When it rains, it pours

Sunday, August 31, 2008
It looks like will be having our first out of town visitor....his name is 


So, today while we are out looking at open houses, we will stop to pick up some hurricane supplies. According to my friend,
Jennifer, milk duds are a vital necessity.


  1. Hi Kim,
    I am also waiting for Gustav... Where did you move to if it's not too indiscreet...
    Again Good Luck with the house hunting and Keep the Faith!

  2. Oh my goodness...not a great way to start in a new place. I found you through my friend Chesnye's blog and have enjoyed reading your posts so much! You are really inspirational as a parent. I have been where you are with the house bidding and I know how disappointing it can be. I will say that this very same thing happened to us a few years ago and it turned out to be a HUGE blessing. We ended up in an even more perfect house (even though at the time I thought it impossible). I hope things calm down very soon and you all get settled in the best place for you (along with school, too!). You haven't said where you live, but it must be someplace to the south of us. If you need to evacuate, Chesnye and I will host you!

  3. Yikes! Praying for your safety.

  4. Hi! I am a long time lurker-first time poster. We came home with our daughter Violet almost 10 months ago. I just wanted to let you know I am so grateful for your Health Series posts. Violet has had terrible skin issues and your information was extremely helpful. I cannot express how truly grateful I am. Thank you! Thank you!! Kathleen

  5. Dear, dear Kim,

    I have been wondering if you and your family were going to be in the path of Gustav from your description of how hot it was in your newcity and your visit with Jennifer. I have been praying for you and your family (just in case you were in the path of the storm)since mid-week last week, hoping against hope that your newcity was not close to the path of the storm. I will continue to pray not only for you, but for all in its path.

    Take care! Be safe!


  6. I was just watching the weather and thinking of you! Stay safe...get the milk duds (I always stock up on M&M's in a storm too!).

  7. You are in my thoughts...
    Keep safe..
    Have a Great Sunday...

  8. Thinking of you guys at this time.
    We hopefully are moving soon, to a delapidadted farm ; )
    and just before we put in the offer for Manor farm, we had looked at Grange farm.
    Well sa you guessed Gf fell through, and i was devastated about it, but felt God impressed on my heart not to curse the darkness so to speak, but to light a candle...for me that meant not getting grumpy, cross etc...and lo and behold the same day that we lost one, the second one came up, a better location etc...mind you they were both as delapidated as each other ; )
    Hang on in there my girl, something just right for you is just around the corner
    hugs from across the pond

  9. We are praying here for all those in the path of Gustav!!

  10. Oh my dear! Things just HAVE to improve!

    Thinking of you!!

    Snick Sunshine and Brill

  11. Oh my goodness Kim! Do you feel like the Welcome Wagon left town when you arrived?!?!? What a week! Do keep us posted about the hurricane if you have electricity! We will certainly be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!!!

  12. Kim I am so sorry about the house, you have had such a tough couple of weeks. I am full of compassion for you. I know its tough when the kids aren't happy with school where they spend so much of their time. I must say that house is beautiful, but I remember the quote
    When God takes something from your grasp,
    He's not punishing you,
    but merely opening your hands
    to receive something better
    Lets just pray that better house is out there and you find it soon.

  13. Good luck with the storm! Maybe the people with the contract on the house you like will decide they don't want to live in an area prone to hurricanes...

  14. Sorry about the house - I remember being told the house we loved and wanted was outbid by another and then about 1 week later got the call that is was ours if we still wanted it. We are here now in our dream home. I hope things work out soon and that you will end up in the home meant for your family. We are dealing with Gustav also here in SW Fl. Lots and lots of rain and wind. My hurricane box has been packed since we moved in during Hurricane Charlie and I just keep it up to date. Stay safe and dry. Milk duds definitely help :)

  15. Maybe the other house will blow away :) Maybe it is a good thing that you don't decide on one until after Gustav's visit.

    Hope you stay safe in the storm!

