Happy Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 14, 2010

So, you know that for most for the past 5 years, Dave has organized progressive dinners with some of our friends. The husbands usually send us wives off to the spa in the afternoon (for massages or pedicures) while they cook, arrange flowers and set the table. Then we are served a multiple course meal at each other's homes. We have had so much fun doing that over the past few years. It is A LOT of work for the men (planning, preparing, cleaning, shopping, cooking-they do it all).

This year, one of our friends had something else to do on Saturday (we always do it on the Saturday night closest to Valentine's Day). Our other friends are in the midst of re-decorating their dining room. So, the plans shifted a little bit.

In the interest of not shopping, I wore the dress from my Christmas party.
It was actually perfect for Valentine's too:)

Kate was so excited to see us dressed up. She ran around giggling and dancing. She gasped and said, "Mama, you look so beautiful!" And she told Dave how handsome he looked too.

Dave and I both have colds/crud so we are not our best:)

I had NO idea where we were going. In fact, I bought flowers for our dining room
(even though the men usually do that) because I thought Dave forgot. But he had new plans....


Dave pulled up to the Museum of Fine Arts and told me to go inside and get warm. Inside, we met our friends and we explored the exhibits. It was an hour before closing time so the museum was quiet and empty.

This paining by William Bouguereau was a favorite of all of ours. In real life, it is exquisite.

After, exploring the art, we walked across the street to have a drink here...


We had a lovely time sipping champagne and a blueberry mojito (one of the men) and taking in the city sights. This is definitely a hot spot in town.

After drinks, we went to this little restaurant.

One of the reasons Dave started the whole progressive dinner thing was to avoid restaurants and the fixed "cattle call" menu and lack of service that is typical on Valentine's Day. But this little (57 person maximum occupancy) place is an old home with warm character. It is authentically French (the food, the menu, the servers, chefs and owners). Luckily, our friends are from Canada and speak French (not that it was necessary at all but it did make the server respect them more when they ordered in French;) Our food was superb! I would definitely go back to this place.

I think our hubbies did a great job planning a fun, romantic and interesting night on the town! Thank you Dave.

Here is a not so good shot of Kate in one of her Valentine outfits. It is from Etsy and is an adorable vintage-y print. She has the cold and eczema thing going on too. Her face is so red and splotchy that someone asked me the other day ...and I quote, "what is wrong with her face?" Lovely.


I wish you a day filled with lots of LOVE!!!


  1. Your hubby is so sweet and thoughtful. Sounds like a wonderful evening with good friends!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  2. Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend..
    I can't see all the photos..
    Have a great weekend..

  3. When people make comments like that it makes me want to say, "Didn't your Mom tell you that if you didn't have anything nice to say....don't say anything at all!" (smile)

    I remember your valentines day last year but this one sounds just as lovely. That painting is just beautiful! I couldn't see all of the photos either:( But enough to see Kate's beautiful sweet little face:)

  4. What? You went to ZAZA without me...LOL!! Glad you had a fun night out...hugs~

  5. What a beautiful evening....
    I love your dress. Katie Ru looks darling, of course!
    I'll be praying for you guys tomorrow...write when you have time and let me know findings and so forth.

  6. so sweet. Happy Valentine's Day! A lady came up to Grace at a school fair and picked her scalp while saying eeww what is that? I was so embarrassed and annoyed . It was cradle cap that literally happened over night. I am always shocked at what people say and do. Kate looks adorable!

  7. Sounds like the perfect Valentine's day!!

  8. You and Dave look great and the dress is perfect! LOVE Kate's outfit, she is so cute :) Praying for my peanuts tomorrow.

  9. You all had a wonderful weekend!! And I LOVE that dress! And Kate's outfit in the last picture is so cute!

  10. What a sweet evening, how nice of them all to organize that for the ladies!

  11. What a wonderful evening! I know you must adore that sweet hubby of yours. I cannot imagine a more perfect Valentine's evening. My, my that Katie Ru is a living doll. Her face would be perfect with purple polka dots...people are clueless!

  12. That is so incredibly thoughtful of your husband (plus your friends' husbands!!)!! (and I have to tell you that your dress is just gorgeous! I'm in the midst of a "spending freeze" too -- it's tough, but it makes me appreciate the little things a bit more. We can do it!! :)

  13. Wow! That sounds like a wonderful evening! You are a very blessed person.

    As far as that comment about Katie's face, how rude! I Katie didn't hear that comment. I think I would have just told them what was wrong. Then I would have told them that what they did was wrong. Then that would be it. Take the high road and leave them thinking. More people in society have to take the high road.

    I am sure you were a perfect lady and showed Katie a great example of forgiveness.


  14. what fun.....I wondered what was planned for this year.....looks like another fabulous time! ;)

  15. That sounds like a wonderful Valentine's celebration to me. Kate is soooo cute!

  16. Your husband is SO good!! It looks like this was a truly fabulous night. You and Dave look wonderful, and Kate looks beautiful, too. What a romantic evening!

