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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I did not mean to be away from the blog world for 5 days.  That is a bit unlike me.  But we have been SO here is a bullet update:

~We have had gorgeous weather here so I am taking a lot of flower photos. Here are two that I took this week for my 365 project....

Spring is coming!

~ Kate and I have been going to the park a lot with friends....


DSC_0316Align Center


~ A nutritionist has put Harry on a newer (and even more strict) diet so I have been shopping for specialty foods, ordering protein powders and supplements on-line and cooking a lot.  He is FAR below the lowest acceptable weight on the growth charts so I need make him a lot of high calorie healthy fat and healthy protein snacks and smoothies.  It has become a part time job.  But we are seeing some really positive results.  There is a whole lot more to this that I will post another time because it could be helpful to more people.

~Y'all are going to laugh at me..... but I discovered C*STCO!  I know it has been around for ages but I had never been there until last week and I LOVE it!  It is my new favorite store.  They have organic meats and produce, gluten free food, Lily Pulitzer and La Coste.  What more could a girl want?!  My everyday summer outfit is J Cr*w bermuda shorts and a La Coste polo so I was thrilled to see them there (in my size no less) for a fraction of what I usually pay.  I have been there twice in the last week.  Love it!

~ Little League has taken over my life.  Our Little League organization is one of the largest in the US.  It is incredible.  But the commitment is huge too.  Harry is loving it but we are at practice or games 3 or 4 nights a week.  It is only until the end of April but I cannot overstate how much time it consumes.  Every single parent must have a "volunteer position" and there is a carnival, auction fundraiser event, opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies etc.... I guess what I am trying to say is my blog time has been seriously eaten into by baseball...bear with me.

~My sweet Will is giving Kate art lessons and turns out that she is a natural...

Will had Kate draw a self  portrait and she drew the one below!!  I did not beleive that she drew it so he had her do it again in front of me.  She draws better at 2 and 1/2 than I do at 35;) LOL--I am not very good at math either;)

~I have become seriously addicted to photography.  The bug bit me a few years ago but I see the world through a lens now and I need help.  I think about everything in terms of photography. I dream of new lenses and software.  It is bad.  Help!

~Kate's pneumonia is better and Harry's toe is too. Thank you for all the well wishes. Hope y'all are doing well. I will catch up with your blogs as soon as things slow down a bit.


  1. Costco is like heaven to me....can't believe you are just discovering this oasis of shopping. I think I know which one you probably go to, and that is a REALLY good one. I bought a lilly dress and a greggy gregg outfit there for Hayden the last time I was in Houston visiting my in-laws. So you are lucky since I think most Costco's are great, but yours is a really good one.

    Glad everyone is feeling better there!!!

  2. Oh~ Kate looks as if she is feeling better- and enjoying a day at the park! Costco is great- we don't have one here- but when I go to MA, I frequently stop in to see what's up! But LaCoste and Lily? I guess I need to stop in more often- lucky you.

  3. Glad you found Costco. Just wait until Christmas with all the beautiful (food)gift baskets and decorations.

  4. I guess I am going to have to go to Houston to see what Costco is all about!! We don't have one of those here in the Tulsa area. I love the picture of the daisy. Kate did a marvlous job with her self portrait. Sorry that baseball is taking up all your time. Glad Kate and Harry are feeling better!!!

  5. So glad Harry is doing better, but I'm sure it does keep you on your toes of what to fix for him.

    Kate's drawing is darling.

    And you already know I have been bitten by the photography bug as well. ;) Maybe I'll learn about the textures, or maybe I'll just focus on taking really good quality pictures. ;) We'll see how much time I have.

    Have a good weekend....

  6. The flower pictures are beautiful, Kim! I especially loved the first one where the flower in the back is out of focus. Lovely!!

