Friday, October 31, 2008
Will was a Sith from Star Wars (whatever a Sith is?)

Harry was a Jedi (I think he was that last year too but for some reason he needed a new costume and light saber).  I have never seen a Star Wars movie but all the boys in our family are obsessed. They wanted Kate to be YODA! (Mark and Angela if you are still reading...what did you think they would be this year? I got a kick out of the fact you guessed pirates last year.)



May the force be with you, Princess Katie Ru!

The evil Sith....
Kate turns from fairy princess to a Jedi too! (Really she just stole Harry's light saber).

"Alright people, let's go get some candy.  I am done taking pictures and playing with light sabers."  
We could not find our Halloween things amongst the boxes, so Kate carried this adorable monogrammed bag my friend Julie Anne gave her for her birthday.  (It is monogrammed in green on the other side.)DSC_0063
The loot!

Oh my goodness, would you look at all of this candy!


"I love trick or treat."
Kate kept saying that all night long!

We had a great Halloween.  It started off a little tough but ended up great!  Kate threw a fit and would not wear the tights that match her costume.  Then even though she asked to put it on ALL day, she did not want to get into her costume. As two year olds do, she quickly changed her mind and was happy 2 minutes later.  She fell a few times though.  The left side of her face is red in some of the photos. Oh and mosquitos bit the right side!!

I took the 3 peanuts trick or treating while Dave gave out candy.  We met tons of neighbors and found out there are several boys Harry's age close by.  Kate made some neighbor friends too. Before tonight, we had not met any of our neighbors.
Kate LOVED trick or treating.  She really got into it.  She said trick or treat at every house and thank you.  Then she wanted to sample each piece of candy. The girl is very social!

I brought the kids home and the plan was to put Kate to bed and Dave would take the boys for a little more trick or treating but Kate was having SO much fun, she tagged along! 

Oh and some of you might remember last year's saga regarding the "Halloween witch."  Well, in spite of last year, both boys are making piles and hoping she shows up.


  1. Beautiful pictures of your children (I'm going to look back on your blog and find out what kind of "new" camera you have..my two year olds were wired from so much candy. :) Glad you got to meet some neighbors.

  2. Your kids are darling! As to your question, it's crazy, but I pop the bubble wrap. I'm sort of addicted. Sick, isn't it?! Lol.

  3. Such adorable trick or treaters! I love that Will...geez he's a cutie, as are Harry and Kate. Paige would be gaga over your Sith : )

    Hey, I just sold some Matilda Jane on Ebay and made back exactly what I spent, plus a little extra. Good luck with selling your items : )

  4. Happy Halloween....love the costumes and such wonderful pictures:)

  5. These pictures are SO cute! I love them. It looks as though you really live there now. I am happy to see that. And about your closets (you will probably get comments on that post forever)... not only do I want to organize my closet now, but I feel I must buy cuter shoes!!!

  6. Kate has the biggest smile - she is enjoying being the Queen of the Castle!

    Hope you are getting settled in!! I am thinking of you!

  7. How adorable are the 3 peanuts. My Jake is really into Star Wars also. Last year he was Darth Vader and this year he was a Clone Trooper. What a great way to meet your new neighbors.

  8. HOW FUN!!!
    The kids look great..
    Love Kate's little costume...
    Have a Great Weekend..
    Hugs girly..

  9. Kim,
    Kate looks soooo happy!!!! What a fun time to finally be in your new house! Great way to get out and meet your new neighbors!!! Soon, your adorable Peanuts will be busy playing with all of their new friends!!!! I love Kate's costume on her!!! Tell Will & Harry that Mr. Jeff appreciates the Lucas support!


  10. Sounds like a great night! What a perfect way for you to meet all your new neighbors!

    The kids looked great.....I love the shots of Kate with the candy....you could see her little mind working......"what am I going to eat next"

    So I have to ask...

    What is the story about the Halloween Witch? I should probably go back and check your archives..

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. thanks for sharing. They are all just adorable.


  12. Cute pictures! We have friends that were Star Wars things too-I'm not into that so I have know idea who they were. :) Kate looks so cute!

  13. Such cute costumes! Your kids looked adorable. Glad they had fun and even happier to hear you all met some potential new friends.

    Have a wonderful, productive weekend!

  14. Love the pictures! I love Kate's costume. She is just too cute. Can't wait to see pictures of your new house!! Have a good weekend!

  15. Cute pictures...those boys are soooo handsome. I love the pics of Kate looking at her candy!! Lucy loved Trick or Treating too!!

