Thursday, August 20, 2009
Seaside, Florida
(taken by my sister~thank you, Dawn!)

You know how if you spend too much time in the water you get waterlogged?  Well,  I am officially "child-logged." (I made that up, pretty good, huh?)  I LOVE my children dearly but I have spent entirely too much time with them this summer.  I am out of steam.  I find myself begging them in the car for just 5 minutes of quiet.  They are good children but I have had enough.  I have been reading other Mom bloggers writing about looking forward to school starting so they can get back into a routine.  That is nice.  I look forward to school starting for two reasons:
1.  a few (and I do mean few) hours of PEACE AND QUIET 
2. a few hours of a semi-clean house
I know people will e-mail me and tell me how quickly they grow and to enjoy this time...blah, blah, blah!!!!  I have enjoyed almost everyday of the summer with them and I am ready to enjoy some peace and quiet now.  Yes, I love them.  Yes, I enjoy them. But enough is enough.  I know you Moms know exactly what I am talking about!
Today, we went to Will's school to set up his locker, we bought Kate some new school shoes, went out to lunch and swam at the pool.  Yesterday, I took the boys to see Ponyo.  And this weekend, we are heading back to the beach for one last hurrah with some family friends (20 people in a beach house).  On Monday is BACK TO SCHOOL for ALL! I was so excited to have 2.5 hours blissfully alone on Monday morning until the pediatrician called to remind me of a 3 year old well child check-up for Kate at 10am Monday morning.  My heart sank.  Apparently I made the appointment in May or June before I knew Kate's school schedule.  So, guess I will have 30 whole minutes of peace on Monday...well there is always Tuesday:)
Today when I took the peanuts out to lunch we reminisced about all the fun things we did this summer. It was a good summer. The boys agreed that sleep away camp was their favorite and our trip to Seaside was their second favorite activity.  Here are some final photos of our beach trip that I never posted....

My 3 peanuts

Katie Ru and Mommy
(now we are both letting our hair grow)


Peanuts and cousin, Ashton




Daddy and Kate Emerson dancing on the beach.  They were doing this while I was photographing my sister's family.  I caught them out of the corner of my eye and had to snap away.

Daddy and his dancing princess


  1. Great photos..
    And you know what.. they do grow up WAY fast.. but that doesn't mean you can't have some MOMMY time..
    We all deserve it..
    LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE the photos..
    I would LOVE to live on the beach..
    Have a great week..

  2. Beautiful photos! Yes, they grow up way too fast, but you DO need a break.

  3. Amazing photos, I adore the one of the peanuts looking out into to ocean.

    I think you should do one or two things a month that are just for you during your hours of freedom. Maybe a mani/pedi, yoga class or lunch with a girlfriend. You deserve some "Kim" time. I admire you as a Mother and think you are an amazing women!!!

  4. Your photos are always amazing...Kate is impossible to photograph...she is always running, jumping, or avoiding the camera when we try to catch those special moments...oh well! You are totally normal to be glad for this time of the year...I love Kate dearly, but she is so ready for kindergarten and someone else to amuse her all day long...hopefully she will be exhausted by the end of the day, because I will be after teaching 25 third graders!

  5. Oh wow -- such beautiful photos of your sweet family! Those are so precious!

    Hope you are able to enjoy some much deserved peace and quiet very soon! :)


  6. Cute family photos!!! Love the Daddy Dance!

    Sophie Wei was giving a dress very similar from her Auntie.

    Have a good day. ~Michele

  7. Kim,
    Love this, love this, love this. I love your true honesty always. I love these images especially the dancing ones. Just fun and beatuiful.

  8. You crack me up! Every mom feels this way from time to time. I can relate. I always felt guilty saying that since I work and have to be away from them most days. It is still nice to have time when no one is asking for a piece of you. When school starts you can recharge and be ready to have more kid time after school. Thanks for the honest and funny post.

  9. I know it's a LONG way away, but, those pics of Kate dancing with her daddy will be great for a wedding slide show someday!!!

  10. Love all the fabulous photos! Enjoy the peace and quiet!

  11. Right there with you, girl! Enjoy your peace and deserve it!!

    Great pics!

