Follow-up Friday

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Shana!

(one of my floral photos)

A reader asked for a follow up today. Well, here it is.

Kate is in a lot of pain and won't eat or drink anything but popsicles. All she wants me to do is hold her.

Will is still home with the flu.

And now Harry is home with a BAD stomach bug. He cannot keep anything down at all! He does not have fever so I do not think it is the flu. He came in to sleep with me and Dave last night so let's just hope we don't get it.

Dave is at work and I am hanging on by a thin thread.

Let's just say that I have had better weeks. Okay back to my nursing:)

I hope you all have a delightful Labor Day weekend!!!!

One of my readers asked me to post this too...

SEPTEMBER is NATIONAL CHILDHOOD CANCER month, let's all do our part, DONATE BLOOD, BECOME A REGISTERED DONOR, BRING AWARENESS TO THIS HORRIBLE DISEASE! If nothing else wear YELLOW to show your support for these brave little warriors!


  1. Oh my, another sick child. My heart goes it to you. I hope your sweet children are better soon! May you and your husband stay well!

    Best wishes!

  2. Sorry to hear everyone is still sick there. Hang in there!

  3. Hope everyone gets well soon!!


  4. Oh, sound like me and how I usually get that darn black cloud above my head that just sticks around for a sorry that now Harry is ill. You do sound like a full time nurse! In regards to Kate, she will be fine...if it is only popsicles that she can manage, that is fine...she will get better and will accept food when she is ready. She is probably just fearful that it will hurt going past her throat. I know it is hard as a parent when we are used to giving our children 3 square healthy meals and various healthy snacks during the day. Our surgeon told us that our Kate would eat when she was ready (and when she!)
    I will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and strong even though I know what you must be going through is quite testing...when this is all deserve a nice spa day!!

  5. You poor thing. Hang in there. One day you might even laugh about it. I hope everyone is totally better real soon.

  6. Have you had Kate back in to the doctor , make sure she doesn't have strep ??? just a thought , my daughter while having the worse case of chicken pox somehow got strep , we almost didn't put it together because of the pox ,but it was a seperate issue almost missed it, since she is not eating or drinking , unusual for such a young tonsilectomy patient not to be feeling better by now.

  7. Still praying for y'all... three children recovering + daddy at work = one tired momma. (((hugs)))

  8. Praying that things get easier for you soon and all your little ones are well!

  9. Achy throat, piggy flu and a stomach bug OH MY!!

    Look like your holiday will be a LABOR of getting the house back in good health!!!

    Thanks for spreading the awareness for CHILDHOOD CANCER MONTH Kim! You are a GEM!!!

  10. man oh man kim ... hang in there. xoxo

  11. BTW!! You have wonderful photography skills! You really should do this professionally SERIOUSLY!!! I would be one of your first customers!

  12. Let's hope you have a healing weekend and next week will be better! I am hoping you and Dave, or anyone else in your sick bay, don't get the stomach bug!

    Take Care!

  13. Oh I am so sorry...I am glad we have 3 day weekend and that will give you additional help with children. Take care of yourself.

  14. Oh Kim, I am praying for you all! I know exactly what Kate is feeling like - I know I wouldn't eat anything but popsicles and mashed potatoes (which helped with the nausea). My fiance just took instant potatoes and put double the amount of water in them and made them cold to luke warm. I could keep those down and it was horrible eating them, so it might be worth a try:) Just thought I would pass it on...

    Blessings, Ashley

  15. I am so sorry... I pray that everybody will feel better soon and you and Dave won't catch anything :-)

  16. Hugs, and sending prayers for better days soon for you all.

  17. Kim,
    I'm so sorry you have a house full of sick kids. Thinking of you all, and sending goog thoughts that you all don't get the swine flu from Will. Hopefully the 3 day weekend will help and you can get a little time to yourself.

  18. You must be exhausted. Let's hope you all turn the corner soon.

  19. Sorry to hear everyone is sick. Hopefully this long weekend brings lots of rest and healing to your household!

  20. Oh Kim, I will be sending lots of prayers to you! When Clark had his tonsils out it was a horrible experience. I will tell you that it did seem to really help with his ear infections and sinus infections.I hope you have a peaceful weekend and stay well!

