Wednesday, October 8, 2008
(This photo has nothing to do with my post....I just like it and I have no new photos to post lately)

Okay, so today Miss Kate was scheduled to have her photo taken. Mind you, she and Will were both in the pediatrician's office with fevers late yesterday afternoon. Nonetheless, this was scheduled. She woke up happy so we decided to follow through with the appointment. I had her dressed in a beautiful ivory knit sweater dress. She looked like an angel. I walked in the other room for a minute and when I came back, Kate was covered in blood. Her face was a bloody mess. The dress, frilly socks, shoes---all bloody! I panicked and screamed (on the phone with Leslie). I did not know why she was bleeding so much. Turns out, she had a bloody nose.  First. one. ever. Thank you, Leslie for talking me through it. I am not really good in crisis situations.  I panic.

Unfortunately, we don't have many Fall clothes yet, so I improvised and threw some Matilda Jane ruffle pants and a frilly ivory blouse on Kate.  Hopefully, they got a good shot or two. I really should have cancelled.

Oh and in case you were wondering, I got every drop of blood out of that dress.  I immediately filled a sink with cold water and Oxi-clean. Now if only I could get the blood off the carpet in our corporate apartment.


  1. So glad she is okay! Surely life is going to slow down for all of you soon!

  2. I'm glad she is ok. It must of been scary though! I would of freaked out!!

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  3. This is a slightly random question...but once upon a time I thought I remembered reading something about where you bought your sofa in the living room. Do you mind sharing that info again?

    Thanks so much!

  4. I was just going to say NOSE BLEED!!! Seriously though...that is the MOST beautiful picture of you too! I think of you often and hope that you catch a break soon!

  5. Bloody noses are so always looks like so much blood!

    Nick gets them quite often...and every time I see the blood I panic.

    Good old like a charm!


  6. I am going to go out and buy some of that Oxy Clean! That is amazing. So sorry about Miss Kate's dress. I know that she will be beautiful in ANYTHING she has on. Hope your day gets better!

  7. Oh no!! Poor KAte! poor you!

    Try the Oxyclean, if nothing else works.

    Kim, that is a beautiful photo of you two!

    I just found our about Matilda Jane from another blogger I LOVE who is private, her daughter, like Kate, is dressed to the T.

  8. I am now ready to do a "Go Away gods of Ill Fate" dance for you!!! I know you must be tired that you just sort of mention a trip to the pediatrician for fevers in passing...but from the outside looking in, you have kept your cool and your sense of humor about it all. I am in awe.

    I am glad it was just a nosebleed (I could write a book on those!)...and also that you were able to get the blood out of the dress. Most often, I am soaking clothes, but someone told me that salt will take blood up from the carpet. I have never had to try it, thank goodness!

    I hope you all are feeling better and doing better...and I can't wait to see some REALLY HAPPY posts coming from your way...

    As our thoughts and prayers!!


  9. On no. My daughter sometimes gets nosebleeds after having a fever or when she is dried out by antihistimine. You might want to put some vaseline up her nose or use nose spray to try to prevent another occurence.

  10. Oh, nose bleeds are horrible! My older daughter gets them regularly-they didn't start until she was in middle school and she is now 14. A nose bleed looks so much worse than it is-very frightening for you I'm sure.

    So glad that darling Kate is alright. Poor sweetie.

    I'm all about pre-treating, washing properly, ironing..., but I've never tried Oxi-clean-adding it to my list for the market!:)

  11. I was reading your post and gasped out loud :) Bless her glad she's okay and that you were able to get the blood out of her dress. I am sure it was beautiful!!!

    My nerves would've been shot so I would've had to cancel. You must have nerves of steel :)

    By the way even though the picture has nothing to do with your post...I love the picture!

  12. So glad she is ok! Do you know how she got the bloody nose or was it just random? I am sure she looked beautiful today.

    Kim come on over and see my free giveaway you will love it.

  13. LOVE the picture of you and Kate...
    Sorry to hear about her nose bleed.. that is sooo scary.. but glad you got the blood out of her outfit..
    Can't wait to see the pictures..
    Hugs girly..
    Have a Great Week..

