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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Party Boy

After the week we had, everyone in our house was a little grumpy (even the dog). But Harry had a little surprise up his sleeve. Last night he told us there would be a party in his room after dinner and we were all invited (not the dog). Kate put on her best tutu and arrived at the soiree (escorted by King Daddy), then I went stag as did Will. Harry began the party with this announcement:

"I know we have all had a tough week. Will had the flu. Kate had surgery and I had a stomach bug. But that is no reason this family cannot have a little FUN!"

He put some dance music on his i-pod and got the dancing started. We all danced around his room for a while. Kate was so funny. We were all fast dancing and she was doing classical ballet moves. It is as if that is the only way she knows how to dance. Then, Harry did a "laser" (flashlight) show on his bedroom ceiling. Finally, we played I-spy Bingo. It was awesome. Harry managed to lighten everyone's mood and make us laugh for a little while. What a great 8 year old!

If you are a long time reader, then you know we have "dates" with the boys individually. We will also do this with Kate soon. A few weeks ago Harry asked Dave to take him to Dave and Buster's on a date and they had a ball. So it was Will's turn and he had been requesting a date with me at the Museum of Fine Arts. We finally had a chance to go. Incidentally, Dave and I had our second date at the MFA (15 years ago).

I was so impressed that my 12 year old son wanted to go to the art museum. We have always taken our children to museums and we are members of several. So, I am glad to see some art appreciation has rubbed off on him. We had lunch at the museum. Will's favorite American artist was Frederic Remington. However, he was most fascinated by a modern installation called Hydrospatial City by Argentine artist Gyula Kosice. I must admit it was pretty cool even though I am a bit more traditional in my art preferences.

It was Family Free Day (thanks to Target;) and they had all sorts of activities at the museum today. Will and I did some "sketching." We sat in front of this


(taken with my I-phone and I was scolded by a security guard! Lots of people were taking photos.)

painting (which is incredible by the way) and we choose parts to sketch. I am THE WORST artist ever...so I looked for the easiest thing to do. Will actually is pretty artistic (but his real strength is abstract art). Here are our meager attempts...go ahead....you can laugh at my mushroom man. Although if you compare it to the original, it isn't THAT bad:)

(my sketch)


(Will's sketch-he did the scuba diver to the left of my mushroom man)

Will and I had a great time together and I look forward to my next date with him. Harry wants me to take him to some guinea pig movie (G-force?) on our next date!

Footnote: My editor/husband/houseboy think this post sounds WAY better than our weekend actually was. In reality, it was kind of boring and mundane. He suggested I add that Kate rode her bike to the end of our street and back twice (that was a first). I also wanted to add a disclaimer that our boys are wonderful but far from perfect. There was an air hockey incident involving a dispute, a flying (thrown) air hockey paddle, a bloody lip, slipcover and ottoman. It was NOT pretty and someone spent the day in his room!

I also know that a lot of this is pretty boring stuff but it is stuff I hope to remember down the road and mostly...I want the kids to remember it all.


  1. Sounds like things are looking up in your household! Hurray!

  2. Awww..remember when you paralleled blogging to "peking" through someone's living room curtains? That is EXACTLY what it is - just a peek!! not everyone needs to know all the details (nor do you for later reference, right?!) lol!!!

    I love your date nights :) What a great idea!! And I thought your mushroom sketch was v-e-r-y nice :)

  3. I LOVE IT..
    Sounds like a great date..
    And no kid is perfect.. but we all know that so that is why the date and the party in room is great..
    Have a great week..

  4. It sounds like Harry's party is just what the doctor ordered! He is such a smart little guy!

    I love your sketches too!

  5. I am happy to know that life is baçk to normal again.
    Have a great week !!!

  6. You do a great job of making the ordinary extraordinary. The "boring" stuff is what makes up most of life and why not make it exciting. Love Harry's party! What a cute kid. I think it is just wonderful that he recognized how difficult the week was for everyone and chose to raise everyone's spirits.

  7. I love that you all "do" dates with your children...you are teaching them so many great things...how to be gentlemen or ladies, how to have one on one conversations with adults or anyone else for that matter. Such a great grooming skill...I am so sure their future spouses will thank you! Gotta love Harry...he was just what the Dr ordered. Glad folks at your house are starting to feel better. (I am too!)

  8. I love the room party! We love little events like this at our home! But...I'm not sure who enjoys it more...the children or my husband and me! :)

    Glad to hear that everyone is feeling better!

  9. Love this post and especially the disclaimer. Life with boys is always hopping! Great memories to log!

  10. That Harry is a keeper :) Oh the things he will do for his family, too cute. I LOVE your art work, what a fun day for Will. Glad to hear the Peanuts are starting to feel better.

  11. What a fun party! Harry sounds like a very thoughtful young man. I'm glad things are getting back to normal and everyone is feeling better.

    Gin =)

  12. Awwww it was so good to open this post and be greeted w/LOTS OF FRECKLES!!! GOTTA LOVE A GUY w/freckles!!!

    Love the "date night" idea! I like the uniqueness in kids. Harry-Dave&Busters, Will-Art museum, Kate-classical dance. I like they are all comfortable in their own right!!

    Will is a great artist!! Good job!!!

    BTW: Kim I gotta confess, I thought your drawing was a PIZZA MAN delivering pizza on his head.

  13. I loved hearing about your weekend. Every family needs a go-to guy for parties. That Harry just makes me smile...

  14. Sounds like your boys are definitely learning from you (Harry's impromptu party and Will's museum request, not the flying paddle!) I often will write a post and think that my weekend sounds more exciting in print too.

