Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay, this is how desperate I am for my e-mail!  I bribed Kate with a GIANT muffin at P*anera so I could check my e-mail.  I think it makes me feel more connected to my friends since our move:)

So, I can read my e-mails but not answer them.  We lost ALL of our television  and our internet! The cable company cannot get out to fix it for at least a week. I was so sad because this is premiere week, Ladies!!!!!  I did beg one of my friends to let me watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters last night at her house.  She kindly obliged and we even had wine while we watched the shows together. I felt like a "desperate housewife" as I dialed my girlfriends to inquire if they watched it.  None of them do!  

I am really going to miss television at around 4 p.m. everyday.  That is when I let Kate watch Superwhy or Little Bear while I supervise homework and cook dinner. She does not have all of her toys in our little apartment so this is gonna be a fun week!


  1. I am sooo sorry you dont' have internet and tv..
    But glad you got to watch the first episode of the season..
    LOVE those shows..
    Hope everything gets turned on quickly..
    Thinking of you always..
    Love ya girly..

  2. Thank goodness for P@nera!!

    I would be lost without my email and internet....and yes, the TV comes in handy when it is time for homework and cooking dinner!

    Hopefully this week goes by quickly for you....sounds like you will need a Plan B!!

    Good luck!


  3. Hey you know...whatever it takes :) My prayers are with you all this week...hopefully you can get through it without things getting too hectic!

    Have a great week!

  4. Bribery is ok if for the right reason:). It is good to hear from you! Sorry you are having such a hard time with cable and internet. I love email too! I loved the picture of your Ballerina Kate. She is just the cutest- I can just picture her with that big muffin now!
    Hope you have a great day!

  5. Im sorry about the TV being out especially since this is premier week!!! By the way, I did watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters last night and the premiers were GREAT!!! I love this week and I am so sorry your tv is out-- just perfect timing right??

    By the way, love Panera!! Kevin takes the boys to Panera every Friday morning before school for breakfast. They love it and look forward to it each Friday-- I love it becuase I get to sleep in a bit --yippeee!! Anyway, we will pray your cable comes up becuas ethis is HUGE!!! lol:)

    Christy :)

  6. Did ya pack the dvd player?? Always a good option when the tv isn't working!! You can borrow dvd's from the local library and then you'll have your "witching homework hour" in peace!

    Good luck,
    Snick :)

  7. My husband has been working some EXTREMELY long hours this summer and early fall, and I had been finding it very difficult to handle homework with one child while the other 2 (4 and 2) wanted my attention as well. That is when "homework" for the younger generation came into play. I have them trace letters that I have made on a page, or color a picture for me, etc. Now, I won't delude you into thinking that this always works, but most of the time, it helps. (I also will admit that the eldest child doesn't have tons of homework - she is just in 2nd grade.)

    Hope this might help.


    P.S. I didn't get to see Desperate Housewives or Brothers and Sisters last night because my husband beat me to the TV last night and was watching the NFL game. Oh well, I just have to be quicker next week :-).

  8. I know you won't be getting this or posting soon, but call to chat about Desperate Housewives or Brothers and Sisters anytime! Jeff makes so much fun of me for watching them. It's my secret guilty pleasure. I don't tell many people that I LOVE them both! They were off to a good start! :)

  9. I know how frustrating that is! I thought I wouldn't make it without my computer after the hurricane. Richard thought I was losing it! I love premiere week too! I have a DVD recorder that can record shows. I don't know if I have any you want, but I would be more than happy to record them for you. You'll be able to watch most of them online, though, whenever they hook your cable back up! I hope it's soon. I miss the peanuts!

  10. You will be missed by many including me. You have been through a rough time lately but just know there are so many that care for you and your family and that are praying for you. You have such a sweetheart!

    I hope your week is great!

    Man, I wish I had a Panera muffin right now:-)


  11. Hang in there.

    Brothers and Sisters is my favorite show.

  12. Hang in there.

    Brothers and Sisters is my favorite show.

  13. so sorry for your loss -seriously!
    I know it can be difficult to be without these things we are so used too...
    I am so glad you took a minute to update us and say hello.
    Hope the week goes better than you think...

  14. I have a feeling you may be making more trips to the coffee shop in the next week. I feel for you and missing Super Why -- that's when I get my shower in the morning! Hang in there, kiddo, and remember -- you're "making memories." :)

  15. I watched Desperate Housewives as well. What did you think about the first episode?

  16. Bummer about your tv and internet, but fortunately free wireless is out there!

  17. I love desperate housewives! Fortunately, most stations now have full episodes so you can watch online once things calm down. Good luck!