  14. I'm sorry : ( I am happy that Kate is ok. My girls and boys have had their share of bloody noses. I am not good with blood ; (

  15. Those nose bleeds are so bloody - okay that makes no sense but you know what I mean!

    Try hydrogen peroxide - it should just bubble the blood right out of the carpet.

    Glad she is okay. Still saying prayers for you and the family. Hope to hear that you are transitioning inot your house soon!


  16. My goodness the saga goes on and on. I've never had a bloody nose and would have absolutely no clue what to do with a child with one. I hope things FINALLY start calming down.

    (And I'm really glad you got the dress cleaned!)

  17. Absolutely love the picture. I can see why you wanted to share. Glad to hear it was just a nose bleed & the blood came out. I use OxyBaby all of the time, even on clothes not so babyish!!!!

  18. If it's berber, you can often uses peroxide and the blood will come right out.
    Now I have only tried this on light beige berber though.
    Poor thing. I bet it scared both of you. (hugs)

  19. I LOVE the picture of you two! My jaw dropped as I read about Kate's bloody nose. Oh my goodness!

    Way to go on stain removal. Can you use the oxyclean on the carpet. The box gives housecleaning tips. Good Luck!

  20. Phew, I'm glad you got it out. I was going to suggest OxyClean or peroxide ( works great for blood stains). Poor Kate.

  21. Yikes, not fun!! My oldest has had zillions of them. And I grew up with really really really bad nosebleeds. It's gotten so I don't even bat an eyelid at them anymore. :) LOL

    So glad you got it out of her beautiful dress. My mom got to be an expert at it too!

    Snick :)

  22. Oh my -- I'll bet that was scary. So glad that she is ok. Love that photo of you together -- so beautiful!


  23. Well, I am so glad that the dress was saved, I felt so bad for you, and hearing your voice still brings tears to my eyes. You poor thing had her all dolled up for her pretty picture and you were giving me your precious time, I feel bad! I was so glad that I could help you, I grew up with bloddy noses all of the time. I felt bad for Kate when she was worried about her "beautiful dress". You are a trooper Kim and I pray that things will be smoothe sailing for you soon. Your call meant so much to me. I love that picture of you two, just gorgeous, you could teach me alot in the photography department!

  24. Oh, I am so sorry. It really is so scary!! I woke up one night to Annslee crying and when I got to her crib blood was everywhere!! We started doing vaseline in her nostrils and a vaporizer at night and no more nosebleeds.

    I am sure they got some great shots..she is so beautiful how could they not!

  25. Easy to get blood out with peroxide - right fm the bottle -onto the stain - (my grandmother had dialysis - and we had to clean blood out of her clothes alot...) just in case you were wondering :-)

  26. Murphy's Law for you these days. I am so sorry. My heart dropped when I read about the blood until I got to the bloody nose part. How scary! I am glad it all worked out though! And I adore the picture of the two of you!

  27. I'm glad to hear she is okay. My daughter gets them often too. Don't know if you remember me, I had contacted you a while back when I couldn't decide what color to paint my daughter's room. Well, it's still not painted...but I finally started a blog! So I hope you stop by and visit me.

    Thank you so much for your blog. It has been a refuge for me on those days when it seems we are in fact on a slow boat to China. Kate is precious! God Bless.

    LID 9/4/07

  28. See, there is a reason you are the "STAIN MASTER!!!!"
    So sorry about the dress. You will just have to doll her up again, and take photos of her in it... It sounds like a beautiful outfit! I would love a dress like that for Her Rubiness!!!!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to ask about me today.. You are so sweet. You have so much going on. I just love having another fun red thread that has brought us together!

    Love ya,

  29. P.S:

    GORGEOUS photo of you two beautiful girls!

  30. Kim, this is so scary! I would have totally freaked if I had found Bradley covered in blood. I hope you still got some good pics!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog today:) XO, C

  31. Can't wait to see the pics, I am sure they are gorgeous!! Can you put oxiclean in a spray bottle and blot up the blood??

