Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Good morning Jellyfish!
Time for my morning beach jog.
Here I come, Will
Here I come , Will!
Look Ma, I caught a crab!
Look what I caught, Mom!
Baby Crabbie
A baby crab!



Harry and Ashton
Harry and Cousin Ashton

We are having a good time but this is not our best beach vacation.  We have had a day and a half of really heavy rain. I definitely have not gotten as many good photos as last year. Also, I think Dave and I are pretty stressed about returning home and moving in a few short days.  It is hard to relax when we have so much ahead of us.  One nice part of this trip is that my sister and her family have joined us.  We are really enjoying their company.  Cousin Ashton and Harry are having a fantastic time together.  Miss Kate loves the beach.  She calls it "the sandbox."


  1. Sorry to hear about the rain.. but LOVE the pictures you are taking..
    Kate is sooo cute..
    I LOVE the little bucket..
    Try to have fun and relax..
    Hugs girly..

  2. SO sorry you have had so much rain...the pictures of everyone are just lovely! I love miss Kate checking out the jellyfish!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip...especially with your sister and her family wonderful!!!
    Sweet Blessings,

  3. I love all the beach photos you've been posting. Enjoy your little get-away before the big move.

  4. Adorable beach pictures! It looks like the kids are having a blast!

    Sorry to hear about the rain and upcoming stress. I hope you have a smooth move.

  5. Great pictures! I hope your able to relax before returning home!

  6. Hi! Having similar weather issues with our beach trip, but KNOW you're making the most of every you always do! I've spent the morning reading through your blog, (ah--a moment of quiet with my OWN three, sleeping peanuts) and can't begin to express how grateful I am that you're keeping it. This blog truly is a continuing link into your lives as a beautiful, loving family, and something I will check CONSTANTLY now that you're leaving. I miss you already... Love, e

  7. Hi! Totally empathize with the rainy weather. Similar experience with our beach vacation. Ugh! I KNOW you're making the best of it, always do!!! Spent the morning reading through your blog (such a treat to have my own three SLEEPING peanuts!). I'm so grateful you're back to blogging...this truly will be my daily link to you, now that you're leaving. No more quick catch-ups at P*nera or T*rget, no more pedicures, dinners out or play dates... I miss you already--beyond words. THANK YOU for being everything that you are. I love you and will forever treasure our friendship. e

  8. Hi Kim -

    Maybe the rain is good, perhaps leaving to go attend to what is ahead of you won't feel so bittersweet that way. Glad you are enjoying time with family, that always soothes a weary soul.

    Your pictures are fab no matter what is going on!

    Praying for you daily and sending huge hugs:)


  9. Good luck with the move! Our family has done many interstate moves and it is definitely stressful. Keep in mind that there are lots of us praying for you!

  10. The sandbox is the perfect place to destress.

    Enjoy your trip!

  11. Oh bummer about the rain! Myah has that same swimsuit! That bucket is adorable, I think Myah needs one ;). The boys look so happy. I can't imagine the thoughts running through your mind right now, kind of hard to relax I am sure. Take a deep breath and a long walk on the beach to clear your mind. Wish I could somehow help!
    Sending big hugs your way!!

  12. I totally agree with Kate, I love the beach!! I wish you well with the move.


  13. I have been wondering how soon your move was coming. Ugh...soon! Glad you were able to get to the beach another time. Just wish your weather was gorgeous! Glad you are having family time together! All the best to you all!

  14. She is adorable in her suit playing in her sandbox.

  15. I wish that you were having better weather, but it does look the kids are having a great time with their cousins.
    I agree with Kim, try to relax as best as you can. This is a nice time for you all before the move.

  16. oh sorry about the rain. I love that bright color on Kate.
    Harry has the sweetest, most inviting smile.
    Hope your last days are better.

  17. Kim,
    Deep breath. Count to five while exhaling. Don't let the stress take away the positive things that also come with moving to a new home.
    We also sold our home this week and are most likely moving abroad in two weeks. Ahh!!.
    I repeat to myself that new and wonderful experiences are waiting for us. A world of new friendships to discover, places to explore and memories to build together as a family.
    I wish you the best in Europe or wherever you are moving to. You had been a real blessing to me.
    Kari L.

  18. The rain part often kills the fun of a beach vacation for us adults but the kids love it!! Sorry to hear about the rain.

    I know the stress will be tons when you retun but just take it day by day. Do you already have a house where you are moving to or do you have to house hunt once you move?

    Try to enjoy the last bit of your trip!!!

    Christy :)

  19. Beautiful photos!!! Kate is adorable... so cute that she calls the beach her "sandbox"... love the baby crab too!!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation - sounds like busy things ahead for your family!


  20. No fun for the rain. I love the way Kate looks like she is sash-shaying in that cute suit!


  21. Sorry to hear about the rain, Kim. I hope your last day is nice! Teh pictures you have taken are great! Kate is so cute in her bikini!

    I know you must be stressed about moving, but at least you don't need to worry about your furniture for now!

    I hope to see you even briefly while you're back in town.

  22. The pictures you have gotten are great! Looks fun! Love all of Kate's fabulous suits!

  23. Oh, sorry about the rain...but the pics you HAVE gotten are just wonderful.
    Love Kate's suit - that color is fabulous on her.

    You've got a lot on your plates over there...thinking of you, sweet girl.

  24. Kim- The crab dress is so incredibly perfect!

    Love the vertical picture of the peanuts walking on the sand- but know you're craving the light of sunset.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip- praying for your move to be a smooth one.


  25. Thanks for sharing these - it makes us feel like we are on vacation with you and your family! My 4 year old keeps asking to see the jellyfish photo. She also asks keeps requesting your blog because the first song is the first song her mommy and daddy (we) danced to at our wedding and the last song was one of our wedding processional songs. Blessings, Wendy

  26. That AShton is a doll! I remember you holding him when he was a newborn!

    A crab AND a jellyfish? We would have considered that a definite score & the best vacation ever!!

  27. Your photos of the kids are lovely. It's always hard to get the details just right....the lighting, composition, etc., but what is most important is that you've captured that moment in your lives together. The kids grow and change so fast that you'll look back and cherish ALL your photos including those that techinically did meet your expectations.

    Sorry about the rain. We've never seen so many summer storms where we are and I've spent more than one day at the beach in the pouring rain for a swimming lesson and even for our beach carnival. The parents didn't enjoy it, but the kids never seem to mind too much.

    Hope you can stay in the moment and relax a bit before you have to go back home and deal with the move.

    Have fun!

  28. Too cute! Love that she calls the beach the "sandbox". :)

    I enjoy your blog! You have a beautiful family. A friend of mine emailed me your blog awhile ago & asked if I have a "long lost twin named Kim?". (lol) Maybe it's because we have the same haircut? Or because I also have 3 kiddos, love taking pictures of them, love my home & organizing & tend to be a type A personality in general...?? :) Thanks for sharing your adoption story & life with us all!

  29. These are so sweet. I am sorry it hasn't been your best vacation... I hope your last day is funtastic!

  30. Rain, rain go away! Your pictures look great though!

  31. Well, even if the weather hasn't been the best, your photos are wonderful. It looks like you are having a great time. I don't have anything flash or linked on my blog that should cause you troubles, see if you can bring it up and let me know.


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