  18. I love your new blog look and pity you without email. It would drive me crazy! I even take my laptop on vacation so I can email and keep track of my favorite blogs. Oh, and I'm so glad you chose the new house that looks old. Ours is a new house built to look old and I love the huge closets, etc. that the old house wouldn't have. Just wait until someone compliments you on your great OLD house. Fun!

  19. Kim,

    Sorry to hear that you won't have cable and internet for a bit - but I was so happy to see about the house a few posts ago! I guess all our prayers were answered. I know that in no time you will have made that house a home for you and the peanuts! Thinking of you during your "blackout"!


  20. I'm always late to the party. What I mean by that, is that I just found your blog and have been reading pages and pages of past posts. Your photos are wonderful and I love your writing style, the love for your family, and your obvious faith. I hope you get settled in your new home and internet back up soon - I look forward to reading more! :-)

  21. Hi Kim,

    We are all thinking about you right now!! I hope that things get fixed quickly, and life gets back to normal a little bit. I am sure you are hoping for that too!! XO, Clare

  22. Hang in there! We miss you. Love the pics of the new house! I know you will be very grateful to get moved and settled.

    How are the boys? We continue to pray for them and school adjustment.


  23. I will be praying it is soon that you are up and running again!!!


  24. Yikes, I would have a hard time too...sorry that you will have to wait a week. That stinks. It's nice your friend watched a couple shows with you last night. Best of luck while you wait for the repair men.

  25. Oh, Olivia LOVES Superwhy! It's the one show she asks to watch. Well, that and Joe Monkey (Curious George). I hope you get all of your technology back soon!


  26. I am a big Desperate housewives fan too! I admit to liking's my weakness ; 0 I'm sorry you are without your internet and TV this week. Hope it gets fixed soon. I can't wait to hear more about your new house.

  27. I know what you mean....I feel really disconnected from the world without my computer. I don't watch that either BUT if I lived close to you I would LOVE for you to come over and watch it!

  28. I love your new kitchen!!! It's beautiful - congratulations - you have been through so much lately - it must feel so god to have a home now. ((HUGS))

  29. A week without Internet? Yikes! Good luck, Kim! You can always drive north to Dallas and borrow mine.

    Can't wait to hear when you close on the house and move in.

    Hope you're enjoying this same pretty weather we're having here.

  30. Hi Kim,

    I left you a little "surprise" over at Pearls and Grace!
    I'm sure you have received this award a dozen times over but I didn't see it posted and just wanted to share the love!

    Big Hug,


  31. Oh bless your heart, Kim!!! I DVR'ed "Brothers and Sisters" come on over...and we'll watch it together! :)
    I am thinking of you all and praying for your family each day (especially sweet Harry).
    I am excited for you as you prepare to move into your new beautiful home...and we get to see more of it! hee-hee! You have such lovely taste...I just adore your "lovely way of doing things"!

    Take care sweet friend...
    Hugs and love,
    Denise C

  32. I go a little crazy without my email, too!! I know how you feel!!!

    Hope your week goes ok sans the TV and all of the toys. Buy an extra bottle of wine next time you're out. That always helps. :)

  33. Glad to see you got to post and look around I am sure this is double hard being out of touch and in a little apartment but hopefully it will not be long and you will be in the beautiful house you posted making it your home.

  34. Yikes, no TV (with 3 kids) and no e-mail. I'm beginning to think you really are being tested ;). I hope things get back to better-than-normal for you soon.

    Gin =)

  35. Oh my, the saga continues!
    Still thinking about you all the time, my friend...I suppose I'll just send up an extra prayer for you around 4pm for awhile!?

    You're doin' great! You REALLY REALLY are.

  36. Hi Kim, I hope the week is going well without such luxuries! :)
    It's tough when we come to rely on those things so much and then they're taken away unexpectedly!! I'm glad you were able to at least watch those two shows! I would have been bummed...those are the two I had to watch too! lol
    I hope the whole house thing is coming together and I hope the boys are doing well with school and that you all aren't pulling each others hair out!!

  37. I TOO am obsessed with Desparate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. I had to miss Desparate this week because of a Sunday evening commitment and was able to watch it online on Monday. Perhaps you can catch up on your missed episodes via internet when you get it back! Hang in there!


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