My little Katie Ru

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Okay, remember this post when Miss Kate Emerson was really being a "terrrible two?"  Well, I  must say we have totally turned the corner.  She is now my delightful little buddy.  I need to write some little things down so I don't forget...

~I am almost afraid to type it (and jinx myself) but she is back to napping every day. I simply never gave up and continued to put her down daily~even when she refused to nap (for about 6 weeks when we first moved in our home).  She finally figured that I was not giving up so she is back to napping and we are ALL so much happier around here. And she doesn't fall asleep in her highchair at dinner anymore.

~She is OBSESSED with band-aids and must have one at all times. They are her fashion accessory of choice these days. Hello Kitty, Diego and Dora are Kate's preferred designers;)


Modeling the Spring plaster line by Hello Kitty.  Available at CVS and Target!


She really likes the band-aids on her fingers for some reason.

~She asks every day to wear "a beautiful dress, please."  She goes into her closet and wants to wear a nice dress everyday.  When it is really cold, we battle to get her into pants.

~Kate also now only wants to wear nightgowns.  A certain friend told me about a cute Christmas nightgown that I bought for Kate and ever since then, she only wants nightgowns.  She is not bratty about it.  She just prefers them.  She is very girly.

~As soon as she wakes up she asks for her yogurt drink.  It is her morning coffee and yesterday morning, she drank it before she even opened her eyes.

She is not blinking here, she seriously drank the whole thing with her eyes closed!
And she kept her nightgown on until noon!

~She says "excuse me please" and "thank you" without prompting.  I am so glad to see her polite manners.

~It took some serious rehab (and some tantrums and withdrawal) but we have finally gotten Kate off the "snack crack."  She was such a snacker and I always found her climbing the pantry walls looking for her next fix.  It wasn't pretty (at all~see below) but over the Christmas break, we broke her of this bad habit. I could not have done it without Dave's help.  He is my rock.


I know it is heart wrenching to see. This was outside the pantry door one day.  
It was all over a few cheddar bunnies (and no one got hurt).

~Kate LOVES her letters.  She not only says the ABC's but she has been able to identify most letters since she turned 2.  Now, she will tell me what sounds many of them make. She'll say K says kkk Mama. I did not teach her this stuff.  She just comes out with it. She asks me to do the ABC's with her on the computer.  I am not a big fan of kids on computers but Kate loves this site and it really is amazing.  I am going to video her on it so you can see...

~Kate can count to ten in English, Spanish and Japanese.  She can do much further in English. Again, I did not teach her this. She picked up the Spanish up from her best friends, Dora and Diego. And the Japanese is something she learned at Judo with her brothers.  She is a little sponge.

~Kate is a talker.  She is very, very verbal and will talk my ear off.  All my kids are talkers actually. Hmm... I wonder where that comes from?


~Kate Emerson is crazy about her Daddy. Actually, we all are but they do have a unique bond.

~She loves to put on her tutus and dance around with her crown, butterfly wings and princess wand. I love to see that.  It makes my heart smile.

~Now for the cutest day a few months ago we were at the park and I helped Kate off of a structure.  She looked deep into my eyes and said, "Thank you for rescuing me, Mama."  I was blown away.  I was not sure exactly what she was thanking me for but of course, my mind wondered.  Will heard me telling Dave about the exchange and said "Mom, she got that from Diego.  He is an animal rescuer."  And here I thought she was thanking us for adopting her! Silly Mom!

Oh there is so much more I could write.  I am REALLY enjoying my little girly girl right now. But I will save some for another post:) And look at the post below to find some delicious eye candy and kitchen design tips from a real design blogger.


  1. Thats wonderful, I think alot of it was living in that tiny apartment. She was as miserable as you were.

  2. GREAT post...I enjoyed it so much!

    I love the picture with Kate drinking her yogurt with her eyes closed....PRICELESS! cute.

    Thanks for the link to the ABC site. I am like you that I don't like kids on the computer but this will be great for us to do together.

    Hope your day is wonderful!