  17. Kim
    Happy valentines Day! you look so beautiful in that hot pink dress and Dave looks handsome too:))

    I think Kate is adorable , She is so so pretty:))

    I love her little heart vintage out-fit too!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful night!!

    I think every one well all three, of you looked beautiful
    Hope you get well soon!


  18. Some people open their mouths when they really SHOULDN'T!!

    Your Valentine's evening looked lovely (as did you & the hubs!) I love how Kate reacted to see y'all dressed up! I will admit, I missed the progressive dinner this year - but appreciate the "play by play" nonetheless! What a beautiful evening!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  19. What a lovely Valentine's celebration. You and Dave looked stunning... would have never known that you were both under the weather. Hope today was happy for your whole family!

  20. you look TOO beautiful! I love that dress. I wonder if you really are going to be able to not shop for Lent!!! Good luck, I'll be pulling for you.

    And about that AFK furniture - it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive!!!! I could never have afforded it. :)

  21. Glad it all turned out GREAT!!! You both looked stunning, couldn't tell you were sick!!! Kate's outfit is adorable!!!!

  22. What a great celebration! I love, love, LOVE your dress from the Christmas party!! So perfect for V-day too! Dave rocks!
    Have a great week.

  23. What a great alternative to a typical V Day at a crowded restaurant. You looked radiant! Have a great week.

  24. so glad you had a lovely evening.
    How totally rude about Kate's face. UGH! You are all beautiful:)

  25. Kim sounds like a wonderful and perfect evening...I hope everyone is feeling better soon...and there is nothing wrong with Kate's face...she looks gorgeous and oh man....that was so not nice of that person. Let me apologize for them...

    Happy Valentines to Kate who looks adorable and festive in her little outfit : )

  26. The House Boy never disappoints! It looks like you had a great time! Adorable pictures of cutie pie Kate! I love her Etsy outfit!

  27. Sounds like an amazing evening. That dress is georgeous, and you're right, it's perfect for a Valentine's evening out. Love the adorable Kate pics, too.

    Gin =)

  28. Ooooh we may have to check out that little place!! It sounds like a fantastic night out!


  29. Way to set the bar high again Dave!!!!! Jeff's home sick, and I am at the cabin with the girls.. So romantic!! You both look great, even with the "crud!"
    Happy Valentine's Day!


  30. It's sound like a perfect time with your hubby and friends !
    Kate looks adorable !

  31. It looks like you had a wonderful night!! Regardless of the crud....y'all look fabulous!!

    Kate's little outfit is adorable....and so is she:) I cannot believe someone would say that..... Exczyma or no exczyma, she is a beautiful little girl with the sweetest face!! Sarah gets it too, luckily this year it has not been as bad as the years past..... I always feel sorry for her, it looks so sore:(

    Have a wonderful week!



  32. happy valentine's day!! it looks like it was fabulous;)

  33. What a wonderful time! You two look great -- even with colds. And Kate looks adorable in that cute outfit. Hope you have a great week!


  34. You are too beautiful for words!! What a perfect Valentine's Day night!!! Kate is precious, as always!

  35. kim , ya'll obviously have such an amazing marriage!
    i love that little miss kate was so tickled to see you so fancy!
    what a wonderful legacy you are creating for your precious family

    one of love,loyalty & special moments


  36. What a gorgeous Valentine you are!
    It looks like you had a lovely evening. Kate is too cute...spotches and all. I hope she's not uncomfortably itchy!

  37. Sounds perfect! Hope you're all feeling better soon. I can't wait to hear what the Dr. said today.

    LOVE Kate's outfit! SOO cute!!

  38. What a fun evening and you husband is so very thoughful!
    Love your dress (loved it at Christmas too - it's the perfect dress for both!), and you look just gorgeous .. Kate too. Darling VD outfit and pj's!

  39. In reading your blog through the last couple of years what I love is that you all are truly this grounded family. Your marriage seems to be truly two people with a foundation of love, like and respect and honor for one another. I love that Kim and know that it is well admired by me. So thank you for allowing us to view inside your world and your family.

    Happy belated Valentines to you and your family.

  40. Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's day. You are right...that dress did look great for both Christmas and Valentines day.
    Poor Kate...I know the eczema is no fun.
    I am trying to take probiotic supplements as recommended by my doctor. Have you ever tried that with Kate?

  41. You both looked perfect! What a fantastic way to celebrate... Art and French food = perfection! And I think Kate looks adorable regardless of anything "wrong with her face"!

  42. Sounds like a great time.

    But YOU, Miss Kim, look AMAZING!! :) LOVE your dres and this photo of you and Dave are definitely frame-worthy!!

    Happy BELATED Valentine's!



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