  21. I can't believe everyone is sick! Thank goodness for the three day weekend!

  22. Oh...I am so so sorry. Didn't you just have an stomach virus, too, a week or so ago? I understand the "hanging by a thread" feeling. We have had multiple sick people in this house several times over the last 12 was unreal. Then when the school year was over and I finally thought we were out of the woods, so to speak, it started all over again this summer with 4 kids and 1 adult (me) with hand, foot and mouth disease followed up with a ER trip for one with a staph infection and then 2 whose HFM turned into viral meningitis (and I was on my own at our summer house). It's hard to play nursemaid to so many for so long without kind of losing your mind. I never heard more whining over those few weeks (the screaming, moaning and inability to Kate...whose throat must feel really dreadful after her surgery). I tried so hard to run from one child to the next with a smile on my face and the patience of a saint (I really gave it my best) but it wears you down after a while). I hope they all are feeling much better by the time the long weekend is over. We are all thinking of you and sending good energy your way. Motherhood is truly the most difficult job there is...and you're a gem. Hang in and the sun will be shining over your household again soon!

  23. Geez.....another sick baby. You guys desperately need this long weekend to recover!!!! Hope all is better there by Monday!!!!!! You need a break :)

  24. Stay strong, and healthy, so you can continue to take care of the peanuts! Good luck...speedy recovery wishes!

  25. Praying...praying...praying! love you!

  26. Kim

    Bless your heart
    3 sick children!
    I hope you and your husband do not get that either!
    The stomach bug or the flu!

    I know from your blog you have a heart as big as the state of California a great nurse and a wonderful lovong mommy and wife too!

    Praers being sent!
    Cindy Psalms 103 It is comforting to read! 3 Big Hugs!

  27. forgot to say your print is gorgoeous too-- just like your heart!!

    Hope how soon every one is well!

  28. Ohhh boyyy!!!! It looks like you really have your hands full! Im sorry things have been so tough for you are seriously a SUPER MOM! Hope all is well...keep your head up! :)

  29. Ok, that's enough -- nothing else is allowed to happen to your family unless it's good. You all have been through so much and deserve a break!!! I am praying for you and your family so that everyone heals and that nothing else happens. You are so strong - -hang in there!!! Those kids are so lucky to have you!!!

  30. Ok, that's enough -- nothing else is allowed to happen to your family unless it's good. You all have been through so much and deserve a break!!! I am praying for you and your family so that everyone heals and that nothing else happens. You are so strong - -hang in there!!! Those kids are so lucky to have you!!!

  31. Praying HEALTH into the Peanut Household!!! hang in there, Momma Bear!

    My kids have been sicker (snotty noses, coughing) this year then they have EVER been.........Uggh!!

  32. Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

    It's all perfect !

    Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

  33. KIm- Just found this recipe for an immunity boosting juice to make (I made it this am b/c my Kate is sick...we believe just a nasty fever, only low grade in am...maybe this will offer you a bit of protection:
    3 carrots, 1 stalk celery, 1 apple, 1 cucumber, 1 beet with greens (warning: your body, um, wastes will be red for 1-2 days! Scared the crap out of me when I first noticed with me!!), and a handful of parsley. Another one is called the flu fighter:
    Juice 2 cloves of garlic (yummy!), 2 stalks of celery, a handful of parsley, 6 carrots, and 1 apple...
    They are worth a shot!
    Hope everyone is better soon!

  34. I just found your blog and it is lovely! We are just in the process of sending our dossier to China. I am so sorry for your week. Praying your weekend will have many bright moments, and everyones health improves!

  35. I am so sorry. I hope that recoveries come soon. I can't imagine having to try to treat so many different illnesses.

  36. Kim I had days like this when my kids were all little. I know you are exhausted. Hang on, friend! Wish I could come help. How I longed for relief and sleep in the years I had many days like this. I someone offers to help you, take it!

  37. I hope this morning is bringing good health to the whole clan.
    And yes, that's me with Ethan in the LIVESTRONG shirt. He's my new BFF! Thinking of you ALL. XO

  38. Hang in there, you're much nicer than me, at least you gave him a bell :). Hugs to you...

  39. Its funny, what sounds so boring to us is entertaining and helpful to others...
    We have incidents like the flying
    paddle thing too. Yep...
    Yea for Kate and her bike riding!
    SO glad all are recovering.
    Harry is such a little light!
    I love the pics above of Kate finding the starfish! Chloe also "just happened" to find particularly lovely treasure on the beach this year:)
    It was so funny, she was walking back to the condo with this fabulous shell and a woman that had really been searching for treasure saw her and got excited and headed back to the beach to try again;) Hubby had to go tell her the truth:)


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