  7. I have been shopping at Costco for over 20 years now (almost weekly!). Last year I bought a few of the Lilly dresses for gifts. CAN NOT BELIEVE they have lacoste polos?? For women? I am like you, were polos and burmudas all the time. I am heading there tomorrow - never mind that I was just there a few days ago!
    SO cute how Will is giving art lessons to Kate :)


  8. You've been a busy gal. Your flower images are B-Utiful. Glad Kate and Harry are doing better.

  9. love the flower pics kim - especially the top one - love, staci

  10. Beautiful Flower pics!!!

    I have a question for you - you know in your spare time...

    We (my daughter my cousin and myself are going to China for a visit in April) lug the Nikon D90 or take the p n shoot Sony (10 mp)Considering I will have the grip on my 4 yr old - I am not sure -
    What would youdo? We are there for 2 weeks...
    Thanks - love your stuff - sorry we can't join St Aug - as we will be in China - but have more in FL soon!

  11. First of all...great post! I love the photo of the rose!!!

    Second, I LOVE Costco! I go at least once a week if not two or three!!! They don't always have the same items, but it's refreshing to go in and see what's new!

    Last, we have Little League starting this week...nothing like your commitment...but it is 3 days a week. Good luck with keeping up. I am interested in the photography software too...just bought Photoshop Elements and Lightroom...have no idea what I'm doing or where to start!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. It seems most people are only posting about once a week...including myself! I am so glad the pneumonia is better and those flowers are BEAUTIFUL but not as beautiful as Kate;)

  13. Hi Kim,

    I've never seen any Lily Pulitzer at Costco. I've never been a Costco girl, but I might ahve to start checking it out!

    Both boys are doing t-ball this spring - ours doesn't start until mid-April! I might have some busy springs ahead of me, too.

    Glad everyone is feeling better.


  14. I'm so with you! I haven't had time to do and baseball. That's it. We go into July, so we still have a ways to go (and Bryce hasn't even started yet!) I love it though. It's my favorite thing to do. (I just have to get rid on the job :)

  15. I cannot wait for flowers and short sleeves!
    Everyone in Michigan is gitty because we hit 56 degrees today!!

  16. Ah yes...good old baseball. I'm from CA and my boys played for William S Hart which is a huge pony baseball league. I spent 7 days a week down at the field. I was on the board and between the four of them...someone always had a game.We played 10 months out of the year. I admit I really miss those days : ( enjoy them they go by fast.
    Miss Kate is a natural. Love her art work.
    I have the photography bug bites hard doesn't it. I have a lot to learn and I can't wait for my workshop in May.
    Cosco has Lacoste!!!!No!!!!! Really!!! I live in lacoste polo's. I just bought a lilac colored one for dh for Addison's purple party LOL We have a Sam's by us I will have to search for cosco...wonder if they have the same stuff? OK back off...girl on a mission : )

  17. Have you tried Lightroom? I think you can download a trial version from Adobe. I actually like it BETTER thank CS4. It's more user friendly and geared toward photography as opposed to graphic design. Let me know if you do download it and I'll send you some actions!

  18. Nice to see you had posted. Love the art lessons. Does she offer online classes?, smile!

  19. Kim,

    Those pictures are beautiful! I think my favorite is the one of the rose with the antiqued look. And Kate is quite the artist, seriously that's advanced for her age. Love the pics of her, by the way. I see she still has a thing for band-aids, so cute.

    Gin =)

  20. The flowers are gorgeous Kim and I love Kate's self-portrait! I'd love to take one of Will's classes!
    Your kids are so cute! :)

  21. Love this post. Your kids, the peanuts, lovely blog you have! Thanks for visiting mine :)

  22. Thanks for the update, and soo glad to hear that Kate & Will are better! The art classes are darling, aren't big brothers the best!
    Costco is perfect for good size families, I don't know what I'd do without it! I made the mistake of going into one in San Diego last summer- they had much more organic and healthy products then what they offer here, so I'll have to push for that around here. I'd be interested in hearing about Will's diet, my oldest son(our swimmer) is so skinny, but I want him to continue to eat healthy.
    Your flower pics are gorgeous!

