Starting to live a normal life again...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

That probably sounds a bit dramatic but since we moved here, we have not really lived our normal family life.  We have lived out of boxes and suitcases and we have spent all of our "down time" unpacking and getting settled (and changing schools, fighting illnesses, hurricanes and gas leaks;)."  I would say that within the last week or two we have finally started getting back to enjoying our normal life. Last weekend, we went to a friend's house for a delicious and fun dinner.  And tonight, we are hosting a family at our house for dinner.  This is our first little dinner party since we moved back to Houston.  We LOVE entertaining and usually have people over most weekends so for us to have gone 4 months without entertaining is very unusual. The friends that are coming tonight are people we have known for about 10 years and they adopted a beautiful daughter from China 7 years ago (she is the same age as Harry).  We had no idea way back then that we would have a red thread connection!

Here are some photos from the last few weeks...

Kate is trying to find a missing crystal to our chandelier...

and she finds it!!!

The art we still need to hang....


Thompson, Will and Harry all LOVE Legos!


Lily and Kate getting in on the fun.

The little girls cute!


Lily and Kate are about 6 months apart (Lily is older) and they get along great!


Jedi Kate Emerson in action...

She wounds (pretend) Miss Chloe (who is such a good actress~Kate and I were actually worried)!
Kate was very concerned and kept saying, "You okay, Chloe?"

Our friends have a "girl tree" that is all pink and girly! 
 I LOVE that and might have to borrow that idea next year!


  1. Glad things are getting back to normal for you guys. It takes so much time to unpack your home and decide where things should go and Lord only knows how long it took me to hang things, I didn't want holes in the wall unless I was sure it would stay there.
    Hope the weeks to come are great and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  2. i am so glad that your life is getting back to normal and things are settling down. i love that kate found the lost crystal!!! miss you!

  3. Glad you are finally feeling at home! Such cute pics of the kids!

  4. I love the picture of the girls on the bed with their little faces in their precious.

  5. Looks like things are falling into place...
    Love the pictures...
    Have a Great time tonight at the party...
    Hugs girly..

  6. Normal is good! So happy for you all. The girls tree is adorable--and the girls even more so.

  7. Kim,

    I'm so happy to hear everything is "normal" and falling into place. Normal is nice, especially for those of us resistant to change :) Take Care!


  8. Oh Kim,

    I am so glad you are starting to settle in...and you have so much to look forward to in the new year!!

    Looks like some fun times all personal fave??? Kate Emerson divinginto the box to find the missing crystal!!! Super!!!

    Best wishes,


  9. So glad things are getting back to normal. I love to entertain too and we haven't as much since moving into our old house. I love it but it's very chopped up and not a very open floor plan...we're either going to have to remodel or move. I wanted to do a pink and girly tree for Ava this year, but didn't get it done. Hope you have a great week.

  10. So happy to hear that things are getting back to normal for you : ) Looks like you are enjoying your friends. Great pictures!

  11. We also have a "girl tree" in LiLi's room. It is silver with pink lights, pink bows, and all pink ornaments. Of course there is also a beautiful gold crown with pink jewels and some kind of fake fur. She just loves it!


  12. You know the saying "Bloom where you are planted" and you seem to be doing that well. We might have to move to Dallas from Virginia for my husbands job and I am not looking forward to that. Hoping it doesn't happen!

  13. Love the picture of Kate in the box....everyone else looks like they are having a great time....glad things are starting to feel like home! ;)

  14. Normal is good, Kim! :) I am so glad that life has settled a little, at least enough that you feel like entertaining again! I know how that goes!

    Love all the pictures of the children - such bright smiles. :)


  15. So glad that you are finally settling in and getting back to your normal, everyday life!!

    Love the picture of Kate in the mountain of packing cute....and what a great eye....she found it!!

    Hope you had fun entertaining tonight:)


  16. I love the one of Kate with a light saber! How funny! And her hunting for the crystal! I'm so glad ya'll are feeling more settled and 'normal' just in time for Christmas!

    I'll be in TX Tuesday. I wish we were closer!


  17. Kim,
    I'm glad you are getting settled in and feeling more at home. I feel so unsettled and we moved right into our house - I can't imagine the chaos you have been through!

    I am so happy you'll be able to enjoy the holidays feeling like you're home.


  18. I am glad that you are back to normal! All 4 of my girls have a "girlie tree" in their rooms. They are white with all pink lights,bows and every pink ornament we could find. These go up Thanksgiving Day. They drive me nuts until I get them up! I am sure Miss Kate will have one too! They are great night lights too. I sneak in and turn it off when they fall asleep:) SHHH..they think Santa does it for safety!

  19. So glad you are feeling more settled Kim!! That is really great news. Such sweet shots!

  20. I'm so happy to hear that things are feeling more normal around your home. Kate sure looked like she was enjoying her hunt in the giant box of packing peanuts.

    Gin =)

  21. So glad your life is getting back to normal. It is so great to feel settled in, isn't it? Love your Christmas music by the way!

  22. I love all of these pictures. I especially love the one of Kate digging in the box for the crystal. She is a determined little girl and oh so beautiful. I love her monogrammed dress.
    I am glad life is getting back to normal for you and your family. I have truly had you in my prayers. Happy Holidays Kim!
    In Him,

  23. when savannah saw your card, she totally flipped--"will & harry are THE cutest boys i've ever seen"--too bad she's a tad too old
    but i do have 3 others

  24. LOVE Kate with the light saber. I wish they made them in pink though. LOL.

  25. Glad things are finally normalizing in your home. We are the same way with entertaining and to go for so long without-- that would be very hard. Glad things are getting back to normal and it looks like you guys had a great time!!

    Christy :)

  26. So glad that you are beginning to get back to normal...whatever that is!!

    Love the picture of Kate in the box~

  27. Dearest Kim, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Our little one is the light of our lives - and it is so nice to hear that other people think she is sweet too. You have 3 gorgeous children - they look so happy in their photographs (I snopped a little before I posted this comment!)

    Hope that your life settles down and you have a wonderful Christmas season - and if you get any more snow be sure to send some over to us here in Northern Ireland.

    With very warmest wishes


  28. All too cute! So, glad your life is coming to normalcy, I like normal. I understand how you feel.

  29. So glad your life is settling into place. I hope you'll take pictures at your dinner party and share them here.

    Love Kate's plaid jumper, by the way!

  30. About the girly tree, we have some of the same ornaments!!!, Valen, also has a girly tree, all her decorations are Disney characters, Dora, Hello Kitty and Harry Potter!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I'm so glad you seem to be coming out of that tunnel. I know things were crazy there for a while.

    Love the girly tree! I think I will definitely have to steal that when I finally have a girl!


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