A conversation with Will

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Will asked me to take him shopping for new shorts.  He claims that his are too short now. Apparently, "shorts" for almost 12 year old boys border on capris these days;)

So, we went shopping and I liked what he chose (mostly preppy cargo shorts).  On the way home...

ME:  Will, I really like what you chose.  I am not sure about the mesh shorts and tank top but I understand why you wanted them. (I did let him get them too).

WILL: Mom, you just don't know what is in style anymore.

ME: LOUD GASP (in shock and horror)!

WILL:  What Mom?  Are you upset that you are out of touch?

(I just realized that this is the first time he and I have ever shopped together where HE picked out his clothes.  Times they are a changin.  He did pick madras shorts and plaid shorts that I LOVE).

And because I need a photo in my posts....Here are two little photos of my sweet Harry who still thinks his Mom has a sense of style...


The middle child

You know how I got that sparkle in his eyes? I asked him about a girl he has a crush on! The photos before I asked looked totally different. Who needs photoshop when you can just ask the right questions.Oh my boys are growing up!


  1. LOL!! Good thing you still like his style. My 16 1/2 yr old has long ago left behind the short haircut and Gap look.....As hard as it for me I have learned to pick my battles, am grateful that he is a good kid and wait for the days when his style once again reflects mine.

  2. And so it begins. Good luck =).


    (Who's still on cloud 9...hundred 99)

  3. To add to Sharon's comment. I had the preppiest little nephew that in his teen years went goth!! Not my taste, but he's an awesome kid.

    Are you saying Harry's twinkle in his eyes is hormone induced??? lol He is soooo cute!!

  4. LOL too cute! Will is getting to that age! I think it's great that you let him get clothes that he wanted and felt comfortable in!

  5. That is pretty funny. My son is a fan of the mesh shorts and tanks too. It looks like basketball practice clothes to me but...what can you do. At least you got a little preppy plaid, my son is FINALLY giving in to my love of madras :)

    Love the picture of Harry...that must be some cute girl!

  6. Oh, that is hilarious!! And there is one lucky little girl in Harry's class, that's all I have to say. He is such a cutie!

  7. What girl in her right mind couldn't love those freckles?! Cody is almost 16 and gone are the days of me shopping for him because what I think he would like has now become the exact opposite of what he truly wants. It sorta takes the fun out of it - but such is life! Have a great weekend with the peanuts!

  8. Were you talking about Ainsley, or has he moved on???

    So cute! And, I love the conversation with Will!

    You are so NOT out of touch!!!!


  9. Love the recap of your conversation with Will, even if my 11yo hasn't said it yet, it's probably what she's been thinking for years! And I'm going to keep your idea in mind next time I'm looking for a little sparkle in the eyes. ;-)

  10. LOL! You know I, too, am having that problem with Paige...sigh! In my humble opinion, we have taught them well, so it is how they apply the fashion knowledge that matters : ) Ha!
    Have you seen the new Kelly Kids mag? I just bought Paige a madras sundress that I think would look so cute on Kate. Just saying : )
    Harry is precious...the catchlights are gorgeous!

  11. I think you still got it, lady! :-)

    That Henry is going to be quite the catch - what a handsome face!

  12. Oh he's growing up! My guys will NOT wear shorts if they hit them above the knee!! And basketball shorts have to be almost to your calves :) That twinkle in Harry's eye is beautiful...

  13. Sounds like Will has good taste....just like his Mom!!

    I can live with the mesh shorts and tank tops because of sports, but I CANNOT live with the pants that hang down with boxers sticking out the top.....that DRIVES ME CRAZY when I see these kids walking around like that!!

    Love the twinkle in Harry's eyes.....must be a very special girl:)

  14. I can picture you having these conversations with Will and Harry...and am smiling all the while...

  15. wow those pictures are awsome. How sad that you are "out of touch" now. i am hoping that it never happens to me, but i think my 4 year olds winter jacket proves me wrong. It is acid green. WHY!?!?! i thought he was crazy, but then i though "oh this is so ugly, but at least i can pick him out in a crowd." NO. every other child in germany has that UGLY GREEN coat. oh well.

    Glad to see that he has some preppy style. i really just love your kids clothes! they always look so well put together!

    hope you get a break with baseball soon!

    <3 amy

  16. This post just made me smile....I remember when Emmie starting telling me these things too.....and the last picture of Harry.....Oh yes.....you can see the sparkle of a girlfriend crush.... ;)

  17. Such a great story! It is so much fun to watch the children grow. It is wonderful that you can enjoy the moments. The boys are maturing so much. PS Your photography is getting awesome!

  18. I think Will got his "style & taste" from his mom :)
    Oh Harry, he is just gorgeous!

  19. Don't fret my friend I lost my sense of style a long time ago LOL I have since gotten it back (so my boys tell me) I always liked my boys taste...mostly Pac Sun clothing. They have now added lacoste polo's to mix and Express but still love Pac Sun. I was thankful mine never walked around with their pants around their ankles LOL Not sure I would of liked that style...but I always let them chose their clothing as long as it was not obscene or degrading in any way.
    Look at that sparkle in Harry's eyes....how adorable is that!!!

  20. oh oh I wanted to add to my post...I'm happy you allowed him to chose. I have seen what happens to kids (not all kids but a few of my son's friends) when Mom is in full control. One they get teased by not fitting in and once they are out from underneath Mom's thumb (usually college or some in high school) they go WILD!!!!! I strongly believe you need to pick and chose your battles. Clothing styles were not worth the battle IMHO but grades were!
    OK off my soapbox now....: )

  21. Hi Kim!

    Thanks for the note. I really loved Stuff Yer Face! Believe it or not I have been to Thomas Sweet a few times but I don't like as much Halo Pub in Princeton. You would too because it's all natural and make at a farm only a few miles away. It tastes so incredibly fresh.

    Do you go to college at Rutgers or someplace close?

  22. My nine year old enforms me his shorts are too short now too. We had a similar shopping experience. He gasped when we showed him pictures of dad in his basketball uniform in 1979 when he was 10. He couldn't believe the short shorts!

  23. Great pictures! I must be really out of touch... when did boys his age get sparkles in their eyes over a girl???

    I am in trouble!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  24. What a cute conversation! And those pictures of Harry are gorgeous!!

  25. (Big Hug) We are in this boat together! lol
    The bad part is you should see some of the ways my son combs his hair.... and he thinks that Mom doesn't have a clue! He does this Eddie Munster due and I squack and won't let him go out of the house like that! lol Good thing mom isn't as "out of touch" as he thinks. heheee

  26. I am sure it won't be long before I am having this same conversation with my lil guy. Time flys! Love the eye pop! I just learned how to do this in photoshop!

  27. Oh I love those merry little sparkles in his eyes!! I'll have to try that question on my oldest next time I take her picture... :)

  28. Oh his face makes me smile. He is such a little doll!

  29. Don't worry until Kate wants to shop for her own clothes:) Hopefully she will like what you like - until then just keep picking your favorites and just remember boys will be boys (yours are pretty cute though:)
    hope all's well!

  30. I am laughing at this conversation... I've had it myself with four boys countless times. I ONLY like preppy clothes on boys. My sons like to branch out sometimes. It can be painful. I have some very funny old photographs though (I should do a post on this!) I love the photo above of Kate and "her" Daddy! It is really beautiful!

  31. And they keep changing and changing!!!

    Great post and pictures!

  32. Thought of you today...I gave in and bought black Under Armour socks AND shoes, bc, you know, they are cool now. Oh Boy!

  33. So funny...at least you've trained him well!


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