Thankful Thursday

Thursday, December 4, 2008

So much to write, so little time.  I am thankful ...


~ that this little cutie patootie and her Mommy are visiting us right now.  Yes, in the midst of all the gas leak drama and our anniversary, we have house guests. Much more on our visit soon and LOTS of pictures.

~that the boys LOVE their new school.  Thank you to all who have asked how they are doing. They are adjusting very well socially  and academically. Most importantly, they are happy.  My old, sweet Harry is coming back.  What happened in the second grade at their former school was atrocious and I am so glad it is behind us.

~ the gas leaks are fixed!  I did have to battle it out with a plumber yesterday (they fix the actual leaks). The BIG leak had already been repaired but there was still a pin hole leak. He showed up and claimed as soon as he walked in the house that he was not going to find a leak here (he had installed all of the original pipes).  Sure enough...he insisted there was none.  I would not take no for an answer, called the builder who then called his supervisor.  This morning we called the gas company and they came while the plumber was here.  They identified the second (and much smaller leak) with the machine, fixed it and checked again.  YEAH!  We are safe and gas-free.  Although I am still very foggy brained. I  have learned to be tenacious in these situations.

~ for my sweet husband.  He brought me beautiful flowers for our anniversary this week and has just been even sweeter than normal this week.  He knows I don't feel well and as usual he is picking up the slack.

~Kate has been home 19 months today! It is hard to imagine a time when she has not been part of our lives. She brings so much to our family.

Yesterday, the dress below arrived and Kate looked at it and said, "Oh, beautiful dress, Mama.  I wear it tomorrow?"  So, here she is... Isn't it adorable?  It is from Pish Posh Girls.

Laura does beautiful work and the customer service is excellent too!

I think I got the blouse underneath it at Walmart last year. It is 100% cotton and adorable.



~  Thank you to a sweet family (you know who you are~"A family") who sent the peanuts some presents (under the tree above).  We don't know this sweet family well but they read our blog and are always very, very kind to us.  You touch our hearts and the boys cannot wait to write your guys some letters.


  1. I'm so glad that I came to visit today. I thought you might still be on blog vacation. Happy to see that you're back. After a while I'll come and read more, but for now I must get the day going.

  2. I am soooo glad the boys like their new school. They have been on my mind. I felt a little guilty for them not liking their old school; I think I am the one that suggested that school to you! So sorry!! Kate is just adorable as ever. I am sure I will see you sometime soon! ;)

  3. Cute dress, cute girl! So good to hear that the boys love their new school. The whole family will be happier for it. Yay!!

  4. How did she get so big? Adorable dress, and a wonderful list of thankfulness!! Thank God that leak was found, and fixed!!!!!!! What a precious visitor you have at your house!!!! Have fun!


  5. Glad things are settling down and the boys like their school, the gas leak is resolved and Happy 19 months with Kate. I love the fabrics in her dress, it's a beautiful mix of patterns and colors.

  6. Your family is adorable. Love the dress! Have a wonderful Thursday! I really enjoy your blog!

  7. I am so happy that the boys love their new school and so glad that you can now rest easy knowing that the gas leak is taken care of....great news!!

    Kate looks adorable in her new dress!

    Enjoy your company...I look forward to all those pictures!


  8. What a cute little house guest you have! And Kate looks beautiful in her new dress.

    I am glad to hear the boys like their new school! Kids deserve to be happy at school and enjoy their learning environment. It makes me so sad to know Harry had such a hard time.

    Blessings, Rebecca

  9. So happy to hear all is going well. Love the dress!!!


  10. Kate looks so cute, poised and grown up!

  11. Hooray for all of your good news this week! I hope you start feeling better and more like your clear-headed self soon. Enjoy your visit with your friend.

    Your tree sure is pretty! Hope you'll post some more pictures of your Christmas decorations.

  12. What a great post! As always your photos are fabulous, and I am thankful that your leak is fixed as well!

  13. So glad that the boys love their new school! I did see your comment on my blog, but I had forgotten to have the comments sent to my e-mail, so I didn't know it was there! It is fixed now - I am SO not technical in "blogland" my blog attests to!

    Glad everything with the gas leak is being resolved-God Bless!

  14. I'm really happy to hear that they boys are enjoying the new school! I have been thinking and praying for y'all, and this is certainly a relief!

    Also, glad the glass leaks are fixed! Sometimes you just have to show them who is boss :P

    So precious what Kate said about the dress!

  15. Sounds like things are going really well at your house..
    Love the picture of the little cutey.. and Kate's dress is tooooo cute..
    Have a Great Evening.
    Hugs girly..

  16. Good for you for sticking to your guns and going with your gut. I'm so glad your house is safe and gas free now. I'm happy to hear that the boys are liking their school more, too. It sounds like things are settling down and looking up for you =).Kate looks adorable in her new dress!