  3. Holy Schmoly, Kate and Josie must have been separated at birth!! Josie, too, is band-aid crazy - our current addiction is Nexcare Princess tatoo band-aids! Josie is a snacker as well - "peanut butter and Ritz crackers, please. I need 3 because I'm 3."

    Over Christmas, she had my Mom walking around in a tiara - "Grandmom you are the Queen and I am the princess. Now, turn PopPop into a frog with your wand."

    And, finally, I had to clear out the Gymboree clearance racks last week because Josie has REFUSED to wear pants. "Mom, I need skirts, dresses and tights". She will only wear nightgowns...can't even get her into pajama tops with no pants. ARRRRGGG! Ah, to be the Mom of a Princess !!!

  4. Oh, I LOVE this post about your sweet Katie Ru!! I am thrilled that my bug is not the only one with a bandaid obsession. I think I am going to buy stock in them - we literally go through a box or two a week!! A bandaid can seriously fix anything including hurt feelings!!!

    Love her nightgowns too. She is too precious and I know you are really enjoying the girly girl after two boys!

    Too cute about you rescuing her!! Sophie~Bug tells me all the time when she needs help - "Help, help, ayudame!" off Dora and Diego too... they are too cute!!

  5. Such precious girl! I really enjoyed this post about Kate, Kim. She is really coming into her own personality. It's fun to see how similar she is to you in so many things!

    Vivian also loves Dora, Diego, her computer and band-aids. She and Kate should hit it off well! Has Kate ever watched Wonder Pets? That's another of Vivian's favorites.

    I'll email this afternoon. I have a busy day with a Sip 'n See and a bridge lesson this morning, a PTA meeting at noon and dentist appointments for Will and Dots after that.

    Have a great day!

  6. You are so blessed! Kate seems to be such a treat! I loved reading about her, and I'm not going to lie... those tantrum pics made me laugh :P

  7. She's growing by leaps and bounds!

    My Weston is on the snack crack train and for the first time ever, I put a lock on the pantry. We would find him at the top at the wee hours of the morning snatching food for his stash.

  8. I have to laugh - these girls are alike in so many ways!!! Down to the snack crack. We are detoxing as well. It is so much better than it was,I simply won't give in and she has snack times - she can have one in the morning and then another when we pick up Em from school - that is it!

    Band-aids, what is it about the band aids??? Hannah wants hers on her fingers and her nose!

    Hannah is a total girly-girl, dresses, bracelets and now she wants her ears pierced, I probably will oblige:)

    Sponge, good golly Kim, I never imagined how much they would take in and how QUICKLY!! Hannah talks incessantly - I am actually doing a post on her right now and her chatterbox ways!

    Kate looks beautiful, beautiful. I am so glad she is napping and completely settled into her new home, what a blessing.

    Love to you all -

  9. Kim,

    This post is precious!! I loved hearing what Miss Kate has been up to. I know you are having so much fun with your girly girl!!
    Also, thanks for sharing the computer website- it looks fantastic. I loved the "rescuing" story- this post will be so special for Kate to look back at one day. Thanks for sharing it all- have a great day!


  10. Too cute! I love the Diego story! Same thing happened to Tripp one day! He was showing our old house to a guy who couldn't decide if it was big enough. Mae was him and said "Sometimes the easiest path is the most difficult one to choose". Tripp came home convinced that she needed private tutoring because she was a "genius". until I said Yeah, not really that is from Mulan II.

  11. I love this post!! So glad that Kate seems to have turned a corner...all that adjustment I am sure had something to do with it.

    Oh, I wish Maggie and Kate could have a sleepover in their matching nightgowns. Maggie prefers them too, but it is so cold here, that I tend to insist on feetie pj's!

  12. Kim,
    I loved catching up with what Kate is doing. I am so glad for you that she is napping again - I know how importatnt that time is to our sanity!

    The pictures with teh band aids are too cute. Lily for a while always wanted me to put a band aid on her, but would then take them off within minutes!

