Happy Heart Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is everywhere... originally uploaded by dolpharius.

These are a few of my favorite valentine images from flickr. This first one is from Dolpharius' stream.  This next one is from Ziasmommy.  She has been so helpful and encouraging to me lately and I really appreciate it!!!


A few people have e-mailed me some photography questions lately and I am very behind in answering them. I feel funny attempting to answer because I am a complete novice with a passion for photography.  I am flattered that y'all have asked.  And thank you for all of the kind and encouraging comments on the photography blog.  They seriously make my day! Here are some answers to questions I have received:

~I have not taken any classes yet but plan to take two workshops this year.  One is next weekend.  My friend, Bagel is flying in from VA to attend with me and I cannot wait!

~I usually shoot in Aperture priority but will also use auto for certain situations (poor lighting, events I really don't want to mess up). I have shot a little in manual but I need to learn  a lot more.

~I think Flickr and Clickin Moms have been GREAT forums for learning.  The people on both sites are very helpful, encouraging and supportive.  Flickr is free for a basic account and Clickin Moms is very reasonable. Join the groups and forums. Read as much as you can. You can click the image on my sidebar to find out more or to join Clickin Moms.

~I do not post process (edit) many of my photos.  I don't have the time right now and I also want to look back in 10 years and still love my photos.  I am afraid that if I saturate or use vignettes too much, the photos will look trendy down the road. Also, I prefer a clean, soft look. When I do edit, it is usually to smooth out my skin or Kate's (she has eczema and I get forehead shine) or to convert to black and white. To do this I will use either Photoshop Elements or I-photo.  I love picassa but it is not compatible with Mac. In reality, probably 98% of my photos are straight out of the camera (sooc).

~I have a Nikon D-80 and I have 3 lenses (50mm, 85 mm and 18-155mm).  I really want to upgrade to a D-300 or D-700 when the time is right.

~The painted shelves look GREAT. Thank you for asking. It looks like a totally different room. The dark built-ins were sucking so much light out of that room.   They took several days to paint (they plastered too) and they are taking forever to dry.  So, once the room is back together and they are dry...I promise to post a photo:)

(let me know if I did not answer your questions)

Tomorrow is the big Valentine's progressive dinner at our house.  I hope you all have a love filled weekend!


  1. Good luck with you dinner- it will be PERFECT since you are in charge! Happy Valentine's day to the entire 3 Peanuts clan!!

  2. You are taking great photos! I love the Ballet ones of Kate and a progressive dinner sounds like a fun time.

    Love your blog.

    I can't wait to see how your painted shelves turned out.

    xoxo Michele

  3. Happy Valentine's Day sweet lady!!! Your images always capture such special moments. I love the way you seem to get the sparkle in your peanut's eyes or the tender moments. You may think you are a novice, but I disagree. Your photos rock! Wishing you and your family a special heart day tomorrow!

  4. Your photography is coming along so incredibly...the recent photos of Kate are simply stunning.

    Have a wonderful dinner enjoying all the love and beauty that surrounds you. Even with all the mess and chaos of kiddos it is amazing how blessed we really are.

    I was one who voted for you to paint those shelves and I'm so glad you are happy with them. I cannot wait to see them!

    Your posts always cheer me up...thanks and Happy Valentine's Day.


  5. Don't sell yourself short my friend....you are far from a novice with the camera....you are a natural and just like decorating, you have an eye for photography!

    Didn't realize Kate had Eczema...so does Sarah...it can get really bad this time of year....If you have found anything that works let me know....the only thing I have found is Eucerin Cream, it seems to help a little!

    Hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day...and I cannot wait to see your new shelves:)


  6. I loved your comments about photography. I am most glad to know most of your work is straight out of the camera. Mine too. I am creating a photography blog too to start posting pics and scrapbook pages. I loved all the things you had posted on yours!!!

  7. Happy V-day! I hope your dinner is lots of fun :)


  8. I love that first photo. So sweet! One of these days I'm going to upgrade to a better camera. I'm sure I will scour your blog for info then!

    Hope you have fun at your dinner.


  9. Your dinner sounds awesome! Can't wait to see what the hubbies come up with!! And... can't wait to see your new shelves! I voted for white when you moved in... but I am a white woodwork kindof gal too!

    I also saw on MMM that you won the socks giveaway! It is your lucky weekend!!

    Happy Valentines Day to you and your peanuts!

  10. Thanks for these tips! By the way, I'm a novice...you are GREAT! I have to agree that some of the best shots are straight from the camera!
    Just bought PSE and it's to difficult to understand, I don't even know how to import a photo..can't believe I am admitting that, but hey, maybe someone OUT THERE will heed my need for help so I don't flunk D.'s class!
    Continue to love the fact that you have an innate talent for photography...it's fun!

    Happy Valentines day,


  11. I was hopping over to say you won the socks - but someone beat me! Congrats!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. I hope you have a great Valentine's Day! I can't wait to see pictures from your dinner and the new shelves too!

  13. Happy Heart Day!
    Have a fabulous dinner!

    Can't wait to see the shelves and hear about how you manage your photos in frames.


  14. Oh I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's dinner! I can only imagine how beautiful it will be!

    As for the eczema, I am sure you know how to take care of it but just wanted to share something with you. Lottie has it really bad in the winter especially and if we swim every day in the summer. At Target and Walmart they have a Disney Eczema Cream in the baby section. When Lottie gets out of the pool or the bathtub, I leave her a little damp and put the cream over it. I do this every time even if I don't see any signs of it because I know where all of her hot spots are. It has really worked on her and she has not had any bad spells with it since I have done this. Just a thought;)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. I LOVE your pictures Kim!

  16. Hope your dinner went well : ) You are an amazing photographer and I love learning from you. My girls both are prone to eczema. Mustela is our friend.
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  17. Hope you had a fun Valentine's Day weekend! Hope your progressive dinner went well!

  18. I LOVE the picture of Harry! So cute. Funny how the best ones are always so candid.

    I can't wait to see pics of the built-ins. I bet they look great!


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