  32. Bless her nose! Glad that's all it was in spite of the big mess. And oxy cleaners are fabulous, aren't they?

  33. I am so glad that you had Leslie on the phone :D Both L & I get them all the time - but I know that you must have been beside your self to walk in on that! Nose bleeds can be really scary because they are so vascular! They bleed and bleed! I am so sorry that she ruined her dress - but I am sure that she looked adorable in her Matilda Jane! She alway looks adorable :D
    Ladybug hugs,

  34. I love the picture of you and Kate. It just is very sweet. I can only imagine what shock was going through your mind when you saw all of that blood. I'm sure that the pictures turned out beauty full! :)

  35. Big hug my friend.......... I am so glad Kate is ok... that had to be terrifying... you scared me too! That is wonderful you got out the stains. I believe you can use oxi clean on the carpet too if you haven't already. Also try hydrogen peroxide.
    I love the pic of you and Kate.
    Have a beautiful day filled with joy...
    God's Peace,

  36. Oh my...I bet the photographer was still able to get some great pictures...Kate is beautiful no matter what she is wearing!

  37. I bet you could have died. I know how stressful it is to get them looking "perfect" for pictures. Bless her heart. I'm sure the Matilda Jane pants were adorable. I'm sure she got some adorable shots. Can't wait to see.

  38. I glad Miss Kate is okay. Isabella is prone to nose bleeds ... especially when the air is dry.

  39. LOVE this picture of you with your sweet girl! How absolutely beautiful! This will be one you both will treasure in the days to come. Sorry to hear about the nosebleed- of course, this would happen right before you meet the photographer. Yes. That is so our family as well!!! LOL!

    Thinking of you today!

    Big Hug,


  40. What a lovely photo--it is so sweet!

    Poor little Kate! I hope she wasn't scared. My son often gets nose bleeds (he has terrible seasonal allergies & gets dried out) and he used to cry and cry when he got them at her age.

    I am glad you saved her dress! You are a great photographer & can hopefully take some of your own pics in her sweet outfit. Did you try Oxiclean on the carpet? I just got a mystery stain out of our carpet with that. Otherwise, as other posters said, try hydro peroxide. I've used it on clothes & sheets to remove blood.

    I hope everyone is healthy again soon!

  41. I love the picture of you too! How cute! I am glad she is ok and I hope you did get some good shots of her!!


  42. Beautiful picture and wonderful reading. Be brave and faithful and every little thing will be fine! Change is one of the hardest things to get used to for a woman/mom especially! Hang in there! You won't believe how time will smooth all the wrinkles out!

  43. What a time for Miss Kate to get her first nose bleed! Love the picture of the two of you together.

  44. EllaKate has had lots of nose bleeds yesterday and my dr told me yesterday it is from her sinuses being so dry. She suggested I put neosporin in her nose each night and it will help moisten them. No blood today!!! So glad Kate is ok and the dress survived!!! Good luck with the carpet!!!

  45. Wow, I'm sorry things have been so hard, but am so glad that Kate is okay. Nose bleeds are frightening when they are heavy like that.

    Glad that you were able to get her photo done and hope that you can get spend the rest of today just relaxing. The photo that you posted of the two of you at the beach is beautiful!

  46. You poor soul....thinking about you and hoping for peace in your family soon!

  47. So sorry...remember God never gives us more than we can handle, and he knows you are the "stainmaster". Her pictures would be adorable if she were in her jammies :)

    Speaking of which, Lucy got ink on her cute khaki shirt dress and it got washed before I noticed. Is there still something that might get the ink out??? I cant wait for your stain post one day when things settle down.

    Hugs to you

  48. You and your Oxiclean! Good stuff huh? Nose bleeds are the worst but more especially scary when you can't tell where the blood was coming from! I am impressed you had another outfit though in your bag.....well I say impressed...we are talking about you and you seem like a very prepared person always!

  49. absolutely beautiful photo! :) you are so blessed.

    Noah's mama


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