Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Note:  Our water is running, our AC is being serviced right now and my I-phone is getting a facelift and will be discharged from surgery in a few days.  I have a loaner phone but none of my contact numbers, so call me:) And as for the discovery I mentioned, I really don't mean to taunt y'all. I just need time to take photos and write a good informative post because it deserves that and right now I have no time.  I promise to share my discovery mid-week next week and it really has been great for me.  I am thoroughly entertained by your guesses though. Now back to the beach journal....

One of the best things about our vacation was spending time with my sister and her family. Ashton is an only child so his first cousins mean the world to him. Ashton and Harry are especially close and he has been known to call Will and Harry his "cousin-brothers."  One night at dinner, Kate was asking everyone their "favorite part of the day" (a daily family tradition for us) and she said, "Ashton, cousin~friend, what was your favorite part of the day?"  I thought it was so adorable.
My sister and her family

Our cousin-friend, Ashton




They spent a lot of time all snuggled up on this loveseat (playing the DS, watching some morning cartoons while the grown-ups made breakfast and coffee.)


This one is out of focus but they had so much fun in the pool.
We miss you already cousin-friend, Ashton.  Please come visit us soon!!!!


  1. GREAT photos and sounds like an AMAZING trip..
    LOVE the cousin-friend...
    That is how is should be..
    can't wait for you post..

  2. i love that kate is wearing your shawl drinking her juice box. so so sweet! and cousin-friend ... that's adorable and priceless.

    i'm guessing maybe some yoga?

  3. We are so fortunate that our cousins live about 15 minutes away, but that doesn't make them any less precious to us. We call it "Cousinville" when we all get together. I just love watching all of them together!

    A side note, if you don't mind me asking, what beach did you visit? It looks absolutely GORGEOUS, and my husband is tired of us going to the same old place . . .

  4. Looks like it was an excellent beach trip.

    Cousin-friend Ashton is adorable, and all the pictures look like the kids really enjoy their time together. So fun to vacation with those you love.

    Glad everything is being fixed. So the iphone can be repaired?? Good to know. I hate keeping a case on mine, but I do as I am a bit accident prone, and it is a wonder I have not had this happen already. Hoping it comes home very soon:)

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Sorry about your phone~

  6. We are with cousins right now and it's so fun to see the children have fun and play together. Your photos are gorgeous and I'm sure your memories are even sweeter.

    Glad things are looking up on the home front!

  7. What sweet pics...that Ashton is a cutie!!!

  8. Great photos! Fun with cousins is the best! Your sister has the cutest family -- just like you and yours! Enjoying reading about your vacay!


  9. Gorgeous pictures! J's cousins are all VERY special to him as well :o)

  10. Beautiful photos!

    I love the "cousin-friend" statement! My husband's sister lives down our lane. She has two daughters. Our two oldest are 4 months apart (they are in the same grade) and our younger two daughters are 10 weeks apart (again, will be in the same grade). My girls always use the term "best friend cousins"! Love that! I think it will be more like "sisters" !

  11. Such a fun time! I love my cousins and am glad your children enjoys theirs.

    Your sister is darling! Although I would expect nothing less for someone related to you, of course. :)

  12. such fun!!! Family time is the absolute best!
    I love all the cousin photos.
    Your sister looks beautiful! I always look terrible at the beach with the humidity!:) I love the pics you shot of them! Such a beautiful family.

  13. HI!

    thank you so much for the comment. Desi did havbe a lovely birthday. His invitations turned out very cute with the picture on them.

    i am so happy to see you included me in you private readers list. i actually didn't ask, because i was sure that you didn't know me well enough to include me and wanted others to be able to have the spots. i am thrilled non the less. i really love reading about your family and you are such a role model for me (i just finished reading the discipline post. wonderful idea!).

    thanks again for including me. i will definantly try to comment more often!

    lots of love,

    p.s. the beach pictures are all sooooo nice. i am really looking forward to our beach trip in september now! hehe :)

  14. Oh do we have a BUNCH OF COUSINS in this family!! We can have a family reunion just w/the immediate family SERIOUSLY!!! As "the cousins" have all grown up, they are now having their OWN KIDS and the FAMILY TREE is getting bigger w/more cousins!!!! We got together this past weekend and watch old movies of "the cousins" TALK ABOUT FUN to see how young everyone looked and how the clothing and hairstyles amongst them have changed!

    I gotta know as well....what beach is this? It's beautiful!!

    Keep the beach photos coming, I'm truly enjoying my virtual vacation with you guys! SURF'S UP!!!!!!!

  15. Oh my, that Ashton is a cutie!!! I looove the one of all the cousins together- love Kate's pose! And my other fave is the one of Ashton and Harry from the back with arms around... SO sweet! Oh and the 1st one- great composition! So glad you had such a great time (but I missed our daily chats). ♥

  16. Your photos really capture the love in your family.

    Love the pink tutu swimsuit! : )

  17. Wow, you really have one handsome family (extended too!) I have such fond memories of growing up with cousins!

    I saw your comment on Granny Smith Green's post about marble. I was hoping I could ask you about your marble in your bath, but can't seem to find an email. If you have a moment would you mind emailing me?! My question involves what products you find safe to clean the grout and the marble itself... we just moved in to our house a couple of months ago and I am having great difficulty finding answers to these issues (even from the tile co. that installed the marble...)
    thank you!

  18. Your pictures are so great! Crisp, clear and colorful! FIrst off, my 2 daughters have that exact ballerina bathing suit! It's so cute! One pool said they couldn't go into the pool until they put their bathing suits on-i just laughed!
    Secondly-that poor iPhone-oh my lord-talk about crushed! Hope you got a replacement fast!! :)
    Lastly, looks like you had a glorious summer-cousin Ashton is a looker for sure! So adorable!

  19. I loved this post because our only-child Tongginator ALSO cherishes her cousin-friends. Sob. Smile.

  20. Hi, just wanted to stop by to say how much I've enjoyed your posts. Thank you !

  21. We are just getting ready to leave to see our "Cousin Friends" again:) Great beach and pool photos of the crew enjoying their summer days!!

    I think that white dress has to be the "beach dress" of the season....we all had the same idea when we saw it at Old Navy!


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