his peers.

Align CenterDSC_0067
The lighting was terrible inside the space shuttle!

The mission was a success!! On a side note, I really noticed in this photo how much smaller Harry is than his peers. This is one of the issues we hope to address with the specialist on Monday.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone.
Enjoy your Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year!
I am sure I will post on both this weekend:)


  1. Kim,after your week, I am so glad you are having a much needed valentine's date with your husband...enjoy the massage and I can't wait to see about Harry's dr. visit on Monday. Continuing to pray for Nickie. And last, but certainly not least..Happy Chinese New Years to your family! Can't wait to see what Dave cooks up in that Wok!
    By the way, official snow totals 12.5" at DFW...its something else...its a winter wonderland here in Big D. I'm home enjoying the coffee and my pj's!!!

  2. Aw, Kim, you are such a great momma!! Those kiddies are beyond blessed to have you! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine weekend, and I pray that the doctor's appt. goes well!

  3. A massage and one of Dave's special WOK dinners, what more could a girl ask for!!! I can't wait to see the pictures from your Chinese New Year celebration. It's like EYE CANDY for me!!!Wishing the 3Peanuts gang a Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines day!!!!

    Tell Nickie we are praying for her continued healing.

  4. Looks like the boys had fun. :-) We live near that state park and like to go there from time to time.

  5. PS Did you take this beautiful floral photograph? OMG it is gorgeous!!! Did you use the FLORABELLA textures on this?

  6. hang in there kim! i hope everyone is feeling better soon! have a wonderful vday with dave and a great chinese new year. the field trip looks awesome!

  7. Glad to hear I am not the only one feeling blessed and stretched...and I will add stressed to the list as well! Just be thankful that your schools haven't been closed for 2 weeks...LOL!
    Got your call today. The kids and I went bowling with Kate and her clan, so it was fun to get out of the house.
    I got the Beth Moore book from Amazon, but I am sure that your local Christian bookstore will have it.
    Have a great weekend. We have basketball tomorrow until 3, then a local CNY celebration. I was looking through my pics the other day and came across the CNY ones from your house...Maggie wasn't even home yet...wish we could celebrate with you too~
    Enjoy your weekend, can't wait to hear what Dave cooks up...sounds like that massage is just what you need!

    **I have to stop these long comments and either call you or e mail~

  8. take care of you. and have a lovely weekend.


  9. Wow! What a fabulous field trip! I am so glad you got to go.

    Enjoy your V-Day massage and dinner! It sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! Can't wait to see pictures!

  10. What a fun field trip! Sorry to hear that Will is sick and you're feeling so worn out! Hang in there -- it will get better! Enjoy your Valentine's Day-- your hub really knows how to spoil a girl! :)


  11. "HI" to you too :) ~ Michelle told me you two spoke for a while today and you said hello!
    I hope Will is feeling better real soon - that Harry's appt. goes really well - and I will continue to keep Nikki in my prayers ~ take care

  12. I'm so glad you were able to go with Harry on the field trip amidst all that you are juggling.

    I am also glad to hear that Harry's doctor visit is just around the corner. I am sure you have already thought of this but I have to throw it out there to be sure....has he been tested for celiacs? Grace was small and having 'tummy trouble' and they tested right away for it. Thankfully negative. I hope you find peace in the doctor's answers.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  13. Hi Kim...Harry's field trip sound so great! Praying your family's health concerns receive some much needed answeres. Enjoy your Valentine's Day and CNY! We are celebrating CNY next Saturday!

    P.S. I use a 1in curling iron on Lucy's . I actually need one that gets hotter...Hot Tools makes a good one...the key for me is to spray the section of hair before you curl it with a heat styling spray (right now I have Redken Hot Sets 22) this REALLY helps to hold the curl and protect the hair. Also, I curl vertically and switch around which way I roll the hair (to the left or right). Hope this helps :)

  14. We will keep you all in our prayers! Thanks for the update! Please let us know how you make out with Harry...when you have a chance to share!
    That NASA experience is so memorable! Wow!

  15. Kim, I've been praying for your friend and I've also been praying for you. I've been worried that you are going to get run down with all the kid's aliments and now so concerned for your friend. Please take care of yourself :)

    I'll be thinking of Harry. Thanks for the comment, I hope the magazine blesses you the same way it has me. Enjoy this weekend and your spa treatment.


  16. What a fun class trip!! So glad that you were able to go along.... I am sure Will was too!

    I hope everyone is feeling better! Enjoy your Valentine's Day.... I remember the big dinner last year. Can't wait to see what the men make for you ladies this year!!

    Have a Happy Valetine's Day and a Happy CNY!


  17. I'm really sorry that Will is sick...and I am still praying for your friend. Thank you for the prayers for my Aunt Jeanine. I was told today that she is back on the ventilator and back to being heavily sedated...I am just beside myself. I'm happy that you are finally getting in to the doctor...I am anxious to hear what they find. Enjoy your Valentine's Dinner and Happy Chinese New year to you and your family : )

  18. What a great day with Harry...I know you are so proud of him.

    Praying for all of the requests that you have made.....praying for some calmness and peace in your friends life...I cannot even imagine.

    Have a blessed week:)

  19. you are amazing.. take time for you girly.
    Have a great weekend..
    love the picures.. looks like he had tooo much fun...

  20. I hope everyone is on the mend soon. Thats great news about the gastroenterologist. I hope and pray he'll be able to help Harry in ways that the others haven't been able to. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine weekend.

    Gin =)

  21. I am so with you girlfriend! I have not blogged since Tuesday. Glad you had a nice fieldtrip with just Harry. That is so important. I went on a "date" with oldest son, Sumter, on Thursday, and it was one of the best nights I've had in a long time!

    Funny post also about homemade Valentines. Jackson did that for all the girls in his class because he didn't think they would like basketball ones! Hope they appreciated them!!!

  22. I hope you're having a restful weekend. I can't wait to see the CNY pics. I wish we were there to celebrate with you!! I can't wait to hear what the dr. says about Harry. I hope he has some answers for you.

  23. Kim, I am so glad I decided to check in with your blog this week. You had me laughing with the home made valentines (I completely agree with what you were saying!), the honesty about feeling stretched is so incredibly endearing, and your sheer adoration of your three precious children is eminent throughout. I will be praying for your good friend who is so ill, for your family as it sounds like you all got hit with a title wave of illnesses, and I hope that your spa day and Valentine's dinner are spectacular. I am so in awe of your ability to recognize the blessings in your life while going through things that can easily cloud that for most people. Thank you for your inspiration! I also wanted to let you know that if you ever get stuck with finding the right doctor, the right diagnosis for Harry, please let me know. I have suffered very rare GI diseases and illnesses, and I have one of the top 5 GI doctors in the country in Boston, as well as a wonderful GI doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, if you were ever so desparate to need to travel. They are amazing there. I would be happy to do whatever I could to help you get the care necessary for Harry. My heart goes out to him, as I can surely relate.


  24. Will be glad to pray for Harry! Hope that good news is awaiting!
    God knows the hearts of ech one of us!

    SO glad you got n a field trip at last with your children!
    What a great mom

    Sure hope youhave a great Valentines Day too:)

    you are beautiful inside and out too!

    Ps praying for your friend as well too!

  25. We have a place like that in New York. Last summer, we took our camp there on a trip...the kids had a "blast!" Looks like Harry did too!

  26. Looks like a fun time! By the way, how is Harry's ESL class going?


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