    BTW, try to steer Harry away from G-Force, I hear it is painful!!!!

  15. Kim, your post reminded me of the skits me and my brother use to do for our parents when we were kids. We would invite them to the living room and we would do little circus acts. Thanks for reminding me of that.
    Your weekend sounds delightful and its days like that your kids will remember for a lifetime.

  16. I love Dave's reality check additions! We had a few time outs over here this weekend too!!!!

    Harry & Will - you are wise beyond your years. I love what I learn from both of you!

    And, Miss Kate! I love that you are our "classical" little friend. I too prefer that kind of music many days! Perhaps, Miss Di needs to get you on some ice skates soon!

    Hugs to one of my favorite families!

  17. Sounds like your weekend was a fun one!! With kids, I don't think any weekend is mundane!!!

    I love the date ideas. We kind of do that but not so formally.


  18. Glad everyone is feeling better and sanity has returned!
    The three of us are now dealing with illnesses here...Kate hit 103 F last night after starting a cold on Thursday...very different than other colds...she won't be going to Kindergarten tomorrow..thankfully, my husband will take the day off...tomorrow is my first day of teaching...and my throat is yucky!

  19. I love love love it - all! I love the idea of the "dates". I also love that your "editor" added the disclaimer...just makes you seem that much more human! Sorry to hear about the bloody lip though - but THRILLED that things are going better in the health department there!!! Stay well! Thanks for sharing!

  20. When you look back, sometimes those "mundane" weekends seem to have the most memories:) Glad that it sounds like your house is on the mend!

    Blessings for a great week, Ashley

  21. Sounds like fun to me! Hope you're doing great! Glad to hear y'all are feeling better.

  22. Glad everyone is on the road to recovery!! Sometimes the "nothing special" days/weekends become a very special memory.

  23. Harry is too cute! What a sweetheart. I love that your family does little dates between parents and kids. That's a great tradition

  24. Well, maybe all of the other stuff is kind of normal family activities, but the fact that your son asked to go to the MFA? Amazing! I hope that happens to me in a few years! Glad everyone is feeling better.

  25. Glad that everyone sounds like they are recovering. Garrett and I have spent our weekend in bed sick...ugh! Isn't it too early for all of this junk?

    Maybe we can catch up this week~

  26. It's the little things that make life special - like holding parties in your room. Every moment in everyone's life isn't awesome and inspiring, so don't apologize! Sometimes Husby and I sound like the life of the party, but in truth, you're more likely to find us sitting on the couch arguing over the remote than dancing on tables. Glad to hear your weekend went so well!

  27. I think your weekend sounds pretty swell! I can't even come up with enough from our weekend to make a post - LOL. We did a lot of driving back and forth to the hockey rink in Euless (out past the airport) for Will's hockey tournament. Other than that, I can't think of much else!

    Sure glad to hear everyone seems to be on the mend at your house.

  28. I love your blog post, it sounds like a fabulous weekend! I have been dying to tell you, I'm pregnant!! I am almost three months, and just beside myself with joy!! I hope you are well!

  29. Wow! What a week! I had no idea!

    So glad they seem to be on the mend.

    I'd say it's time for a date night with hubby when all the kids are feeling more like themselves. Whew!

  30. You do have wonderful kids with great ideas! Glad your week ended up on a better note (apart from the incident)!

  31. OHHHH KIM!
    So so glad to hear that every one is doing some better!
    I have wondered about you and your 3 peanuts too, but I have had a touch of this stuff too!
    THAT! Harry what a boy!
    So glad Will is doing better
    Glad Harry is too!
    Glad Kate is improving and glad that you 5 could have a private family party!
    These children will never forget this precious days and nights!

    So glad Kate was able to ride her bike a few distance!
    Most of ALL so glad that you and DAVE mad it thru this trying ordeal!
    What parental skills you have and are willing to share too!
    Sure glad everyone is back on the "mends!" again!
    SURELY! the worst is over!

    I have had you in my thoughts and prayers but not at this computer for I have been sick too!
    Glad things at your home are better!
    God is GOOD
    God Is Gracious and Helps us thru these trying times!
    I pray the worst is over and you keep us up-dated too!

    Love you bunches!

  32. love your sketches!!!

    So so glad that your sickness are about to become to an END!
    GREAT going Harry!

    Sorry over the bloody lip too!

    I know the children enjoyed the party and FAMILY FUN!

    I have blooged onced and hope it all comes theu too!
    Big hugs!

  33. Thank you so much for your kind comments... the first I've ever had. I was in carpool line and I think I yelped I was so excited. So glad you like it, I get so much inspiration from great bloggers like you!

  34. Sometimes the most mundane and boring can hold the most tender and amazing. Love Harry's party surprise! Tell your sweet hubby I love this post and think you are amazing my blog friend!


  35. Now you have me changing my mind. I thought Will was perfect for my Makenna. Now Harry is making me scratch my fingers and think "hmmm" maybe Harry is her sould mate. Stay tuned! One on one dates are the best. Glad everyone was out of bed and dancing. xo

  36. Well glad your weekend turned out fun!! Just catching up and so glad things went well with Kate! Here's hoping for a healthy year for all of you! Hope you're enjoying the week!

  37. Sounds like you all had a little much needed fun after a bad week.

    Leave it to the husbands to try to keep it REAL. I can hear Pat saying exactly what Dave did, but the truth is that sometimes some of the "finer details" are better left unsaid:)

    Cute sketches!



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