Santa Baby

Wednesday, December 12, 2007
We took the peanuts to see Santa last week. The boys were still excited to see the big man. I had butterflies in my stomach standing in line with Kate Emerson. I didn't know how she would react. I didn't know how I would react.


Harry and Will waiting in line.

Approaching Santa. Dave is holding Kate and she is checking him out at this point.


Since Kate did not want to sit on his lap, Harry told Santa that Kate loves Dora, the explorer. Santa said he would remember that. When the boys told Santa they wanted a Wii, he told them that so did everyone else and that Santa is having a hard time getting them this year!


I do not like this fuzzy man. Let me go!



Enough already! Didn't you get your picture?

Please do not think we tortured her. I have an SLR camera and I got all of these shots in mere seconds and then we lifted her right up. She was fine immediately after I picked her up. She actually waved and blew kisses to Santa after this but we did not get those on film (I was holding her).

Okay, if Mom is here...he isn't so bad.

What's that Santa? You have lollipops? Oh, you must be nice then!

We'll just get one of these and see you next year!


I can tell you that lollipop erased any bad feelings immediately!


  1. Those are great photos! My boys are too big for Santa's lap, but we have pictures of them when they were little, and they were not always thrilled with Santa! Very sweet that Kate's big brothers whisperd in Santa's ear for her.

  2. Darling! We are going to see Santa on Sunday.

  3. What a great post! That one picture of Kate with her hands up to her face is too precious...but so sad to look at! Next year will be better for sure! :)


  4. LOL - I know just how you feel! Li Li has decided that she that she wants NOTHING for Christmas if the only way is going through the Big Guy :D Oh well, Ian is just like Will and Harry, telling Santa what Li Li wants.

    Maybe you'll have better luck next year!

    Ladybug hugs,

  5. Too funny! Love the pics. The kids all look so darling. I have to admit, Kate made me giggle.

  6. Ha them. If you checked out my Santa post last week you know we too have the screaming pics for the last two years...

    Glad the boys were prepped for Christmas morning just in case..that is too funny.

  7. oh yes the magic of a dum dum lolly can do amazing things.

  8. Those pictures are so cute! Kamree wanted nothing to do with Santa this year either. I am glad the boys filled Santa in on what Kate likes!

  9. Ack, I wonder how mine will react on Friday when we go see the big guy! Screams, I'm sure. Why is it that we do this???? (oh yeah, the memories...tee hee).

    Loved the shots!

    Snick :)

  10. Love the pictures, even though Kate is sad in some of them I find the whole story kind of funny! You have a beautiful family! I love Kate's hair bow! :)

  11. Ahhh, so cute! Such a love/hate relationship with the guy in red. Can't stand for the first few years, love him the next few! BTW-That is a really good Santa!

  12. Looks just like our Kylee's response to Santa a few weeks ago. So sad but cute. One day they will get a kick out of those pics.


  13. Those are great! We would never think you were torturing her! The year that Mae was 2 she would not even let me unhook her stroller so Jane Harris is 4 months sitting on the big guy's lap with a gummy grin! After Jane had her picture made Santa held out a sucker for Mae. She promptly swiped it from his hand, said thanks and looked at me and said "go mommy go!". Tripp caught it on video!

    We have not been this year yet. We'll see if Jane will sit this year since she is now 2!


  14. Kim,
    I love they bow that kate is wearing. Did you get it here in town?

  15. I think most people have at least ONE picture of Santa and a crying baby...Lily wouldn't even touch him with a 10 foot pole last year!

    LOVE the pictures...your boys are so adorable, and Kate is a beauty even when she's crying. And lollipops heal all wounds, don't they? (in this house they do anyway!)

  16. Santa's comment about the Wii is soooo comical! I love that you got these pictures and I absolutely melted with the shot of Will looking into Kate's sad face. Ohmygosh - what an incredible big brother. And Harry was such a great brother too - smiling to get it over with! I swear every child that age cries with Santa...and I don't think any of them remember it a day later :)

  17. I think everyone has at least one year they are screaming to get away from Santa! :)

    Cute pictures!

  18. Such cute pictures!! My daughter and I went shopping last Friday and little Avery had her first visit with Santa. She fell asleep right when it was her time to see him. It ended up being a precious picture anyway. Happy Holidays to you and your precious family!!

  19. Hi Kim,

    Looks like Lily and Kate had the same reaction to the guy in red!

    Btw, you were right...Lily has seen Mommy kissing Santa Claus. We thought that might make Lily's first trip to Santa a little easier...wrong!! Even if Santa has the same beautiful blue eyes as Daddy she wanted NOTHING to do with him ;-)!!!


  20. She looks like all of my kids did at 2 with cute. I love the one with her hand on her face!

  21. Too cute....I'm not sure if I shoudl take Daniel this year or not! lol

  22. How funny! I can't believe she even got near him afterwards! We go this weekend, last year she was fine, she calls him papa!

  23. Yep, lollipops seem to cure everything when you're a toddler. You got some great pictures of this very momentous time.

    Maybe next year...

    Happy dreams~

  24. Love the pics. That is so funny that Kate did not like Santa. We have not gone yet but will be this weekend so I am very interested in how Mia will react to Santa. We will see. Great pics!!!

    Christy :)

  25. Glad she recovered!!!!! Hopefully, next year will be better for both of our girls! Your pics are great! And, the boys look so handsome! What a fun Christmas morning it will be!

  26. What a comical moment!

  27. I love in the last picture how Ms. Kate is still giving him a dirty look :)

  28. kbdnI have loved watching your family over the years by reading all of your Christmasses past posts. Your family is precious!

    susan w

  29. That was so cute! I had to laugh because my son did the same thing at that age.

  30. Cute photos! Kate is a good judge of character. Santa must look so scary to little kids and I expect Emma will have the same reaction, though Hannah can't wait to see him. She has a million questions for him (like what do the reindeer eat, what kind of cookies does he want on Christmas Eve, etc.). You were wise to bring your own camera. I hadn't thought of that, but now will because capturing those moments is precious.


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