  12. You are not going to get me arguing with you on SCHOOL. I think this has been the l.o.n.g.e.s.t year of my life :)

    LOVE the beach pics!!! Love the one of the 3 sitting. So glad you had a great summer, spending time with the kids - and YES, TUES. you BETTER not be blogging!! You need to be enjoying a smoothie ALONE - with a good book :)

  13. Kim -- I go to work every day and my kids still drive me crazy! I am ready for the structure and routine too.

    These beach pictures are fabulous! At least Kate didn't give herself a new "do" before your beach vacation!

    Enjoy your peace and quiet on Tuesday!

  14. The 'blah blah blah' cracked me up!
    We all need a break sometimes!

  15. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!

  16. I love the ones of Kate dancing with her daddy. The best pictures come from unplanned moments!!

    I know putting these up probably rubbed salt into the hair wound, but like you said you and Kate can both grow your hair out:)

    I think most mom's are ready for school to start. That is why school is 9 months and summer is 3 months!!!

    Enjoy your first week in quiet!

  17. I love your pictures! I hope you'll be able to catch up on some much deserved rest on Tuesday!

  18. Kim, the picture of your family sitting in the sand is just absolutely gorgeous!! Love the sandy feet!!! I understand fully what your saying, that's not a bad thing, everyone needs a break now and then! Enjoy your last hoorah this weekend!!

  19. Wonderful pictures! I'm glad everyone had a great summer. Enjoy a bit of well deserved peace and quiet. It's just like everything else in life, you have to have balance. I've figured out already that I'm a better Mama when I can get a just little time to myself now and then.

    Gin =)

  20. You are right, even if they won't admit it, I think all mom's out there know exactly what you are talking about. It's very necessary for us to have that quiet, clean, alone-time to refresh and rebuild, so that we can REMAIN good mamas!! :) Otherwise we'd all end up in a nut house!! LOL! ;o)

    Enjoy your last weekend at the beach. The photos are stunning! I especially love the one of your family sitting/spooning in the sand!! :) And Kate dancing with her daddy is awfully precious, too! Good times!!!

    God bless! <><

  21. I am so ready too. You made me laugh...

  22. oh i understand you : i have two little daughters and we spent 5 weeks all together : it's so nice but sometimes and just want to take "pause" on their lovely mouthes !
    and i just had and entire week alone to prepare my "back to school" : it's absolutely divine!

  23. I know how you feel, on one hand I dreaded the kids going back to school with all the homework, non-stop after school activities. However, after my youngest was back in school for 2 DAYS I had to pull him out for a drs. appt. Good luck.

  24. I can TOTALLY relate to the Mommy blues of summer, and I still work about 18 hours a week as a pharmacist. I love, love, love my boys and hate to be away from them, but they get bored in the summer - despite all of the traveling we do, and then they become little devils! :) We are currently at the beach too - we start school Tuesday.

    I love all of your beach photos! They are really good! Nothing like white against a beautiful ocean backdrop!

  25. Beautiful pictures Kim! I'm sure it is nice to have photos of the whole family.
    We need to go buy a lock today! Middle school...where does the time go?
    I hope all the peanuts have a fabulous school year!

  26. I know exactly what you are saying...oh boy ol' boy don't I know.

    Kate's dress is perfect for beach photos...& all the photos are beautiful, I'm especially fond of Daddy dancing with his girl and how Kate seems to 'pose' in a sassy little way for each one.

  27. Love the pictures! I love Seaside too! I have so many wonderful memories from that area.
    We homeschool, so I do know what you mean about too much time together! We schedule many classes for this very reason. We have one whole day of class each week, and also schedule 1-2 hour classes on other days. It's good for all of us!
    I am also out of steam. My in-laws were here visiting for three weeks. It has taken me three whole weeks to get my mojo back.
    Do you have any new home decorating plans? I need to paint my main area. I've been sitting on a color for few weeks. Cozy Cottage by Behr. Well, this is a long response for a fly by reader and seldom ever commentor!

  28. These are great pictures....I love the dancing with her Daddy picture and her little toes pointed in the sand. We love the beach...for Lottie and Emma it is very relaxing to play all day in the sand...and for me too;)

  29. I agree completely!! I am so busy keeping them is exhausting! I made the same comment to my husband and he retorted "don't wish your life away.." GAH! I know he loves our children but I know he wouldn't even last one week of our summer schedule! Moms need a break! We have three weeks left of summer. (sigh)

  30. School started for us on Wednesday! We had a great summer, but yes, it was time. The funny thing is that I've already been to the school twice for volunteering, oy!