  16. Oh they are so cute and I just LOVE her expression with all of that candy laid out before her. Darling.

  17. What great pics. The halloween witch visited here too!!

  18. Kate is the fairest of them all!

    Thanks for your message yesterday...last night and today have been crazy. I am hiding in the living room right now with my lap top trying to catch up on everyone's Halloween happenings.

    Love the boys costumes too...and my favorite pic is the one of Kate with the light saber!

    I will try to call you this week, or try me if you are out and about...I do not want to interrupt precious unpacking time!!

    Love you friend~

  19. It looks like you had a fun Halloween. Kate looks adorable in her costume. I am so glad you got to meet some of your neighbors too.

    Have a great weekend. Happy unpacking!

  20. OH I love hearing about Kate's determnination on things, she sounds too fun:) She has such a mind of her own, I truly love it.
    Her costume was cute even without the tights.
    I love the force be with you pic its perfect:)
    I am so glad to hear Harry found some kids his age around the neighborhood, wonderful! Wouldn't it be great if there is a special friend nearby!

  21. What cute pictures! My son loves Star Wars too and several of his Halloween's were devoted to the movie. I am so glad I have a girl in the house now so when she is old enough we can watch movies like Anne of Green Gables & Annie. I have been forced to watch many, many, many adventure movies!

    Kate looks SO adorable! It sounds like she had a blast. And what a great way for her & Harry to meet new friends.

    Happy Halloween!

  22. Darling photos! So glad you all had such a great Halloween. Sounds like things are starting to fall into place!

  23. The kids are adorable all dressed up! I love the pics of Kate adoring her candy loot!!

  24. Kim,

    All the peanuts looked adorable. My husband made me sit through all the Star Wars movies after we got married and I still don't know what a Sith is. :) I am so happy you got to meet some new neighbors and potential playmates for the peanuts. Having neighbors to lean on is such a tremendous blessing. I did a million dollar post on my blog yesterday, so stop over and see my purchases when you get a chance. Have a great week.

  25. I am also a mom of three, a girl(15) and two boys(13&8) and i two have a family of Star Wars fans. Actually our whole family likes the movies! I just have to say that Will is the most handsome Sith i have seen( i prefer him to the one in Star Wars) and Harry makes a cute Jedi! Kate is precious of course, I miss the days of the sweet girl costumes! Thanks for sharing your blog with us!

  26. I am also a Mom of 3, a daughter(15) and 2 sons(13&8)! My entire family loves the Star Wars movies! I have to say Will is the most hansome Sith I have ever seen(i prefer him to the on in the movie) and Harry is a cute Jedi! Kate was precious, I miss the days of the sweet girls costumes! Thanks for sharing your blog with us!

  27. It's great to see that big ol' SMILE on Kate's face :)
    Looks like a wonderful night was had by all, so happy things are settling down for you guys!!

  28. Your children are precious.. How is the "icy" teacher coming along? Did you name your sons after the English princes, if you did I see why.

  29. I wonder if I know your BFF?? What part of Columbia? i live in Forest Acres. My sister just moved to Houston. She has had some adjustments, they closed on their house a week before the storm and they had flooding in their NEW home, but the builder has agreed to repair, because there was some builder issues. She lives in Pearland. her husband is a Professor at UT at Houston, A Pediatric Dentist there.. SMALL WORLD

  30. What part of Columbia does your BFF live, I bet I know her, small town you know.. My sister just moved to Houston 3 weeks ago!!

  31. Kim,
    All 3 kids look great. I love Kate's costume - its beautiful. Of course, it would have been a little too cold here for her to wear it!

    Glad you got to meet some neighbors while trick or treating and that Kate had a blast!

    I tried to convince Lily to wear the flower costume, but she is a girl who definitely knows what she wants and a flower wasn't it!


  32. it sounds like it was a great halloween, kate looks really cute!

  33. Kate is just precious in the first picture!!!! Love the Star War costumes! We have boys here that love them to!!

  34. Sooo Cute!! All of your peanuts are growing up so fast. It seems like yesterday that we came home from China and now it's a year and a half later. Is it me or does time go faster when you get older??:)

    I know I've told you this before - all of your kiddos are adorable but Will is just down right handsome! He has a beautiful smile!
    Kim and Katiebug

  35. ong - what beautiful children!!

    thanks for the comment about Urban Market - they have it three times a year. so - maybe you can make the next one!!

    thanks again!


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