    Gin =)

  17. Love you list of thankful things :D I love your tree and I am so glad to hear the wonderful news about the boys! I hope that this good post is the start of so many more - and you are done with drama for a while :D
    Ladybug hugs,

  18. YEAH!!!!! I am so happy the boys are doing well in their new school. You just made my night. I know how hard it is on Momma when our babies are not happy ; ( Sounds like things are improving and you are settling in. I knew you would : ) it just takes time.
    Miss Kate is adorable as always. Love her dress. I always love new sites to shop on.

  19. I am so glad that the boys are doing GREAT at their new school. It makes my heart sing to hear that you are getting your sweet Harry back. The dress is way too cute!!! It is so hard to believe that she has been home this long. I remember following along the journey and what has stuck with me and broke my heart was your comment after Dave and Will left, you standing in airport on March 22,2007 crying because you realized the next time you would be in that airport you would be meeing your precious daughter.

  20. Yeah for new schools and happy boys! It's seems that Kate has been part of your family forever...19 months just doesn't seem long enough.

    Keep feeling better!

  21. So glad that the leaks are fixed and that things are falling into place for your family. Kate is beautiful in that adorable dress. She looks very tall for a 2 year old! Blessings, Wendy

  22. A GAS leak oh my!! I am glad you were insistent there was ANOTHER leak.. Kate looks darling and most importantly I am glad HArry is on the mend he has been in my prayers.. I am so mad that a Teacher could hurt a pure innocent soul.. Happy Holidays in your beautiful New home..

  23. Good Morning Kim,

    Happy Anniversary to you and Dave!

    So glad to hear that things are getting better! And I cannot believe that you are so gracious to have house guests the same week of your anniversary- you are so generous and have such a big heart
    even in times of transition for your family....incredible.

    Thank you too for your heartfelt comment on the "pearl post"-
    I know that many are surprised and even shocked. But I have been blogging for over a year now and the sweet Holy Spirit has been gently nudging me to release even a small part of my testimony. It was no easy thing - believe me. But I trust Him that it was time and also trusted that in spite of it all- people would see my heart and would now understand me a little better. But most importantly, that they would see what God can do...

    Of course, you can e-mail me, anytime. You can use and then I will send you my personal email address that you can use later on.

    I pray that you continue to feel better and that you have a blessed week! I believe that God has something very beautiful there for you and your family and that soon, you will see why there was such adversity rising up against you all right after you made the move. He has such a plan for you Kim...

    Big Hug,


  24. What a sweet relief to know that your boys are finally settled and happy. We are going through struggles with school for our boys as well. BTW, love the blog redesign and Kate's dress!

  25. Glad your leak is fixed and you are enjoying your cute company. And love Kate's new dress!
    Going shopping with Rhonda today...can't wait.
    Miss you~

  26. Hi Kim ... (this is try 2 at leaving you this comment! Sometimes technology is too much for me!! If you happen to get this message twice, sorry!)

    My name is Heather & I have been following you & your little peanuts after stumbling upon your blog months ago. I feel compelled to write & thank you for your blog entry about your natural gas leak. Your story may have saved the lives of my sweet little boys (ages 2 & 5) along with my husband & myself. As I read your story, I was nodding my head agreeing with everything you said & knowing I too have been feeling the same "symptoms" you had! I felt foggy, irritable & could faintly smell natural gas as I entered my laundry room. Taking your lead, I called my local energy company and within minutes of their arrival, my furnace was turned off due to a natural gas leak & the strong presence of carbon monoxide. As I write, not even 4 hours after the initial call, I have a heating & cooling company here installing a new furnace. Thank you just doesn't seem to cut it as I hate to think of what may have happened to my most prized possessions, Noah & Ben!!
    If you would like to "meet" my family through my blog, please email me ( and let me know. I have taken it private due to some weird comments I received, but would love to add you to the list of friends that check in on my little family of 4! Please don't feel obligated, just wanted you to know that you share your life stories with a loving, compassionate mom who loves her children more than anything!!

    Thanks again, Kim!!


  27. I'm so glad that your natural gas leak has been fixed! You've inspired me to be persistent as we've off and on smelled gas in our sun room. We did have the gas company come out a while back, but we keep smelling it. I've also had a lot of headaches lately. The next time we smell gas, I'm immediately taking action!

    What great news that the boys are loving their new school. I hope they settle in quickly and make lots of new friends!

  28. So glad you got your gas leak under control! Glad that you had a happy anniversary too!
    Certainly glad the boys are adjusted and life is back to almost normal!
    Once again your home is gorgeous.
    Kate is darling in her dress and so glad your hubby helps you like he does!
    2009 is about GONE!
    2010will be wonderful for you are wonderful too!
    love you!


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