  16. Praying for a a safe time with "Gustav"!

  17. So sorry about the house. Looking at the picture it is beautiful.
    Keep Safe.

  18. Big hug.... I am praying for you... stay safe. The good thing about hurricanes is that you have time to get out of harm's way.... that is the best natural disaster!
    And..... aren't you glad that you don't have a beautiful home in the storm's path that you have to worry about losing?
    Oh, honey.... Jesus has you in His loving arms and He has a beautiful plan for your precious family.... Right now it feels like you are in the refiner's fire.... but, just like in Daniel 3 you are not alone... there is a fourth man in the fire... He will never leave you or forsake you....
    God's Peace,

  19. We lived in New Orleans for 4 years when John was in Med school at Tulane. Hurricanes are so unnerving. I am praying for you. I am not just saying that... I really am. I know that your children must be feeling very unsettled. But you and Dave will help them through this time, and surely they will
    always remember your strength and the anchor of faith that you are for them. You are wonderful parents! Every child should be so blessed. Take care, my friend.

  20. Gustav ruined our weekend plans, just as Faye left. So worried for our northern gulf coast friends.

    Alcohol is also a necessity when beating a storm. ;0)

  21. I have been worried about you ever since I saw this on the news. You poor thing! Praying for your safety! You can always come north if you need to!

  22. OMG - that is the pits. I hope that there is a lot of sunshine ahead for you real soon. I hope that you don't get hit to hard and that all the little peanut are okay. I can only imagine how scary this is for them. Call me when you get a minute.
    Ladybug hugs,

  23. I'll be praying for you.....

  24. Oh Kim, I saw that my friend Amy already offered for us to host you, we are serious! As of yesterday we already had hurricane families moving into our town. During Katrina we had no space left. So keep us in mind, and we'll keep you in our prayers.
    Love and hugs,

  25. Will be thinking about you and praying you are safe.

  26. Oh my! We'll be lifting you all in prayer as this storm moves closer! Be safe sweet friend!
    Hugs and Love,
    p.s. Most of Chuck's family was "Tailgating and Footballing" (wahoowa!) in your old neck of the woods yesterday! We didn't go this time...too hot!
    I, of course, thought of you...and our plans for meeting this fall and enjoying a b-game together! :(

  27. Kim- Sending you strength!

    Stay safe & know that, although it doesn't seem that way now, the perfect house will come to you.


  28. Be safe! I'm praying for you....looks like those of us in Dallas will be feeling Gustav as well! Take care and keep us posted on how ride out the storm.

  29. I was wondering why I was getting so many hits yesterday!! Now I know :) Too funny. I'm up getting my last internet fix before the inevitable power outages!! I think I've already gained 5 pounds eating those milk duds and the like!! Stay in touch and stay safe.

  30. Kim,

    I'm really worried about you...here, in Spain, we have never had an hurricane or something like that...Please, stay safe...I'll think about all your family.

    Thank you very much for your nice words, Kim.

    A very big Kiss flying from Spain,


  31. Hay you,

    I have been out of town all weekend and just today was able to get on a computer. Im so sorry about the house. that is a total bummer. The house was beautiful and I too would have loved that house-- majorly my style but here in southern California those houses do not exist. Everything is stucco and the old traditional styles are very rare. Good luck and i will be thinking about you and praying Gustav keeps his distance.

    Christy :)

  32. Kim, your family is in my prayers. Hope you are all safe and are able to weather the storm.

    All the best.

  33. Ah!

    Thinking of you and hope your family is safe. We have been watching on the news.

    Take care, Michele

  34. I am so sorry you guys didn't get the house. I remember a few months ago when I was trying to find Gracie's blessing dress...I found the perfect one on Ebay and then forgot to bid...I cried for days..Then I called another store and found a $400 hand done raw silk gown for $40 from the company who makes them at their outlet store. Brand new. The kind only a celebrity could afford. I hope you get a better home than the first one. That makes life sweet.

  35. Oh wow! I am sure this is much more excitement than you wanted during your transition. I am praying the storm will slow down. Hang in there!!!

  36. What's happening where you are? Please update if you can.

  37. Hoping you are doing well as the sun sets and that this adventure soon calms down for you all.

  38. I pray you got spared by Gustav...
    We were lucky not to be hit by a tornado.

  39. Kim,

    Stay safe...you will be in my thoughts. Keep us posted (if your electricity stays on!)


  40. Hi sweetheart,
    I'm just checking in on you...I'm so sorry you didn't get your dream house. I can only imagine your heartbreak.
    You remain in my prayers.

  41. So sorry to hear about the house, I hope you will find another one to love! I hope that Gustav won't cause too much damage.

  42. Kim I am thinking of you and hoping you are safe {{{hug}}}

  43. Hope all is well...been thinking of you..

  44. Chocolate anything is good medicine!

    Hope your house search brings you a beautiful new place you can feel at home in!


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