  31. Those photos are so cute! I love the one you caught of Kate and Daddy dancing. Too cute.

  32. Love the pictures - you look beautiful!!! Staci

  33. I really love the shot of you all sitting on the beach. Being a person who always does beach photos with the family, I never thought of that shot! I like it - it's different - creative!

  34. I Loved the pictures ! You and your family looked great .

  35. You took the words right out of my mouth! I love my children dearly and I also can't wait for school to start (4 more days!) Beautiful pictures as always!

  36. What great pictures and yes I know what you mean about school starting. Yes I can't believe Heidy is in Kindergarten and Eden in preschool. They both love it and want to be there! BUT I need some time to myself too. Any mom does, to rejuvinate themselves.


  37. I am so sad that the girls are starting school that I'm just dreading, and I mean dreading, summer ending. I feel like our lives are about to completely change and I don't like the feeling one bit.

    A part of me wishes I were feeling a little kid-logged but I'm just not.

  38. Beautiful beach photos. Kim. I love Seaside of my very favorite beaches. We have family beach photos from years ago with my boys wearing the same as yours - of course no sweet little girl though!
    Back to school for the kiddo's is a good thing :)

  39. I too am feeling "Child-logged!" Love the new word!
    Perhaps the title of a book? And, what great family pics from the beach! I LOVE your top! Goodbye summer, hello structure!! One more week for me!

    Love Love

  40. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Kim!

    I think it is so important for a mom to spend time and have a few interests outside of her role as a mother. You, especially, give so much of yourself to your family that you deserve a little peace and quiet!

    Dots reminded me today that we had not bought her a special "first day of school" outfit for Monday. So we battled the tax-free crowds at a little boutique near us that is popular with teenagers and SMU students and bought her a cute top and jean skirt.

    I look forward to seeing pictures of the boys' first day of school. So glad that Kate's went so well. What a difference a year makes.

  41. We ALL need a break sometimes.... and I agree... I'm ready for school!! :)

    LOVE the photos!! The dancing is so sweet!!

  42. You have a beautiful family. I am ready for the boy to start school, but unfortunately that means I go back too!

  43. Sing it sista! As I like to tell my need to go to school so Mommy can grow new love for you.
    How hilarious is it that little Kate "poses" just like my little Reagan? Where in the world do they get it?

  44. Love the pics especially the ones of Kate and her daddy - too sweet. I think almost all moms are ready for the kids to go back to school. I think most kids are ready too. I think the only ones not ready are the teachers!:)

  45. I SOOOO understand what you mean... i to feel child logged and I have ONE!!! The beach photos are gorgeous, as always- love the one of Kate and her daddy.

  46. beautiful photos- what part of Fl were you in?? hope you had a great time in my state!! and hope you find that peace and quiet that you need SOON~!

  47. You know what Kim??? I have loved summer too...but I am ready for them to go back to school as well AND I think they will be happy when they are all split from each other during some of the day as well! It is a lot of togetherness. And a clean house? OMW.....all I do is pick up and up and up! I need time at the gym and spa! ;)

  48. Your family and pictures are so beautiful! Our school doesn't start until 9/2. I am counting down the days. I don't know what I was thinking when the kids barely went to camp. You'll have to remind me to do the opposite next year!! We were away at the beach and just had our LIVESTRONG events. Back to blogging this week. Enjoy your 30 minutes!

  49. I love your family photos from Seaside! Here's hoping you get some well-deserved peace and rest soon!

  50. i know exactly how you feel!
    i often times wonder if i'm a normal mom, enjoying the quietness. some of my friends are soooooooooooo involved in all their kids activities and when they aren't being team mom/room mom/ etc they are busy lunching & playing tenni etc.
    i have definatley become more introverted since filling the nest with my own busy flock!
    enjoy tuesday
    ps--seaside photos are fab!

  51. This last photo is simply amazing. Love it that they are dancing together (reminds me of the Stephen Curtis Chapman song, Cinderella). The textures with the waves, the sand and her dress are incredible!

    And now I may just have to try a veggie juice this week after hearing of all your success.

  52. beautiful beautiful beach photos!

    all us moms have felt that way from time to time!!
    and i loved the blah blah blah too!

    most of all so glad you had a great vacation, but now ready for
    some you time!!



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