  23. I have been to busy to visit blog friends this week too. I got a post up by staying up until 1230 last night!
    I hope the diet plan works for sweet Harry. I have never been in Costco! We have them here, I just have never gone.
    The flower pic is LOVELY!!!! I am ready for some blooms and prettiness outside.
    I splurged and purchased lightroom. I am experimenting a bit with it. It is so time consuming.
    Glad you and Kate have had fun at the park:) We hit the zoo today and are off to the park a few hours tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend.

  24. Costco rocks! I am addicted :) They have such great food! Organic, and more..... They have some great gluten free chicken strips, and a new natural crab rangoon, and orange chicken... Okay, I could go on and on.......

    Love your pictures too!
    Glad Kate is feeling better!


  25. Wonderful photos, as usual! I think you have inspired me to visit Costco as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. So glad Kate is doing better! Love your photos!! The flowers are just gorgeous ~ you are GOOD! Kate really is talented, that is a great picture for such a little girl to draw!! Baseball season will be starting in April here ~ and now both boys will be playing and practicing, etc...should be fun, but a bit crazy too!

  27. I'm glad that Kate & Harry are better! I have two things in common with you this week...went to Costco for the first time a few days ago and we are consumed with baseball too! I have two boys playing on 3 teams!!! And Blake coaches two of the teams. It's a wonder moms of boys EVER have time to blog during the Spring! LOL

    Love Kates portrait!


  28. so glad little bit is all better!

  29. You'd never been to Costco? Oh my. When the girls were little we went there often, just to walk around, because they are one of the only stores with a double seat in the cart.

    We were there this week and no Lily or La Coste -- maybe because it's still Winter here -- but we did get Little Mermaid bathing suits. :) As exciting for M&K as La Coste would be for me.

  30. Costco is the bomb. Can't believe your just now discovering it with a family of 5! That is funny. They have an organic, apple sausage package that is gluten free and very tasty with pasta and sauce or even plain. The whole family loves it. I've been pushing the front counter for more GF options=0) They do listen to customers. I heart Costco and I'm there twice a week as well. You can pick up socks, boxers and turkey meat all in one stop!

  31. I have to add Benecalorie to my son's food. He's a 24 weeker and at 19 months is way below the chart still. Each tub is 1.5 ounces, tasteless, 330 calories, and 7 grams of protein. I only use a tablespoon or so at a time, but I don't want to overwhelm his digestive system. I have to order the product either from the pharmacy or Nestle Nutrition (online). This may be an option for you to increase his calories. It's made from safflower oil and milk.

  32. I am glad that you have found a good diet for Harry. Costco does have a lot of fun things all in one place!
    It is really warming up here right now, but we don't have any flowers yet, so I am really enjoying your photos.

  33. Costco really is the best! You need to load up on Lilly for Miss Kate!

  34. Funny, I was just about to tell you about the gluten-free chicken tenders from Costco thinking you were already a long-time Costco shopper - my kids love them. Glad the kids are feeling better! Have a great weekend, Wendy

  35. Just catching up - so glad Kate is feeling better! I love her self portrait - I think she is a budding artist!!! Must say I love Costco as well:) Hope you guys have a great weekend!!! Enjoy the warm weather - we made it to 45 degress today and it felt balmy:)!

    - Bridget

  36. I have never been to s Costco, but I NEED to visit one soon! I love the pictures of sweet Kate, and I'm happy everyone is feeling better.

  37. Glad to hear Kate and Harry are doing better. I LOVED C*ostco when we were in NM, I really miss it but unfortunately there is none around here and Sams is not the same...

  38. HI Kim,

    Oh Costco...I LOVE Costco!! I completely feel your pain about Little League...a few years ago all three of my boys were playing (yes, you calculated that right, about 9 practices and 6 games a week) and my hubby works untl 7pm and on Saturdays, so needless to say..I LOVE middle school and high school sports now!!

    So glad to know Harry is doing better, and Kate is on the mend!

  39. Great pictures! The flowers are gorgeous! So is your family!
    We have never been to Costco as we liked BJ's for many years now... maybe it is time to change!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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