    She sounds so much like Dylan with the letter, sounds, and numbers. Lily, on the other hand, has no interest in letters, colors, or numbers! She can count to 2! After that it goes 1,2, 5, 6, some random number, etc.

    We miss you and Kate!

  13. Kate is so adorable!!! My Livi loves band aids and often sports about 10 at a time ....lovely isn't it : )

    My Addison is a HUGE snacker..she eats all day long LOL Addison still eats three good meals a day so I don't mind. I'm a snacker too...but that has to stop because I need to get back on my diet!

    Isn't fun to have girlie girls. I was VERY girlie as a little girl. I wonder if my girls (and other's) are girlie because of parenting style. I have always fussed over my girls...dresses, jewelery, princess stuff etc..did I create this or is it something from with in? Interesting..
    OK I need your input on something...I posted a picture on my blog of our flat screen in our bedroom. I am struggling with what to put underneath. I am thinking a bench (fabric covered).I think the post is the second one down..if you have any ideas you can even email me at or comment.
    Thanks Kim....
    The picture of Kate and her daddy is precious!!!What is it with girls and their Dad's : )

  14. My little monkey has a thing for band-aids must be a two year old thing. However, you are lucky that Kate likes the my little kitty band aids. Sophia loves the Sponge Bob ones! Her big brother told her they were cool and now that is all she wants.

    Sophia is also very into dresses and jewelry. She calls it being "Cinderella" and she prefers nightgowns too. She has to wear PJs a couple nights when I put on her eczema lotion but the rest of the time it is girly night gowns...SO FUN!!

    Is that a charm bracelet she is wearing? My son bought Sophia one for Christmas and I adore it on looks so dainty!

  15. Lovely post! It is a joy to read about a child who is so loved and lovingly disciplined. She sounds like a bright, fun little girl who is cute besides. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  16. oh, i love hearing all of the cute things about kate. she is turning into a true 'lady'!! i love her little nightgowns, and drinking her morning drink with her eyes closed. it is so fun to write down the little stuff. they are things we want to remember! love, Clare

  17. What a sweet sweet post! And the bandaids are cracking me up! We have one who shares that addiction. Preferential to the Dora line.

    Yougurt drink pic... HILARIOUS!

    And those snackin' tantrums, that is funny stuff. I know, sad too. But still funny!Bless her heart. Now tell me how you did it, I have a snack addict here as well! :)


  18. Oh my goodness! She is such a cute little things! I love bandaids all over her face!

  19. Awww, Kate is so cute and adorable. Although my daughter is not quite 2 yet, she started her terrible 2's a couple of months ago. I can't wait until she's a sweet little angel like your Kate. Until then she's my little diva in training, lol.

  20. she is so beautiful! great photos and memories. thanks for letting me peak into your world!

  21. How could you ever say no to that sweet thing and make her cry? The pictures outside the pantry door, on the floor, are too cute.

  22. She is so adorable. Congrats on getting her to nap again. My 3 year old never napped by herself in her bed after she turned two, she would and still does fall alseep in the car if I drive somewhere in the afternoon though. My 5 year old never really napped either after she turned two. We tried for both of them but they are definitely not the sleeping type... I am glad to see you are getting settled in your new house and your new life!

  23. What a little treasure of a girly girl you have! This is my 1st visit to your blog and I've had so much fun reading. Thanks! I'll be back! :o)

  24. Ha! Lily loves bandaids too! It's funny~when we go the store she'll ask for bandaids before a toy or candy or anything like that. And the talking...well, while waiting to bring Lily home I never would have thought I'd wish for a little silence now'n then :)

  25. I love this post! Kate is just the sweetest. We are big fans of band aid design too. My Little Pony is my daughter's personal favorite. It is also available at Target, but supplies are limited and go fast at our local Target! We are probably the reason for that.

    I am also loving your design posts and links. We are redecorating and doing some minor renovations, so I keep coming back to look at your posts and links a lot lately. I love your style and it is heavily influencing the choices I am making! ;-)


  26. Enjoyed the update on Kate - especially love the photo of her drinking her yogurt with her eyes closed!

  27. Kim,
    She sounds like so much fun. I am so sad you all moved. I would love to babysit and play with Katie Ru and the boys too! Miss you guys.

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  29. Love this post...
    Kate is growing up sooooo much..
    Love her drinking her yogurt in the morning.. She is soooooo adorable..
    Have a great week..

  30. Kate is such a sweet, smart little girl. I just love the photo of she and Dave's precious!

  31. omg! THat picture of her with her eyes closed is hysterical!!! How funny!! The pantry pics are my personal favorites too! Too funny.

  32. Kate is even beautiful during a tantrum!!! So glad its going better, Kim!!!

  33. Kate is just too cute for words!! I especially love the picture of Kate with her Daddy...that is precious!!

    I think Miss Sarah is a couple steps behind Kate, because she just started climbing the pantry in search of snacks...and it is constant. I would love to know how you broke her of this drives us nuts!!

    Love all your decorating tips, but always enjoy and look forward to the Katie Ru updates and pictures:)

    Have a great week!!


  34. What a cute post about Kate. She sounds like such a bright little girl.

  35. My DD is crazy about band-aids too! What is up with that! She begs for them in the morning! One band aid on a perfectly fine finger and she is in the happiest mood.

  36. I loved this update on your little lady. She is too much! I loved the picture of her having her morning drink with her eyes closed. I've been known to do that myself.

    Gin =)

  37. Those tears must have been tough to get through. Glad you are over that mountain. Glad you have turned that corner and she is napping and you are enjoying your precious daughter. She is smart just like her brothers and will grow up to be smart, loving and respectful because she has a WONDERFUL family!!!

  38. The bandaid across her nose cracks me up! I have to hide bandaids from Landree. She could use a box in a day! We've had a few 'snack crack' moments lately ourselves. And I'm so glad Kate is napping again!

    Jen :)

  39. That little Kate is so precious, love the "rescuing"story!! :)
    I LOVE Joni's Cote de Texas blog!! She did a post awhile back on a gorgeous townhome that was just stunning!
    I need to catch up, I'm so behind! I hope you are doing well!

  40. I agree with you about kids and computers. My kids get very little screen time. However, I am a big fan of Starfall. My daughter played around on that site and read Bob Books with me last spring. Now she's reading novels-- and she's five. I like the way that site will sound out the words, highlighting each letter.

  41. the first time i ever left you a comment was the one you are talking about! I'm glad things are so much better - she is so smart - really smart. My daughter was the same about dresses - she didn't wear shorts or pants AT ALL EVER until she was like in the 4th grade. tutus, nightgowns, the whole girly thing - and she is really the same. clothes just mean more to her for some reason. she is going to major in fashion merchandising in college. Encourage Katie's love of fashion! she may be the next Ralph Lauren!!!! or Ralphaela Lauren! she is too adorable and the band aids things is hilarious.

  42. She is so cute and looks so sweet even when crying... I love those cute bandaids.

  43. This is a great post! I was smiling from ear to ear as I was reading it! I especially laughed at the tantrum part...makes me realize my toddler is not that far from normal after all :)
    The writing is filled with great memories and your pictures are ALWAYS worth 1.000 words!

  44. I had to break my blog break post for this one! I loved it... As I have said, she gets more beautiful everyday!! Inside and out! Your are raising a very special girl!!!


  45. What a wonderful and joyful post. Secretly loved the tantrum pictures...made me feel a little more normal;)

    My girls love dresses also and nightgowns. I LOVE the picture of her drinking her yogurt drink before she opens her eyes for the day.....priceless.

  46. That is some serious cheese bunny anguish!

    And that is hilarious that she drank her yogurt with her eyes closed.

    Funny little girl. :)

  47. What a beautiful post about a sweet little girl :) Thanks for sharing the rescue story. I loved it!


  48. I remember that post! She is so darn cute, Kim, no matter what she is up to! Isn't it nice that two smoothes out!!

  49. You're making me so excited for my baby girl on the way! Kate is precious! I hope Landon will make his way out of his terrible twos!


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